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Archived News Sunday September 3rd, 2006
Israel plans for war with Iran and Syria posted 09/03/2006, 11:22 PM (The Sunday Times)
[Category: Geopolitics]
THREATENED by a potentially nuclear-armed Tehran, Israel is preparing for a possible war with both Iran and Syria, according to Israeli political and military sources.

The conflict with Hezbollah has led to a strategic rethink in Israel. A key conclusion is that too much attention has been paid to Palestinian militants in Gaza and the West Bank instead of the two biggest state sponsors of terrorism in the region, who pose a far greater danger to Israel’s existence, defence insiders say.

“The challenge from Iran and Syria is now top of the Israeli defence agenda, higher than the Palestinian one,” said an Israeli defence source. Shortly before the war in Lebanon Major-General Eliezer Shkedi, the commander of the air force, was placed in charge of the “Iranian front”, a new position in the Israeli Defence Forces. His job will be to command any future strikes on Iran and Syria.

The Israeli defence establishment believes that Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear programme means war is likely to become unavoidable.

“In the past we prepared for a possible military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities,” said one insider, “but Iran’s growing confidence after the war in Lebanon means we have to prepare for a full-scale war, in which Syria will be an important player.”

A new infantry brigade has been formed named Kfir (lion cub), which will be the largest in the Israeli army. “It is a partial solution for the challenge of the Syrian commando brigades, which are considered better than Hezbollah’s,” a military source said.

There has been grave concern in Israel over a military pact signed in Tehran on June 15 between Iran and Syria, which the Iranian defence minister described as a “mutual front against Israeli threats”. Israel has not had to fight against more than one army since 1973.

During the war in Lebanon, Ali Akbar Mohtashamipour, the Iranian founder of Hezbollah, warned:
... (more)

9/11-The Sacred Horror-When The New World Began, Americans Gained A New Faith posted 09/03/2006, 11:22 PM (Coastal Post)
[Category: Commentary]
On September 11, 2001 the world changed forever. So we've been told over and over again, simply and repetitively. 9/11 changed Everything! This is a New World!
The air strike into the First Tower was like a sacred spear of myth, lancing a traumatic wound into American's sense of safety.

The second Tower was pierced Live on TV. The impaling was shown repetitively to an entranced audience. A blast of Freedom blew out of the rent in our collective psyche.

The th
... (more)

The Conspiracy To Re-write 9/11 posted 09/03/2006, 11:22 PM (San Francisco Chronicle)
[Category: Commentary]
Dylan Avery has a theory that he says casts doubts on Mark Bingham's actions on Sept. 11, 2001. According to Avery, the San Francisco public relations executive never called his mom on a cell phone from the cabin of Flight 93, and never told her that "some of us here are going to try to do something." Instead, says Avery, someone using a voice synthesizer -- possibly a government official -- called Alice Hoglan on the morning that Flight 93 -- and Bingham -- became part of Sept. 11 lore.
... (more)

US Army Contemplates Redrawing Middle East Map to Stave-off Looming Global Meltdown posted 09/03/2006, 11:22 PM (Dissident Voice)
[Category: Commentary]
In a little-noted article printed in early August in the Armed Forces Journal, a monthly magazine for officers and leaders in the United States military community, early retired Major Ralph Peters sets out the latest ideas in current US strategic thinking. And they are extremely disturbing.

Ethnically Cleansing the Entire Middle East

Maj. Peters, formerly assigned to the Office of the Deputy Chi
... (more)

Terror concerns in baby formula thefts posted 09/03/2006, 11:22 PM (UPI)
[Category: General]
CLEVELAND, Sept. 3 (UPI) -- A Cleveland grocer has been arrested in an alleged baby formula theft ring, a potential source of funding for terrorist groups abroad, officials said.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported Sunday that Hasana Abdalla allegedly planned to purchase a truckload of stolen formula, something that was apparently common for him, having previously purchased a dozen truckloads.

Abdalla had $100,000 cash and headed to Akron to close the deal, but this
... (more)
This is not a joke.

We should nuke Iran posted 09/03/2006, 11:22 PM (Toronto Sun)
[Category: General]
It is surely obvious now to anybody with even a basic understanding of history, politics and the nature of fascism that something revolutionary has to be done within months -- if not weeks -- if we are to preserve world peace.

Put boldly and simply, we have to drop a nuclear bomb on Iran.

Not, of course, the unleashing of full-scale thermo-nuclear war on the Persian people, but a limited and tactical use of nuclear weapons to destroy Iran's military facilities and i
... (more)

Michael Coren and the “Limited Pain” of Nuking Iran posted 09/03/2006, 11:22 PM (Kurt Nimmo)
[Category: Commentary]
Michael Coren, a sort of spin-off on the lunatic Michael “Savage” Weiner, the beatnik fascist hate radio host, demands the United States nuke Iran immediately.

“Put boldly and simply, we have to drop a nuclear bomb on Iran,” argues Coren in the Toronto Sun. Doing the unspeakable—or, that is to say, the unspeakable for normal, sane people not afflicted with murderous psychopathy—requires “a basic understand
... (more)

Fox Analyst: New Tape Shows Al Qaeda Using ‘All of the Antiwar Arguments’ And ‘Turning Them Back Against Us’ posted 09/03/2006, 11:21 PM (Think Progress)
[Category: General]
Early today, Al Qaeda #2 Ayman al-Zawahiri issued a new videotape in which he appeared alongside a man “identified as an American member of the terror network.”

Within minutes, Fox News brought on right-wing author Richard Miniter to provide expert analysis of the video. Miniter said that “what’s striking” about Zawahiri “is that he’s using a lot of the same rhetoric as the antiwar crowd. He refers to President Bush as a liar and a defeated president…They call him a failure, an in
... (more)

The Great American Oligarchy posted 09/03/2006, 11:21 PM (
[Category: Commentary]
I never thought I'd ever hear the United States of America called an "oligarchy". But now I have.

My dictionary says an oligarchy is a form of government where most or all political power effectively rests with a small segment of the society. As Wikipedia, the popular online encyclopedia, puts it, "Oligarchies are often controlled by a few powerful families whose children are raised and mentored to be heirs of the power of the oligarchy, often at some sort of expense to those gove
... (more)

FDA Approves Viral Adulteration of Our Food Supply posted 09/03/2006, 11:21 PM (News With Views)
[Category: Health]
On Friday, August 18, 2006, the FDA approved a viral cocktail to be sprayed on foods we eat. This is the first time viruses have been approved for use as food additives. The FDA wants you to believe it will be safe to consume these viruses every day for the rest of your life with no adverse health effects. This is a monumental announcement by the FDA, indicating they are throwing all caution to the wind regarding the safety of our food supply.

Are you willing to stand in line for
... (more)

Orem, Utah Confiscates Cars for Speeding posted 09/03/2006, 11:21 PM (TheNewspaper)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
Orem, Utah does not have a problem with street racing, never having had an accident related to the practice. Nonetheless, because updated street racing laws have been on the books since May, Orem police have decided to apply their new confiscation authority to cases of ordinary speeding. Merely "revving an engine" is sufficient to trigger the statute, according to the police.

"Periodically we have to flex our legal muscle a little," Orem police Lieutenant Doug Edwards told the Pro
... (more)

Entrapment in Miami, More Patsy Arrests in London posted 09/03/2006, 11:21 PM (Kurt Nimmo)
[Category: Commentary]
For AG Gonzales and the Federal Bureau of Precrime, Narseal Batiste was a threat because he was delusional and talked of waging jihad against the United States with a bow and arrows. “Our philosophy here is that we try to identify plots in the earliest stages possible, because we don’t know what we don’t know about a terrorist plot,” said Gonzales. “It’s dangerous to evaluate in advance whether ‘this is a really dangerous group; this is not a dangerous group,’” in other words, all are suspect, e... (more)

Gaza's Darkness posted 09/03/2006, 11:21 PM (Haaretz)
[Category: Commentary]
Gaza has been reoccupied. The world must know this and Israelis must know it, too. It is in its worst condition, ever. Since the abduction of Gilad Shalit, and more so since the outbreak of the Lebanon war, the Israel Defense Forces has been rampaging through Gaza - there's no other word to describe it - killing and demolishing, bombing and shelling, indiscriminately.

Nobody thinks about setting up a commission of inquiry; the issue isn't even on the agenda. Nobody asks why it is
... (more)

Surveillance society keeps an eye out posted 09/03/2006, 11:21 PM (The Ottawa Citizen)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
When vandals embarked recently on an evening of random mischief, toppling soda machines in communities up and down Maryland's Eastern Shore, this tiny farming village was the only place they left untouched.

Police Chief Merl Evans believes he knows why -- the surveillance cameras.

The town of Ridgely, population 1,600, has six, all paid for with counter-terrorism funding from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

For more than a year, the cameras
... (more)

Anti-terror squad search school posted 09/03/2006, 11:21 PM (Press Association)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
An Islamic school remains the focus of a police anti-terror investigation which has seen 14 people arrested in raids.

Officers have been searching the establishment near Crowborough, East Sussex and a large number of residential properties across London since the men were detained overnight on Friday.

It has emerged radical Islamic cleric Abu Hamza - jailed for seven years in February after being convicted of a string of race hate and terror charges - stayed at the
... (more)

Iraq says captures No. 2 al Qaeda leader posted 09/03/2006, 11:20 PM (Reuters)
[Category: Geopolitics]
U.S. and Iraqi forces have arrested the second most senior figure in al Qaeda in Iraq, National Security Adviser Mowaffak al-Rubaie said on Sunday.

"I can say al Qaeda in Iraq is severely wounded," he told a news conference.

He named the man as Hamed Juma Faris al-Suaidi, also known as Abu Humam or Abu Rana, and said he was the deputy to Abu

Ayyub al-Masri, who took over the insurgent group after Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed in a U.S. air strike in
... (more)

Mission Accomplished: 'Afghan crops total 92 percent of world’s supply, exceed global consumption' posted 09/03/2006, 11:20 PM (Associated Press)
[Category: General]
KABUL, Afghanistan - Afghanistan’s world-leading opium cultivation rose a “staggering” 60 percent this year, the U.N. anti-drugs chief announced Saturday in urging the government to crack down on big traffickers and remove corrupt officials and police.

The record crop yielded 6,100 tons of opium, or enough to make 610 tons of heroin — outstripping the demand of the world’s heroin users by a third, according to U.N. figures.

Officials warned that the illicit trade is
... (more)

Why I am a Terrorist posted 09/03/2006, 11:20 PM (Information Clearing House)
[Category: Commentary]
According to the twisted logic recently espoused by Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, the failure to support illegal, immoral and unnecessary wars defines one as a terrorist. Let me be clear about where I stand: I know who the real terrorists are, and can name each one of them—Rumsfeld among the rest.

Everywhere you go in America you see the slogan, “Support our troops.” You see it on bumper stickers, storefronts, flags and banners, yellow ribbons and even in the windows of p
... (more)

U.S rebuts 9-11 homegrown conspiracy theories posted 09/03/2006, 11:20 PM (Reuters)
[Category: Cover-Up/Deceptions]
The United States government is attacking conspiracy theories about the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York as the fifth anniversary of September 11 approaches.

According to a Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll carried out in July, more than one-third of Americans suspect U.S. officials helped in the September 11 attacks or took no action to stop them so the United States could later go to war.

The State Department responded this week with a rebuttal
... (more)

War is Sell posted 09/03/2006, 11:20 PM (InformationLiberation)
How do you sell a war? How do the techniques of government propagandists, public relations consultants and commercial advertisers work, and why are they so effective? How did the United States become a master of domestic war propaganda over the course of the twentieth century?
... (more)

Crop Cops Take to the Sky posted 09/03/2006, 11:19 PM (NPR Morning Edition)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
Farmers may seem like trustworthy people, but the U.S. Department of Agriculture is taking no chances. It's spending tens of millions of dollars to create an enormous computerized map of every farmer's field in America. The program is intended to make sure farmers are doing what's required to earn their government subsidies.

It's an enormous task, keeping track of those subsidies. They add up to billions of dollars each year and they go to more than half a million farmers, scatte
... (more)

War is not a solution for terrorism posted 09/03/2006, 11:16 PM (Boston Globe)
[Category: Commentary]
THERE IS SOMETHING important to be learned from the recent experience of the United States and Israel in the Middle East: that massive military attacks, inevitably indiscriminate, are not only morally reprehensible, but useless in achieving the stated aims of those who carry them out.

The United States, in three years of war, which began with shock-and-awe bombardment and goes on with day-to-day violence and chaos, has been an utter failure in its claimed objective of bringing dem
... (more)

Google developing eavesdropping software posted 09/03/2006, 11:16 PM (The Register)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
The first thing that came out of our mouths when we heard that Google is working on a system that listens to what's on your TV playing in the background, and then serves you relevant adverts, was "that's cool, but dangerous".

The idea appeared in Technology Review citing Peter Norvig, director of research at Google, who says these ideas will show up eventually in real Google products - sooner rather than later.

The idea is to use the existing PC microphone to listen
... (more)

Vietnam vet Stone says Hollywood glorifies war posted 09/03/2006, 11:16 PM (Philadelphia Inquirer)
[Category: General]
Oliver Stone, who is at the Venice Film Festival for his Sept. 11 drama, World Trade Center, has accused Hollywood of glorifying war.

"Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down - these movies worshiped the machinery of war," Stone said. "And I think America went back to the concept of war too easily."

Unlike previous decades, which also produced antiwar films, Stone said, the '90s were dominated by pictures "that promoted the concept of war."

"I have reasons t
... (more)
Related: Operation Hollywood: Hollywood's dirty little secret

Analysis: U.S. says Iran behind trouble posted 09/03/2006, 11:16 PM (Associated Press)
[Category: Geopolitics]
CAIRO, Egypt -- Top U.S. officials have made strong charges in recent weeks that Iran is directly stirring up trouble in Iraq. But inside Iraq, it's hard to see any change and some American officials in Baghdad say privately the evidence is not that clear.

Most experts on Iran say there is no question that Iran is funneling support to certain Shiite political parties in Iraq, groups it long supported when they were fighting Saddam Hussein.

Ironically, most of that a
... (more)

Going to War with the Leaders you have posted 09/03/2006, 11:16 PM (Mike Whitney)
[Category: Commentary]
“As you know, you go to war with the army you have. They’re not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time.” Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

Name one part of the occupation of Iraq that has succeeded?

From the shortage of soldiers, to de-Ba’athification, to the disbanding the Iraqi military, to the lack of body-armor, to leaving the ammo-dumps unprotected, to Falluja, to Abu Ghraib, to Haditha, to the stage-managed, public relations Jessica Lynch inci
... (more)

Israel: Knesset committee data reveals courts soft on human trafficking posted 09/03/2006, 11:14 PM (Haaretz)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]
A Knesset committee on Sunday published data showing courts had been soft on human trafficking in 2005.

According to the committee, sentences handed out to people convicted of human trafficking were considerably lower than the maximum permitted.

By law, the courts are allowed to fine people found guilty of trafficking up to NIS 228,000. In 2005, however, only 23 out of 73 people found guilty of such violations were fined.

Furthermore, the average fine
... (more)

First Time Released Documents Expose Subservient Congress posted 09/03/2006, 11:14 PM (
[Category: Politics/Corruption]
National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC) has obtained documents revealing that to date the Executive Branch has refused congressional requests to be briefed on illegal black operations conducted by the NSA, and has denied these representatives access to relevant witnesses and documents.

Nepal Maoists threaten 'revolution' in capital posted 09/03/2006, 11:11 PM (AFP)
[Category: Geopolitics]
Nepal's Maoist leader warned of mass protests in the streets of the capital Kathmandu if rebel demands for the election of a body to rewrite the country's constitution were not met.

"If a free and fair environment for constituent assembly elections is not created, we will launch a capital-centred revolution where we hope thousands of people will participate," Prachanda told a rally in the capital.

The rally was staged to commemorate those killed in weeks of violent
... (more)

The Iron Wall posted 09/03/2006, 11:20 PM (InformationLiberation)
In 1923 Vladimir Jabotinsky, leading intellectual of the Zionist movement and father of the right wing of that movement, wrote:

"Zionist colonization must either stop, or else proceed regardless of the native population. Which means that it can proceed and develop only under the protection of a power that is independent of the native population - behind an IRON WALL, which the native population cannot breach."

From that day these words became the official and unspok
... (more)

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