Donald Sutherland Reveals The Real Meaning Of The Hunger Games
InformationLiberationNov 27

Donald Sutherland, the actor who plays President Coriolanus Snow, a totalitarian dictator in the hit movie The Hunger Games just explained in no uncertain terms what the movie is about.
"...If there’s any question as to what it’s an allegory for I will tell you.

It is the powers that be in the United States of America.

It’s profiteers. ... (more)

Video Of Chicago Cop Murdering Teen Shows Another Shooting of Convenience
InformationLiberationNov 25

Video has finally been released of police officer Jason Van Dyke shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald on the night of October 20, 2014.

What it shows is the officer committing a "shooting of convenience," gunning a young man with a knife down not because he felt his life was threatened, but because he was too lazy to do actual police work.

Despite McDonald see
... (more)

Good News: 27% Of Americans Say Government Is Their 'Enemy,' Not Their 'Friend'
InformationLiberationNov 24
We're making progress.

Twenty-seven percent of Americans now recognize their government overlords are not their friends but their enemies, according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center.
Asked to place themselves on a scale from 1 to 10 “where ‘1’ means you think the federal government is your enemy and ‘10’ means you th... (more)

Prosecutors Pissed Colo. Juries Keep Acquitting Marijuana DUI Suspects
InformationLiberationNov 23
"You're putting lives at danger," Colorado District Attorneys’ Council head Tom Raynes whined.

“I want the message to be understood. It’s about driving while under the influence of drugs — it’s not about recreational or medical, it’s about being impaired when you drive.”

Raynes, a former prosecutor himself, is upset as are his fellow prosecutors whom he rep
... (more)

'War On Cops': Cop Stages Fake Shootout, Sets Own Cruiser On Fire, Calls In Bomb Threat to School
InformationLiberationNov 23
I've said it before, I'll say it again: the only war on cops is the one they're waging against themselves.

Last week I covered 5 cases in the last few months all cited to justify the idea there's a "war on cops," all of them were proven to be staged hoaxes whereby the officers faked threats against themselves for personal advancement.
... (more)

Cop Caught Stealing Cash & Gold Chain From Dying Crash Victim Loses Pension
InformationLiberationNov 23
One of America's finest will no longer be permitted to leech off Connecticut taxpayers for the rest of his life.

State trooper Aaron Huntsman was caught on video in 2012 robbing a dying crash victim of $3,700 in cash and a $5,500 gold chain saying he would "put it in evidence" when in reality he pocketed it for himself.

Huntsman was fired over the incident and sentenced to a year in prison, now the state has moved to revoke his pension, which was slated to b
... (more)

Undercover Cop Dressed In All Black Shot While Placing GPS Tracker On Car
InformationLiberationNov 20
An undercover police officer in Arlington, Texas was shot while attempting to place a GPS tracker on a person's vehicle, and the man who shot him may not even be charged.

Preliminary reports suggest the undercover officer, who was dressed in all black at the time, may have been mistaken for a car burglar.

The incident occurred yesterday morning around 6 a.m. out
... (more)

So Much For The "War On Cops": ANOTHER Officer Arrested For Faking Shooting Against Himself
InformationLiberationNov 19
If the last few months are any indication, the only "war on cops" being waged is the one they're staging against themselves.

In the law few months we've seen officer after officer caught staging being the victims of crimes only to find out they themselves were the perpetrator.

Just earlier this month Sgt. David Houser triggered a manhunt after claiming he was shot at b
... (more)

VIDEO: Drunk Cop Lies His Ass Off After Crashing Patrol Car Into Woman
InformationLiberationNov 19
New Jersey police officer Michael Roadside, 51, was caught on video lying his ass off to another cop after he crashed his patrol car into an innocent woman.

After smashing into the woman while she was stopped at a stop sign, Officer Roadside allegedly approached her car trying to calm her down while he stunk of booze and was covered in vomit with his stomach hanging ou
... (more)

Man Tells Cops They Can't Search His Home Without A Warrant, Cops Kick His Down Door & Kill Him
InformationLiberationNov 16
Harnett County, North Carolina sheriff's deputies kicked a man's door down at 3:30am this past Sunday and killed him after he told them they couldn't search his home "without a search warrant."

After John Livingston, 33, shut his door in the deputies' faces with his demand for a warrant, his roommate says police "kicked in the door, got on top of him, started slinging him around [and] beat him."
... (more)

Parents Whine After School Puts Up Signs Saying Pledge Of Allegiance Not Mandatory
InformationLiberationNov 09
Parents in Santa Rosa, Florida are whining over new signs being placed in their schools which inform students pledging allegiance to the flag is not mandatory.

In their minds, having their children mindlessly pledge their subservience to the government is synonymous with patriotism and loving one's country.

Santa Rosa School District students now have classroom signs reminding them they don't have to stand and recite the P... (more)

VIDEO: Teen Girl Refuses to Hand Over Cell Phone to School Cop, Cop Violently Attacks Her
InformationLiberationOct 27

Government schools are prisons, and like prisons, any defiance shown towards the "authorities" must be dealt with swiftly to keep the other prisoners in line.

In this viral video out of South Carolina, a muscled up school cop is seen violently attacking a teenage girl who was reportedly caught using her cell phone in class.

When she refused to hand it over, and
... (more)

Cops Raid Innocent Family's Home After Stolen Car Found In Street In Front Of Their House, Say They'd Do It Again
InformationLiberationOct 20
Jeanerette City, Louisiana marshals raided an innocent family's home after finding a stolen car abandoned in the street in front of their house.

Despite the family being entirely innocent, the marshals say they'd do the same again.

KATC reports:
A Jeanerette family is scared to sleep in their own beds after police allegedly raided their home early this m... (more)

Feminist SUNY Professor Pens Bizarre Editorial Begging Obama to Ban Guns
InformationLiberationOct 15
State University of New York Director, Assistant Professor of Women and Gender Studies Barbara LeSavoy penned a bizarre editorial in the Democrat and Chronicle begging for Obama to unilaterally ban all gun ownership in America (excluding, of course, those who work for the regime).

LeSavoy writes:
I urge President Obama to ban firearm pos... (more)

The Only Politician I Would Ever Vote For
InformationLiberationOct 14

He wasn't in any of the debates, but his name is Mr. Stubbs, he's a cat, and he's been the mayor of a small town in Alaska for the last 18 years.

Legend has it he was voted in after the populace became disgusted with their corrupt political class, I think if he was permitted to enter
... (more)

Cop Shoots Family's Dog, Accidentally Hits 4-Year-Old Girl, Leaves Scene Without Helping
InformationLiberationOct 12

After being called to provide medical help to a woman in need, an Ohio cop shot a family's dog which allegedly charged at him and accidentally hit their four year old daughter with his stray bullet.

The family claims after the shooting the officer got back into his car and eventually drove off without telling them whether he called for help and without asking if their daughter w
... (more)

School Cop Tells 16-Yr-Old Student He "Ruined His Life" By Smoking Pot Before Homecoming Dance, Student Commits Suicide
InformationLiberationOct 07
A 16-yr-old student committed suicide after a school cop and his principle told him he had ruined his life and would never get into college after he and a few friends were caught smelling like marijuana at their homecoming dance.

From FOX 43:
GENEVA, OH — A sophomore at an Ohio High School took his own life, and some people a... (more)

VIDEO: Man Schools Ignorant Cop, Cop Walks Away In Shame
InformationLiberationSep 30

A belligerent New York state police trooper intent on harassing a man for daring to film the New York State Police headquarters in Latham with a drone was thoroughly schooled by a bold cop blocker who stood up for his rights and refused to give in to his intimidation.

Adam Rupeka wrote of his "schooling" incident on Cop Block:
This class took place at the ... (more)

DEA Agents Caught Running Drugs & Lying to Authorities Keep Jobs
InformationLiberationSep 28
While poor people get life sentences for petty marijuana offenses, DEA agents tasked with fighting the war on drugs can get caught running drugs and lying to the authorities and still keep their jobs.

USA Today reports:
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has allowed its employees to stay ... (more)

Aggressive Cop Uses Flashlight to Blind Cop Watcher Filming Him & Screw Up His Shot
InformationLiberationSep 26
In this video out of Mesilla, New Mexico, a Mesilla officer is seen harassing a cop watcher and using a flashlight to blind him and screw up his shot.

Deputy "Salas," badge number 315, and his partner were reportedly investigating a theft at a local insurance office on the 22nd of September and were searching the outside shrubbery for evidence.
... (more)

FDA Says Tobacco Manufacturers Can No Longer Call Additive-Free & Natural Cigarettes Additive-Free & Natural
InformationLiberationAug 29
In their ongoing quest to justify their existence, bureaucrats at the FDA have decreed three makers of cigarettes which are additive-free and natural can no longer call them additive-free and natural, because it may give consumers the impression the cigarettes "present a lower risk" of tobacco related illness.

From the FDA:
Today the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued warning letters to three tobacco manufacturers — ITG Brands LLC, Santa Fe... (more)

Spanish Police Fine Woman For Posting Facebook Pic Of Cop Parked In Handicap Spot
InformationLiberationAug 18
Last week we posted a story where Spanish police used a new law to fine a man anywhere from €100 to €600 for calling them 'slackers' on Facebook, this week we find out they've fined a woman some €800 for posting a picture to Facebook of one of their cop cars parked in a handicap spot.
... (more)

Feds Claim They Shot Man To Avoid Being Run Down, Video Shows They're Liars
InformationLiberationAug 17

Despite Homeland Security agents claiming they "feared for their lives" when drug suspect Michael Antonoff, 27, drove his car "directly" at them -- which they say forced them to shoot him "to avoid being struck" by his vehicle -- newly released video shows the federal agents aggressively positioned themselves closer to Antonoff's car in order to shoot him, and their story is a blatant lie.
... (more)

St. Louis Taxpayers Need Not Approve Of Sports Stadium Built With Their Money, Judge Decrees
InformationLiberationAug 17
From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
The city does not need voter approval before spending tax dollars on a riverfront stadium, a judge ruled Monday, jumping another hurdle in the race to keep the National Football League in St. Louis.

Circuit Court Judge Thomas Frawley declared invalid the city ordinance requiring a public vote, calling sections “too vague to be enfo
... (more)

Cop Runs Motorcyclist Off The Road, Cites Him For 'Failing To Yield To An Emergency Vehicle'
InformationLiberationAug 10

A Milwaukee police officer allegedly rammed a motorcyclist and his passenger off the road, then cited him for "failing to yield to an emergency vehicle," Fox 6 reports.

The man was part of a large group of around 250 motorcyclists who were taking part in the annual Miltown Throwdo
... (more)

When Frivolous Lawsuits Go Wrong
InformationLiberationAug 04
The family of Aurora, Colorado theater shooting victim Jessica Ghawi, 24, is not entitled to cash in on their daughter's murder by suing four ammunition dealers from which James Holmes purchased ammo, a federal judge has ruled.

To the contrary, the judge ordered them to pay attorney's fees to the victims of their frivolous lawsuit to the tune of over $200,000.

NBC Bay Area reports:
Federal Judge Richard P. Matsch [...] dismissed the case [t... (more)

Video: Florida Man Finds $1 Million In Gold From Shipwrecked Spanish Fleet
InformationLiberationJul 29

A Florida man searching for treasure from a Spanish fleet of ships which shipwrecked off the coast of Florida in 1715 found 1$ million worth of gold coins and chains on the ocean seabed.

Evidently, the rights to search the area where the ships wrec
... (more)

911 Dispatcher Hangs Up On Girl As Her Friend Dies, Tells Her 'Deal With It Yourself'
InformationLiberationJul 28

"Deal with it yourself."

Those are the helpful words Albuquerque, New Mexico 911 dispatcher Matthew Sanchez spoke before hanging up on a panicked young girl who called 911 to get help for her dying friend who was shot in a drive-by shooting.

This is
... (more)

After 11-MONTH Investigation, La. Cops Working With DEA Bust Teens For A Few Grams Of Marijuana, MDMA
InformationLiberationJul 27
The Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office Narcotics Task Force, Houma Police Department, State Police Narcotics Division and the DEA working in cahoots for eleven months succeeded in busting a couple of teenagers for a few grams of marijuana, or as they call it, "high-grade marijuana," and a couple pills of ecstasy.

Houma Today reports:
Five tee... (more)

CA Cops Pose As Homeless Panhandlers, Peer Into People's Cars To Ticket Them For Using Cell Phones
InformationLiberationJul 25
San Bernardino, California police are posing as homeless panhandlers to get a close look into peoples' cars so they can ticket them for using their cell phone or driving without their seat belt.

Standing on highway off-ramps while holding cardboard signs which say in small lettering that they're "not homeless," but instead "SB police looking for seat belt/cell phone violations," police in four hours
... (more)

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