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Category: Economy - Browse by Category - News - Analysis - Highlights - Multimedia - Latest Comments Page 4 Friday February 27th, 2015
Obamacare deals blow to one-doctor medicine posted 04/28/2014, 7:53 AM (
[Category: Economy]
Despite the predictions of fortune tellers in politics and think tanks, we won’t know for years whether the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, will ultimately leave people sicker or healthier, richer or poorer.

Yet already the law, coming on top of previous legislation, is speeding the demise of an American small-business institution; the one-doctor medical practice.
... (more)

Clinton Library's Doc Dump Reveals CRA Role In Subprime Mess posted 04/28/2014, 7:52 AM (
[Category: Economy]
Subprime Scandal: Newly released memos from the Clinton presidential library reveal evidence the government had a big hand in the housing crisis. The worst actors were in the White House, not on Wall Street.... (more)

Thursday April 24th, 2014

Obama's Push to Recruit Young Adults into Obamacare Falls Short posted 04/24/2014, 8:39 PM (The Beacon)
[Category: Economy]
The White House and its media allies have been cheerleading Obamacare's apparent success at exceeding the president’s stated target for enrollments in the Obamacare health-insurance exchanges. Even more importantly, they have asserted that a significant proportion enrolled in the exchanges are young people. President Obama declared that 35 percent of enrollees are under the age of 35.

Enrolling enough young people into Obamacare was important because insurers are forbidden to char
... (more)

Inside the ‘DarkMarket’ Prototype, a Silk Road the FBI Can Never Seize posted 04/24/2014, 8:39 PM (Wired)
[Category: Economy]
The Silk Road, for all its clever uses of security protections like Tor and Bitcoin to protect the site’s lucrative drug trade, still offered its enemies a single point of failure. When the FBI seized the server that hosted the market in October and arrested its alleged owner Ross Ulbricht, the billion-dollar drug bazaar came crashing down.

If one group of Bitcoin black market enthusiasts has their way, the next online free-trade zone could be a much more elusive target.
... (more)

Wednesday April 23rd, 2014

The Food Police Turn to the Bottle posted 04/23/2014, 2:31 PM (Logan Albright)
[Category: Economy]
Continuing my "meddling bureaucrats trying to tell us what to eat" series, I recently discovered that the FDA is planning to start requiring nutrition labels on alcoholic beverages. Apparently they are worried that sorority girls pounding cosmos might be getting a little more sugar than they ought to, and that the presence of a small label on the side of a bottle of Cointreau is go... (more)

Tuesday April 22nd, 2014

The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest posted 04/22/2014, 4:06 PM (New York Times)
[Category: Economy]
The American middle class, long the most affluent in the world, has lost that distinction.

While the wealthiest Americans are outpacing many of their global peers, a New York Times analysis shows that across the lower- and middle-income tiers, citizens of other advanced countries have received considerably larger raises over the last three decades.

After-tax middle-class incomes in Canada — substantially behind in 2000 — now appear to be higher than in the United St
... (more)

Monday April 21st, 2014

Obama Calls for Highest Sustained Taxation in U.S. History posted 04/21/2014, 10:13 PM (CNS News)
[Category: Economy]
In the budget proposal he presented to Congress last month, President Barack Obama called for what would be the highest level of sustained taxation ever imposed on the American people, according to the analysis published last week by the Congressional Budget Office.... (more)

Thursday April 17th, 2014

The Next IRS Tactic vs. Expats and Accidental Americans? posted 04/17/2014, 10:09 AM (Wendy McElroy)
[Category: Economy]
According to the State Department's estimate (January 2013), approximately 6.8 million Americans live abroad. Many more "accidental Americans" live outside the U.S. In the future, both may confront a powerful new weapon wielded by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

An "accidental American" is a person who lives in Canada (or another non-U.S. nation) and holds dual citizenship, whether or not he knows it. For example, it includes every Canadian child born to an American parent eve
... (more)

Scary: Krugman's Idea of ObamaCare Success Story posted 04/17/2014, 10:08 AM (Robert P. Murphy)
[Category: Economy]
Paul Krugman has made another installment in his campaign to promote the wonders of ObamaCare. In this post, Krugman laments that New Yorkers of all people don’t recognize how great the new health insurance regime is working  out.... (more)

Wednesday April 16th, 2014

Tax Revenues Hit Record for First Half of FY 2014 posted 04/16/2014, 10:35 AM (CNS News)
[Category: Economy]
Inflation-adjusted federal tax revenues hit a record $1,320,793,000,000 in the first half of fiscal 2014, but the federal government still ran a $413,264,000,000 deficit during that time, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement for March... (more)

Tuesday April 15th, 2014

Let a Thousand Home Businesses Bloom posted 04/15/2014, 9:38 AM (The Freeman)
[Category: Economy]
Imagine you’re out of work. But you’ve got capital in your talents, your home, and your family and friends. You might try to start a microbusiness at home to earn a little extra income and make ends meet. That is, unless you live in certain U.S. states.... (more)

Social Security, Treasury target taxpayers for their parents decades-old debts posted 04/15/2014, 9:38 AM (Washington Post)
[Category: Economy]
A few weeks ago, with no notice, the U.S. government intercepted Mary Grice’s tax refunds from both the IRS and the state of Maryland. Grice had no idea that Uncle Sam had seized her money until some days later, when she got a letter saying that her refund had gone to satisfy an old debt to the government — a very old debt.... (more)
Social Security stops trying to collect on old debts by seizing tax refunds

Friday April 11th, 2014

Peter Schiff Goes to Puerto Rico posted 04/11/2014, 8:18 AM (International Man)
[Category: Economy]
It’s been a little over a year since I sat down with Peter Schiff at his house in Connecticut to discuss the importance of international diversification. Since then, the options available to take protective measures have declined in many ways, especially as the destructive FATCA law comes into force.

While some doors have closed, others have opened. And perhaps one of the most significant new opportunities in the world today is the tax incentives in Puerto Rico.

... (more)

Wednesday April 9th, 2014

Americans Pay More in Taxes than on Food, Clothing, and Housing Combined posted 04/09/2014, 3:07 AM (Tax Foundation)
[Category: Economy]
Our annual Tax Freedom Day report finds that the nation's Tax Freedom Day will come on April 21st this year, which is three days later than last year. The calendar measure represents how long Americans as a whole need to work in order to pay the nation's tax burden.

The report estimates that Americans will pay about $4.5 trillion dollars in taxes of all kinds in 2014, with $3 tr
... (more)

Cities to Carpoolers: Sharing Your Car is Illegal, We Will Seize Your Cars posted 04/09/2014, 3:07 AM (DailyTech)
[Category: Economy]
Taxi unions say government regulation is essential to "safeguard" the public from itself.... (more)

New head of anti-poverty campaign says Hongkongers must help themselves posted 04/09/2014, 3:06 AM (South China Morning Post)
[Category: Economy]
"I will fight to my utmost for Hong Kong's interests." That's the vow businesswoman Leonie Ki Man-fung utters when asked to explain her zeal in supporting government initiatives.

[...]An advertising-industry veteran who rose to become an executive director of property giant New World Development, Ki has always believed the people of Hong Kong - a city she describes as a "blessed land" - must achieve prosperity by their own hard work, rather than by the government's help.
... (more)

Tuesday April 8th, 2014

Tax Freedom Day 2014 is April 21, Three Days Later Than Last Year posted 04/08/2014, 1:32 AM (Tax Foundation)
[Category: Economy]
Tax Freedom Day is the day when the nation as a whole has earned enough money to pay its total tax bill for year. A vivid, calendar-based illustration of the cost of government, Tax Freedom Day divides all federal, state, and local taxes by the nation’s income. In 2014, Americans will pay $3.0 trillion in federal taxes and $1.5 trillion in state taxes, for a total tax bill of $4.5 trillion, or 30.2 percent of income. This year, Tax Freedom Day falls on April 21, or 111 days into the year. ... (more)

Monday April 7th, 2014

Meet "Lowflation": Deflation's Scary Pal posted 04/07/2014, 7:40 AM (Peter Schiff)
[Category: Economy]
In recent years a good part of the monetary debate has become a simple war of words, with much of the conflict focused on the definition for the word "inflation." Whereas economists up until the 1960's or 1970's mostly defined inflation as an expansion of the money supply, the vast majority now see it as simply rising prices. Since then the "experts" have gone further and devised variations on the word "inflation" (such as "deflation," "disinflation," and "stagflation"). And while past central b... (more)

GM, Product Safety, and Death posted 04/07/2014, 7:40 AM ( Robert P. Murphy)
[Category: Economy]
The reports that GM deliberately avoided a recall for a defective ignition switch–which led to at least 13 fatalities–because of cost considerations has led to predictable denunciations of capitalist greed. Michael Moore epitomizes this reaction:
I am opposed to the death penalty, but to every rule there is usually an exception, and in this case I <... (more)

Thursday April 3rd, 2014

Bill would require Florida craft brewers to sell beer to distributors, then buy it back for resale posted 04/03/2014, 9:21 PM (Reuters)
[Category: Economy]
The law would force craft brewers to sell their bottled and canned beer directly to a distributor. If they want to sell it in their own tap rooms, they would then have to buy it back at what is typically a 30-40 percent mark-up without the bottles or cans ever leaving the brewery, according to Joshua Aubuchon, a lawyer and lobbyist for the Florida Brewers Guild.... (more)

Tuesday April 1st, 2014

Cleveland Clinic CEO: Three-Quarters Of Americans Who Signed Up For Obamacare Now Have Higher Premiums posted 04/01/2014, 11:01 PM (CBS Cleveland)
[Category: Economy]
CLEVELAND (CBS Cleveland/AP) — The CEO of the Cleveland Clinic says that a majority of Americans who signed up for Obamacare have seen their premiums rise.

“About three-quarters of them find that their premiums are higher than they had been previously with other insurance,” Toby Cosgrove told Fox News.
... (more)

A Closer Look at Income Inequality posted 04/01/2014, 1:29 AM (Mises Institute)
[Category: Economy]
Economic inequality is the big thing these days. Barack Obama has called it the “defining challenge of our time” and the number of books being published on the subject could fill a small library. Of particular note is a survey by Michael Norton and Dan Ariely of 5,000 Americans asking what they thought wealth inequality should be compared to what it actually is. ... (more)

Mark Faber: The Old World Order Is Over posted 04/01/2014, 1:28 AM (Zero Hedge)
[Category: Economy]
In the gilded ballroom of Hyatt’s Savoy ballroom, World War D‘s opening speaker Dr Mark Faber delivered a blunt message: the old world order is over.... (more)

Monday March 31st, 2014

Organic winemaker faces 6 months in prison and €30,000 fine for not using pesticide posted 03/31/2014, 12:14 AM (The Ecologist)
[Category: Economy]
An organic farmer in France's Cote d'Or has been prosecuted for refusing to spray insecticide on his vineyard - and is anxiously awaiting the verdict, due on 7th April. He faces 6 months in prison and a €30,000 fine.... (more)

Maryland to reportedly abandon $125M ObamaCare exchange for new system posted 03/31/2014, 12:14 AM (Fox News)
[Category: Economy]
With just days to go before open enrollment ends on March 31, Maryland officials are reportedly planning to abandon its glitch-ridden ObamaCare website and replace the health exchange with technology from Connecticut’s marketplace.... (more)

Friday March 28th, 2014

Census office survey scandal grows as inflation stats faked posted 03/28/2014, 8:18 AM (New York Post)
[Category: Economy]
The Census Bureau’s Philadelphia office wasn’t just corrupting the nation’s unemployment rate by fabricating data. It was also filing false information about inflation in this country.

Just how large an effect this fraud was having on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) — and consequently the cost of living adjustments for Social Security recipients and others — is not yet known.
... (more)

Thursday March 27th, 2014

Is College A Waste Of Time And Money? posted 03/27/2014, 5:05 PM (The Economic Collapse)
[Category: Economy]
Are you thinking of going to college?  If so, please consider that decision very carefully.  You probably have lots of people telling you that an "education" is the key to your future and that you will never be able to get a "good job" unless you go to college.  And it is true that those that go to college do earn more on average than those that do not.  However, there is also a downside.  At most U.S. colleges, the quality of the education that you will receive is a joke, the goal of most colle... (more)

IRS slams Bitcoin millionaires with new tax rules... Is gold next? posted 03/27/2014, 5:04 PM (Sovereign Man)
[Category: Economy]
Bitcoin tax rules finally came to the Land of the Free yesterday. And I have to imagine there are some not-too-happy campers this morning, if they even know about it.... (more)

Wednesday March 26th, 2014

Austrians and the Private-Property Society: An Interview with Hans-Hermann Hoppe posted 03/26/2014, 3:05 PM (Mises Institute)
[Category: Economy]
Hans-Hermann Hoppe, a senior fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, is professor of economics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he taught with Murray N. Rothbard from 1985 to 1995. He is the author of Handln und Erkennen (1976), Kritik deer Kausalwissenschaftlichen Sozialforschung(1983), Eigentum, Anarchie, und Staat (1987), A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism (1989), and The Economics and Ethics of Private Property (1993), as well as many articles in the former Revie... (more)

We Do Not Live in a Post-Scarcity World posted 03/26/2014, 3:05 PM (William L. Anderson)
[Category: Economy]
Jeremy Rifkin long has perfected the art of adding two and two and getting five. In the 1980s, he claimed that entropy made it impossible for a free economy to exist, and therefore Rifkin concluded the state needed to plan and run things. How the state would triumph over the second law of thermodynamics is anyone's guess. He later declared that a new "hydrogen economy" was just around the corner -- government just needed to engage in central planning and order hydrogen to be our new fuel of choi... (more)

Tuesday March 25th, 2014

A List Of 97 Taxes Americans Pay Every Year posted 03/25/2014, 3:08 PM (The Economic Collapse)
[Category: Economy]
If you are like most Americans, paying taxes is one of your pet peeves.  The deadline to file your federal taxes is coming up, and this year Americans will spend more than 7 billion hours preparing their taxes and will hand over more than four trillion dollars to federal, state and local governments.  Americans will fork over nearly 30 percent of what they earn to pay their income taxes, but tha... (more)

The federal 'structuring' laws are smurfin' ridiculous posted 03/25/2014, 3:00 PM (Washington Post)
[Category: Economy]
It seems appropriate that the crime of structuring is also sometimes called smurfing. Generally speaking, structuring is the act of breaking up financial transactions to get around the federal reporting requirements that kick in for transactions over a specific amount of money. The alternate term smurfing is a reference to the children’s cartoon in which a large entity (the Smurf Village) is made up of several smaller ones (the Smurfs themselves).

But if you grew up on the cartoon
... (more)

Government "Services" Explained In Under 30 Seconds posted 03/25/2014, 3:00 PM (InformationLiberation)
[Category: Economy]

The box contained a brand new hard drive.

Wednesday March 19th, 2014

Wages Are Like Love posted 03/19/2014, 1:55 PM (The Freeman)
[Category: Economy]
All this talk about raising the minimum wage has very little to do with reality. Raising it will not create a single job—if you aren’t earning a wage, making yourself more expensive is not going gain you a job—and will not likely cause anyone’s wages to rise. It’s hard to find anyone who is actually willing to contradict those claims, because they stem from basic price theory: Less of the same good will be purchased at a higher price than a lower price.... (more)

Monday March 17th, 2014

Wyoming welder faces $75,000 a day in EPA fines for building pond on his property posted 03/17/2014, 5:23 AM (Fox News)
[Category: Economy]
All Andy Johnson wanted to do was build a stock pond on his sprawling eight-acre Wyoming farm. He and his wife Katie spent hours constructing it, filling it with crystal-clear water, and bringing in brook and brown trout, ducks and geese. It was a place where his horses could drink and graze, and a private playground for his three children.

But instead of enjoying the fruits of his labor, the Wyoming welder says he was harangued by the federal government, stuck in what he calls a
... (more)

The Truth About Banking, Busts and Bailouts posted 03/17/2014, 5:22 AM (YouTube)
[Category: Economy]

It took 150 years to blow up the banking sector - a brief history of a slow detonation.

Thursday March 13th, 2014

ObamaCare's Secret Mandate Exemption posted 03/13/2014, 7:51 AM (Wall Street Journal)
[Category: Economy]
HHS quietly repeals the individual purchase rule for two more years.... (more)

Wednesday March 12th, 2014

Korean Government Hires Thugs To Flip Over Food Stalls Who Don't Pay Taxes In Gangnam posted 03/12/2014, 6:46 AM (Seoul Searching)
[Category: Economy]
Chaos broke out on the infamous streets of Gangnam last Monday as hired “city workers” made their way down the sidewalks, evicting street vendors for establishing their stalls illegally. When faced with the word eviction, one usually brings to mind the distribution of notices and fines. Korea, however, is no stranger to the use of more unconventional methods.... (more)

Why Americans Are Dumping Their US Citizenship: 5 Case Studies posted 03/12/2014, 6:46 AM (Zero Hedge)
[Category: Economy]
3,000 Americans around the world renounced their citizenship last year. CNN Money introduces us to five U.S. citizens who have given up their passports -- or are thinking about it...... (more)

Tuesday March 11th, 2014

Government Rules Deny Drug To Dying Child posted 03/11/2014, 4:12 AM (InformationLiberation)
[Category: Economy]
The FDA's rules and regulations all but outright forbid drug companies from giving their drugs to dying children, yet CNN wrote up a propaganda piece attacking a drug company for "denying their drug to a dying child."

Fortunately, the top commenter cut right through the propaganda and debunked the entire story.

Perhaps CNN will soon join other establishment media outlets and ba
... (more)

We Are In FAR Worse Shape Than We Were Just Prior To The Last Great Financial Crisis posted 03/11/2014, 4:11 AM (The Economic Collapse)
[Category: Economy]
None of the problems that caused the last financial crisis have been fixed.  In fact, they have all gotten worse.  The total amount of debt in the world has grown by more than 40 percent since 2007, the too big to fail banks have gotten 37 percent larger, and the colossal derivatives bubble has spiraled so far out of control that the only thing left to do is to watch the spectacular crash landing that is inevitably coming.  Unfortunately, most people do not know the information that I am about t... (more)

Global Debt Passes $100 Trillion, Soars By More Than $30 Trillion Since 2007 posted 03/11/2014, 4:11 AM (The Dollar Vigilante)
[Category: Economy]
Don't let those daily US stock market highs confuse you - it is just a sign of a century old counterfeiting scheme getting out of control. As Bloomberg writes, the post-crisis years have seen "governments binge" on debt. But where is this money coming from?

Since the onset of the global financial crisis, the amount of debt globally has soared nearly 50 percent
... (more)

Good Businesses Respond to Facts, Not Ads posted 03/11/2014, 4:09 AM (The Freeman)
[Category: Economy]
“Move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for 10 years!” So goes the slick, nationally broadcast television ad on which New York state is spending a small fortune.

It sounds like an attractive offer, but the devil is in two big details the ads omit. One, when the 10 years are up, you’ll get socked with the highest tax burden among the 50 states. Two, taxes are just one of many reasons New York is too costly and unattractive to many entrepreneurs. It’s
... (more)

Gallup: Percentage of Uninsured Americans Higher Now Than in 2008 posted 03/11/2014, 4:09 AM (CNS News)
[Category: Economy]
Defenders of Obamacare will point to a new Gallup poll showing that the percentage of Americans without health insurance continues to fall -- to 15.9 percent so far in 2014, down from 17.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013.

But compare the most recent percentages with those posted by Gallup in 2008, when 14.8 percent of Americans lacked health insurance coverage.

In fact, as Gallup
... (more)

Comic Artist Burns Copies of Book He Got Kickstarter Funded Rather Than Mail Them, Because Capitalism is Bad posted 03/11/2014, 4:07 AM (Reason)
[Category: Economy]
For those who think Ayn Rand was just crazily overwrought in the "unrealistic" characters she created to dramatize the anti-capitalist mentality, you might want to see this addendum to the Kickstarter page of comic artist John Campbell, who raised over $50,000 on Kickstarter to publish a book of his comics Sad Pictures for Children.

He got tired of having to mail the books he promised, app
... (more)

Monday March 10th, 2014

Harvey Weinstein Demands More Tax Subsidies, SOPA-Style Copyright Scheme posted 03/10/2014, 12:51 AM (InformationLiberation)
[Category: Economy]
Harvey Weinstein, appearing at the UCLA Entertainment Symposium in interview with Ken Ziffren, Los Angeles’ newly appointed film czar, called for California to expand its production tax incentives.

“There’s no reason for us not to shoot
... (more)

Weather or Not? posted 03/10/2014, 12:49 AM (Peter Schiff)
[Category: Economy]
Everyone agrees that the winter just now winding down (hopefully) has been brutal for most Americans. And while it's easy to conclude that the Polar Vortex has been responsible for an excess of school shutdowns and ice related traffic snarls, it's much harder to conclude that it's responsible for the economic vortex that appears to have swallowed the American economy over the past three months. But this hasn't stopped economists, Fed officials, and media analysts from making this unequivocal ass... (more)

Woman Fights for Sovereignty, Judge Declares Living Off Grid Illegal posted 03/10/2014, 12:49 AM (Natural Society)
[Category: Economy]
A Florida woman has gone head to head with a local judge who has declared her efforts to live off the grid illegal and in violation of local and international code ordinances.... (more)

Austin Police Department Warns SXSW Attendees Not To Use Uber (Because It's Too Cheap & Affordable) posted 03/10/2014, 12:47 AM (TechCrunch)
[Category: Economy]
Here’s something you might not have noticed if you were partying it up at SXSW and using Uber to get around: Your Uber might not be permitted in Austin, and the police department wants you to know that.... (more)

Popcorn Time: Open Source Torrent Streaming Netflix For Pirates posted 03/10/2014, 12:46 AM (TorrentFreak)
[Category: Economy]
Popcorn Time, a cross-platform and BitTorrent-powered movie streaming app, may very well be Hollywood's worst nightmare. The software can be best described as a Netflix for pirates, allowing users to stream the latest blockbusters at no cost. TF talks to one of the developers to find out how the app came about.... (more)

Thursday March 6th, 2014

IRS Poll Shows Majority Of Americans Pay Taxes Out Of Fear posted 03/06/2014, 11:15 PM (InformationLiberation)
[Category: Economy]
Sixty percent of Americans told pollsters fear of an audit influences their decision to pay taxes to the IRS. Note, only fifty-three percent of Americans pay federal income taxes.

See how CBNC managed to spin this as a positive:
The IRS Oversight Board's annual taxpayer survey finds that 86 percent of Americans thinks it's not at all ac... (more)

Duke University Student Says She Became Porn Actress Because Tuition Is So Expensive posted 03/06/2014, 11:16 PM (InformationLiberation)
[Category: Economy]

Porn star Belle Knox said she turned to porn because college tuition towards her women's studies degree was some 60k a year.

I have to say, I am SHOCKED and OUTRAGED this young woman would THROW HER LIFE away...
... (more)

Getty Images Makes Pictures Free To Use posted 03/06/2014, 11:14 PM (Libertarian News)
[Category: Economy]
Getty Images just made most of their 46 million strong image library free for non-commercial use. Anyone can now search and click on an image and acquire it’s embed code. The embed code automatically includes image credit attribution.... (more)
Pretty amazing change, they used to be despicable copyright trolls.

Wednesday March 5th, 2014

US Government Will Continue Interfering With Apple Pricing Decisions posted 03/05/2014, 12:09 AM (The Circle Bastiat)
[Category: Economy]
A federal court has ruled that a US Department of Justice "monitor" will remain inside Apple Computer to supervise all the company's pricing decisions.

The "monitor," Michael Bromwich, was appointed when Apple lost an anti-trust case involving E-books. He bills for his time at $1,100 an hour and charged $138,432 for his first two weeks of "work."

Apple has filed an appeal which labels Bromwich's appointment "unprecedented and unconstitutional." This “monitor” is a p
... (more)

Papal Indulgences and "Impersonal" Markets posted 03/05/2014, 12:06 AM (The Freeman)
[Category: Economy]
Markets might be impersonal, but at least they don’t require coercion.... (more)

Tuesday March 4th, 2014

Joint Marijuana Legalization Bills Filed in Florida posted 03/04/2014, 12:46 AM (The Daily Chronic)
[Category: Economy]
Two bills to legalize the recreational use of marijuana by adults have been filed in Florida.... (more)

Monday March 3rd, 2014

Bill would impose 95% tax on e-cigarettes posted 03/03/2014, 12:47 AM (BizJournals)
[Category: Economy]
They look, feel and can taste like cigarettes, and now Washington lawmakers are seeking to tax them like cigarettes, too. A growing trend, e-cigarettes are popular with people looking to kick their smoking habit.

Democrats in the state House included a 95 percent tax on vapor products such as e-cigarettes as part of their supplemental budget package, released on Wednesday. In response, business owners from around the state assembled in Olympia to protest the proposed tax rate.
... (more)

Wednesday February 26th, 2014

Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Goes Offline Amid Allegations of $350 Million Hack posted 02/26/2014, 12:59 PM (Wired)
[Category: Economy]
Mt. Gox, once the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, has gone offline, apparently after losing hundreds of millions of dollars due to a years-long hacking effort that went unnoticed by the company.

The hacking attack is detailed in a leaked “crisis strategy draft” plan, apparently created by Gox and published Monday by Ryan Selkis, a bitcoin entrepreneur and blogger (see below). According to the document, the exchange is insolvent after losing 744,408 bitcoins — worth about $350 mi
... (more)

Tuesday February 25th, 2014

"Doing my online econ homework. I knew it wasn't the 'right' answer but I had to try." [Pic] posted 02/25/2014, 12:37 PM (r/Libertarian)
[Category: Economy]

"The prompt is "the federal government's nutritional guidelines urge adults to eat at least 5 cups of fruits and vegetables each day." then it asks a question about externalities and then "the government should...", Although the two questions are not directly related. And the correct answer is D." - From parkowl via r/Libertarian.

Monday February 24th, 2014

WhatsApp With That? posted 02/24/2014, 12:50 PM (Peter Schiff)
[Category: Economy]
Two pieces of business news announced this week provide a convenient frame through which to view our dysfunctional and distorted economy. The first (which has attracted tremendous attention), is Facebook's blockbuster $19 billion acquisition of instant messaging provider WhatsApp. The second (which few have noticed) is the horrific earnings report issued by Texas-based retail chain Conn's. While these two developments don't seem to have much in common, together they shed some very unflattering l... (more)

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