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Archived News Tuesday January 31st, 2012
Worship of the Mob posted 01/31/2012, 7:35 AM (Ben O'Neill)
[Category: Commentary]
Several months ago, I was visiting some friends in Sydney and was invited to the house of a friend-of-a-friend for some late night drinks and a chat. My host and his friends were left-wing bohemian types and had been informed by my friend that I am a "free-market anarchist," or something like that. They found this notion intriguing, and so they quizzed me on what that means, and this naturally led into a discussion of the merits of a free market versus a democracy.

The discussion was a cordial one, and went as most of these discussions do when one is chatting with people who have never previously been exposed to consistent libertarian philosophy. My host and his friends raised most of the standard objections to the free market and to the idea of a stateless private-law society, and I explained why I regard each of those objections as erroneous.[1] Though the attending group appeared to find my arguments on these individual points thought provoking, they remained unconvinced. The main sticking point to the discussion was a pervasive concern that the free market does not allow for democratic state action — that "the people" should have the right to collectively determine "the rules of the game" by voting their preferred politicians into power, and that their determinations should legitimately bind the members of the society they are in.

The Sanction of the Victims

This discussion would have been fairly routine — much like countless similar discussions I have had on these issues before — except for one interesting peculiarity. As I argued for the virtues of noncoercion as a governing principle for society, and my host and his friends rallied in favor of unlimited democracy, every one of them happened to be concurrently occupying themselves by snorting lines of cocaine through their rolled-up monopoly-issued fiat currency. (They graciously offered me some, but my
... (more)

Pre-Election Euphoria posted 01/31/2012, 7:35 AM (Jacob G. Hornberger)
[Category: Commentary]
The year before a presidential election is a period of great euphoria for the American people, for this is the period of time when presidential candidates are extremely nice to the American people.

And why not? They’re seeking votes. They’re seeking to be elected or reelected. They have to be nice.

This is the time when presidential candidates promise tax cuts and increases in welfare benefits. They promise to create jobs. They assure us that they’re going to br
... (more)

The Seven Lies of Robert Reich posted 01/31/2012, 7:35 AM (Rod Rojas)
[Category: Economy]
Robert Reich who was secretary of labour under Bill Clinton wrote an article that he called "The Seven Biggest Economic Lies". I intend to show the reader how deeply flawed this article is in the hopes that sound economic principles may get the attention that they deserve. I will not take his statements out of context but rather quote them in their en... (more)

Houston Woman Says Cops Beat Her For Videotaping posted 01/31/2012, 7:33 AM (KHOU)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
HOUSTON—A mother has accused three Houston police officers of brutality. She said they bruised and punched her in the face over a cell phone video.

Her face is bruised, left arm swollen, lips are busted in two places and her back is scarred. Annika Lewis claims all of those injuries came at the hands of three Houston police officers.

“I am very stunned,” Lewis said. “I always thought, you know, people got beat by police because they were resisting arrest.”
... (more)

The Past, Present and Future of Internet Censorship posted 01/31/2012, 7:33 AM (YouTube)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]

When legislators in the US abandoned their support of SOPA and PIPA in the wake of mass popular protest earlier this month, many of those who had been mobilized by the legislation–which would have granted the US government almost total power to block access to foreign websites accused of so
... (more)

Gold Procrastinators: The Endless Agony posted 01/31/2012, 7:30 AM (Gary North)
[Category: Economy]
It happened again on Wednesday, January 25. Gold shot up by $50.

Across the nation, a band of perpetual procrastinators thought to themselves: "I knew! I knew! Why didn't I buy?"

This is the never-ending cry of the perpetual gold procrastinator, year after year. "I knew! I knew!"

It is immediately followed with: "I've learned my lesson this time! The next time gold's price falls, I'll buy."

... (more)

Surrounded by the Achievements of Capitalism | Jeffrey A. Tucker posted 01/31/2012, 7:33 AM (YouTube)
[Category: Economy]

Presented by Jeff Tucker at "Contemporary Issues in Economics," a high school seminar hosted at the Mises Institute and sponsored by Jeremy S. Davis, 18 November 2011.

The State of the Union: Just Another Reality Show posted 01/31/2012, 7:29 AM (Charles Goyette)
[Category: Commentary]
It looks just like a reality show that’s not going to be renewed for another season. President Obama’s State of the Union ratings are headed in the same direction as American Idol’s so far this season – down.

Let me make a secret confession right here. For years, the producer of my radio talk show and I would draw straws each January to see who would "have the high privilege and distinct honor" of watching the president’s State of the Union address.

... (more)

British tourists arrested in America on terror charges over Twitter jokes posted 01/31/2012, 7:29 AM (The Daily Mail)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
Two British tourists were barred from entering America after joking on Twitter that they were going to 'destroy America' and 'dig up Marilyn Monroe'.

Leigh Van Bryan, 26, was handcuffed and kept under armed guard in a cell with Mexican drug dealers for 12 hours after landing in Los Angeles with pal Emily Bunting.

The Department of Homeland Security flagged him as a potential threat when he posted an excited tweet to his pals about his forthcoming trip to Hollywood w
... (more)

Harvard Prof: MegaUpload Shutdown is an Attempt to Kill Technology posted 01/31/2012, 7:29 AM (TorrentFreak)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
In the wake of the MegaUpload shutdown Bloomberg interviewed Yochai Benkler, Prof. of Entrepreneurial Legal Studies at Harvard and faculty co-director of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

Benkler criticizes the actions of the Department of Justice, which he characterizes as “aggressive.”

“What is a surprise is how aggressive the move is, how much it uses extensions of criminal law enforcement and copyright liability to go after and seize assets and people
... (more)

Megaupload Users Plan To Sue... As Their Files & Data Are About To Be Destroyed posted 01/31/2012, 7:29 AM (Techdirt)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
Soon after Megaupload was shut down, we heard from some lawyers for (legitimate) users of the service who were exploring whether or not they could sue the US government for taking away their access to the data. There was some uncertainty as to whether or not there was a real legal claim here, but now it appears that at least some of the users are, in fact, planning to sue the US govern... (more)

Congress Woman Outraged as She is Wiretapped...But Voted for the Patriot Act posted 01/31/2012, 7:29 AM (YouTube)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]

You reap what you sow! She obviously sounds like she has a guilty conscience.

Leon Panetta's explicitly authoritarian decree posted 01/31/2012, 7:29 AM (Glenn Greenwald)
[Category: Commentary]
CBS News‘ Scott Pelley appears to be one of the very few American journalists bothered by, or even interested in, the fact that President Obama has asserted and exercised the power to target U.S. citizens for execution-by-CIA without a shred of due process and far from any battlefield. It was Pelley who deftly interrogated the GOP presidential candidates at a November debate about the propriety of due-pr... (more)

Cop Block Founder Seeking Donations For Upcoming Legal Battle posted 01/31/2012, 7:28 AM (
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]

A little over a week after launching my “Defensive/Offensive” fundraiser I’m happy to announce that donations to date (1.29.12) total just over $1,200! I’m inspired and excited by the flood of supporters who’ve come to my aid on such an important issue. Thanks to you, we’ll continue to highlight the abusive
... (more)

She Dialed 911. The Cop Who Came to Help Raped Her posted 01/31/2012, 7:27 AM (The Daily Beast)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
A young woman in Milwaukee called the cops when someone threw a brick through her window. One of the cops who came to help raped her.

Officer shot, killed by fellow police in Calif. posted 01/31/2012, 7:27 AM (Associated Press)
[Category: General]
SANTA MARIA, Calif. (AP) — A police officer under investigation for sexual misconduct with a teenage minor was shot and killed while on duty by fellow officers Saturday as they tried to arrest him on California's central coast, authorities said.
Highly suspect story.

Ron Paul seeks to unmask YouTube user who uploaded offensive Huntsman ad posted 01/31/2012, 7:27 AM (The Raw Story)
[Category: General]
The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Citizen and the American Civil Liberties Union have told a federal district court that the presidential campaign of Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) should not be able to unmask an anonymous YouTube user who uploaded an offensive video attacking Jon Huntsman.
This is really stupid. - Chris

Australia: Thousands of parents illegally home schooling posted 01/31/2012, 7:27 AM (ABC News)
[Category: Resistance]
As a new school year begins, more than 50,000 Australian children will be home-schooled and in most cases, their parents are doing it illegally.

It is compulsory to send children between the ages of six and 16 to school, or register them for home schooling, but more parents are opting out of the traditional school system and keeping their children at home.

However, thousands of parents across the country are not registered and that means they potentially face prosec
... (more)

Carlos Fuentes: legalise drugs to save Mexico posted 01/31/2012, 7:27 AM (The Telegraph)
[Category: Geopolitics]
Carlos Fuentes, Mexico's greatest writer, claims that legalising drugs is the only way to end the devastating violence that has claimed 50,000 lives in five years.

What Piracy? The Entertainment Industry is BOOMING! posted 01/31/2012, 7:26 AM (TorrentFreak)
[Category: Science/Technology]
We’ve pointed it out numerous times in the past. Despite the rampant piracy, Hollywood and other entertainment industries continue to break revenue and sales records year after year.

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