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Archived News Friday July 1st, 2011
How Blessed Is the State That Thus Destroyeth the Car posted 07/01/2011, 10:35 PM (Jeffrey A. Tucker)
[Category: Commentary]
The modern state was born and built with the idea that it would bring material progress to the world.

How things have changed! Now the same state works to reverse progress in every possible way and even brag about the glorious things it is doing to make our lives more miserable.

It even has the chutzpah to tout that it alone can beat back our constant struggle to have a better life, and it expects us to thank our masters for this — and pay for the privilege.

These are thoughts that hit me as I read the New York Times report "Across Europe, Irking Drivers is Urban Policy." Yes, that's right: policies are not trying to make driving easier and less of a problem but harder and more of a problem so that people will abandon their cars and hoof it just like life before the invention of the wheel.

Now, truly, the ability to hop into a driver-directed steel contraption that can take us wherever we want to go at 200 miles per hour has to count as one of the great accomplishments in the history of mankind. The unleashing of human volition! For 100 years now, wherever we find progress, joy, and human fulfillment, we find the car. The car has very nearly conquered the great problems presented by the existence of scarcity of time and space, and made us able to achieve essential tasks. We work, live, shop, and travel where we want and get to each place in a fraction of the time it took our ancestors.

So what does the state do? It tries to stop it all. European governments are "creating urban environments openly hostile to cars," says the Times. "The methods vary, but the mission is clear — to make car use expensive and just plain miserable enough to tilt drivers toward more environmentally friendly modes of transportation."

Are European leaders even aware t
... (more)

Couple moves 'off-grid,' green police force them back and order them to get on welfare posted 07/01/2011, 10:35 PM (This is Devon)
[Category: Economy]
A COUPLE living an "off-grid" lifestyle say they face prison unless they move from their own land in Willand and return to an existence in the benefits trap.

Stig and Dinah Mason bought Muxbeare Orchard after a sudden windfall allowed them to quit their impoverished lives on a Hertfordshire council estate two years ago.

The Masons have transformed what they described as a derelict four-acre plot into a haven of self-sufficiency boasting a 400 sq m allotment, a polyt
... (more)
Damned if you do, damned if you don't! - Chris

Why Legalize Now? posted 07/01/2011, 10:33 PM (Mark Thornton)
[Category: Commentary]
Suddenly the world is abuzz with talk about legalizing marijuana and other drugs. Political candidates, politicians, former presidents, interest groups, and even the Global Commission on Drug Policy are all calling for drug-policy reform. Given that we are in a worldwide economic and fiscal crisis, why is everyone interested in drug policy? Have we all suddenly regained our senses and realized that prohibition is irratio... (more)

Activist Convicted of Resisting Arrest Without Violence posted 07/01/2011, 10:33 PM (Activist Post)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
Orlando Cop Watch activist, John Kurtz, has been ordered jailed for 30 days with 1 year probation for resisting arrest without violence.

Kurtz's case came to public attention in January after he was arrested for filming a case of police brutality administered at the hands of officer Adam Gruler, well known for his questionable condu
... (more)

How Mathematics Can Make Smart People Dumb posted 07/01/2011, 10:33 PM (Ben O'Neill)
[Category: Commentary]
Mathematics can sometimes make smart people dumb. Let me explain what I mean by this. I don't mean that it is dumb not to be good at mathematics. After all, mathematics is a highly abstract and challenging discipline requiring many years (decades even) of study, and there are plenty of very smart people who have little understanding of it, and little ability to use it. What I mean is that mathematics quite often bamboozles people into accepting very silly arguments — arguments that are so... (more)

TSA Abuses: Seeing the Forest and the Trees posted 07/01/2011, 10:33 PM (Anthony Gregory)
[Category: Commentary]
The Transportation Security Administration is finally getting some of the bad publicity it deserves. We read about an elderly woman forced to remove her adult diaper to go through the screening process. We learn about a mentally disabled passenger deprived of his harmless toy by a sadistic policy, if not sadistic TSA agents. We see pictures of women and little children being felt up, all the while Americans stand by, seemingly helpless to do anything about such humiliations. A whole country has ... (more)

The Tenth and the TSA posted 07/01/2011, 10:33 PM (Becky Akers)
[Category: Commentary]
Last week, Ohio’s "GOP-controlled Senate" passed a resolution that "would place an issue on the November ballot … prohibit[ing] any law from forcing Ohioans to participate in a health care system." The measure now heads to Ohio’s House. It needs 60 votes there, which seems likely since "Republicans hold 59 out of 99 seats."

Ohioans are probably shaking in their boots
... (more)

Bathing in Irresponsibility posted 07/01/2011, 10:32 PM (Richard Shwartzman)
[Category: Commentary]
To borrow from Neville Chamberlain, there is peace in our time here in Pennsylvania. Gov. Tom Corbett on June 23 signed into law a bill that bans bath salts, thereby saving us from self-responsibility.

The Keystone state is now the 21st state in the country to have a law prohibiting the possession or sale of these products that have been legally sold in head shops and tobacco and convenience stores for about $10.

The bath salts in question are synthetic drugs, an
... (more)

Opposite Forms of Freedom on the Fourth posted 07/01/2011, 10:32 PM (Jacob G. Hornberger)
[Category: Commentary]
I’d like to share two points about the Fourth of July that I believe are important:

First, the people who signed the Declaration of Independence were not American citizens, as is commonly believed. The people who took up arms against the British government were not fighting a foreign power. The revolutionaries were British citizens. They took up arms against their own government. They were shooting the troops rather than supporting them.

Why did they do that? Bec
... (more)

AntiSec Slams Arizona Cops (Again) with Super Personal Data Spill posted 07/01/2011, 10:29 PM (Gizmodo)
[Category: Resistance]
Looks like last week's "Chinga La Migra" strike against the Arizona Border Police was only part one—the sequel's landed today, and this time it's personal. Like, really personal: Anonymous is claiming social security numbers, girlfriend pics, and more.

The dumps contents—if they're authentic—will be a massive slap not only to the integrity of Arizona's state security, but the lives of its
... (more)

Domestic Terrorism and the Lulz posted 07/01/2011, 10:29 PM (Darian Worden)
[Category: Commentary]
LulzSec hackers have released a government report entitled "Anarchist Movement." This "strategic report" was marked for official use only and was issued by the Missouri Information Analysis Center, a government organ that has previously drawn criticism for warning cops to be suspicious of things like Ron Paul bumper stickers. MIAC is one of several fusion centers, organizations intended to facilitate the sharing of information gathered about people in America between federal, state, and local go... (more)

What Are We "Investing" In? posted 07/01/2011, 10:29 PM (David S. D'Amato)
[Category: Commentary]
President Obama, CNN reports, is on the road touting his administration's "critical investments in the country's long-term development," trumpeting a desire to see the products of the future "bear the proud stamp that says 'Made in America.'" Meanwhile, the President's agenda for the week also includes meetings with congressional leaders to discuss the possibility of raising the debt ceiling.... (more)

Strauss-Kahn Prosecution Said to Be Near Collapse posted 07/01/2011, 10:28 PM (New York Times)
[Category: Cover-Up/Deceptions]
The sexual assault case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn is on the verge of collapse as investigators have uncovered major holes in the credibility of the housekeeper who charged that he attacked her in his Manhattan hotel suite in May, according to two well-placed law enforcement officials.
Gee whiz, who could have guessed?!? Now will all the talking heads who declared him guilty be apologizing? - Chris

Strauss-Kahn released from house arrest posted 07/01/2011, 10:28 PM (Reuters)
[Category: Cover-Up/Deceptions]
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was released from house arrest on Friday after prosecutors said the hotel maid who accuses him of attempted rape lied to a grand jury and made other false statements.
Sorry, I don't believe it. The media told me he is guilty and anyone who questions it is a conspiracy theorist, I accept their word as gospel. - Chris

Nortel Patents Sold for $4.5 Billion to Consortium Which Includes Apple posted 07/01/2011, 10:24 PM (Mises Economics Blog)
[Category: Economy]
First, this is a perfect example of the barreirs to entry patents can create. This will create a “walled garden” to outsiders, barriers to entry that help those in the club to form a quasi-oligopoly. I would not be surprised if the FTC scrutinizes this as anti-competitive; typical of the schizo state to grant monopolies and then to penalize their use on the other hand.

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