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Austrian Economics: Understand Economics, Understand the World
The Century of the Self: The Untold History of Controlling the Masses Through the Manipulation of Unconscious Desires
The Disappearing Male: From Virility to Sterility

The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off
Operation Gladio: The Hidden History of U.S. Sponsored False Flag Terrorism in EuropeThe New American Century: The Untold History of The Project for the New American Century
Archived News Saturday September 2nd, 2006
The One World Revolution: Mao Disappears in Chinese Textbooks posted 09/02/2006, 10:46 PM (Newsmax)
[Category: Geopolitics]
Mao Tse-tung, one of history's greatest mass murderers, and the tyrant who ruled China with an iron fist for 27 years, has all but vanished from China's newest history books.

Instead of reading about the blood-soaked history of Mao's reign, students in Shanghai will be learning about J. P. Morgan, Bill Gates, the New York Stock Exchange, the space shuttle and Japan’s bullet train.

According to Friday's New York Times, China's new standard world history text eliminates mentions of "wars, dynasties and Communist revolutions in favor of colorful tutorials on economics, technology, social customs and globalization."

Even socialism get short shrift in the new texts, although it is still referred to as having a "glorious future.” The changes now initially limited to Shanghai cover socialism in what the Times called "a single, short chapter in the senior high school history course," and Chinese Communism prior to the onset of 1979's economic reform is covered in a single sentence. Mao is mentioned just once - in a chapter on etiquette.

It's all part of a government effort to banish the grim history of Chinese Communism under Mao and promote "a more stable, less violent view of Chinese history that serves today’s economic and political goals," the history book's authors told the Times.

"Our traditional version of history was focused on ideology and national identity,” Zhu Xueqin, a historian at Shanghai University told the Times. "The new history is less ideological, and that suits the political goals of today.”

Zhou Chunsheng, a professor at Shanghai Normal University and one of the lead authors of the new textbook series, told the Times he wanted to rescue history from its traditional emphasis on leaders and wars and to make people and societies the central theme.

"History does not belong to emperors or generals,” Zhou told the Times. "It belongs to the people. It
... (more)
> The Global Corporation: Arthur Jensen Speech from 'Network'
> The New Rulers of the World

The Global Corporation: Arthur Jensen Speech from 'Network' posted 09/02/2006, 11:10 PM (InformationLiberation)
[Category: Geopolitics]
Arthur Jensen: You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, Mr. Beale, and I won't have it! Is that clear?! You think you've merely stopped a business deal -- that is not the case! The Arabs have taken billions of dollars out of this country, and now they must put it back. It is ebb and flow, tidal gravity. It is ecological balance. You are an old man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples. There are no nations. There are no peoples. There are no Russians. There are no Arabs. Th... (more)
Related: The New Rulers of the World

FBI Role in Terror Probe Questioned: Lawyers Point to Fine Line Between Sting and Entrapment posted 09/02/2006, 9:46 PM (Washington Post)
[Category: Cover-Up/Deceptions]
Standing in an empty Miami warehouse on May 24 with a man he believed had ties to Osama bin Laden, a dejected Narseal Batiste talked of the setbacks to their terrorist plot and then uttered the words that helped put him in a federal prison cell.

"I want to fight some jihad," he allegedly said. "That's all I live for."

What Batiste did not know was that the bin Laden representative was really an FBI informant. The warehouse in which they were meeting had been rented
... (more)

'Why did Blair send my teenage son to fight an illegal and dishonest war?' posted 09/02/2006, 10:46 PM (The Independent)
[Category: Resistance]
The mother of a British soldier caught up in one of the bloodiest incidents in Iraq this year has accused Tony Blair of sending her son to fight an "illegal" war.

Dani Hamilton-Bing, whose son tried to quell rioters in Basra after the downing of a Lynx helicopter in May that killed five British soldiers, attacked Mr Blair for putting the lives of over-stretched troops in Iraq and Afghanistan at risk.

The early learning lecturer's comments are unusual because tradit
... (more)

Iraq's Biowar Labs: Mystery Solved? posted 09/02/2006, 9:46 PM (
[Category: Commentary]
Okay, just when you thought that the whole Curveball-Iraqi biological weapons story couldn't get any weirder, it does. Milton Leitenberg of the Center for International Security Studies has provided me with the exclusive third (and last) part of the story behind the story of the alleged Iraqi mobile biol... (more)

Suspicious Liquid On Plane Identified As Water posted 09/02/2006, 10:46 PM (WSOCTV)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Air passengers from Charlotte to Little Rock, Arkansas, had to hurry off their plane Friday after someone found a suspicious liquid on board.

The flight landed at Little Rock as scheduled Friday afternoon. But about seven miles before it landed, a crew member reported two passengers with two bottles of liquid. Police, firefighters and the bomb squad were called in, but the liquid turned out to be water.

US may consider additional aid to IDF posted 09/02/2006, 10:45 PM (Jerusalem Post)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]
If Israel asks, the US would "seriously consider" granting the Defense Ministry additional financial assistance because of the huge expenses incurred during the war in Lebanon, a high-ranking US diplomat revealed Wednesday.

According to ministry estimates, Israel spent close to NIS 30 billion on ammunition, fuel and other expenses during the war. The defense establishment has already asked the Treasury to be compensated for that amount. The US provides Israel with military assista
... (more)

9-11 skeptics challenge WTC findings posted 09/02/2006, 10:45 PM (amNewYork)
[Category: Resistance]
Before 2001, no steel-framed building in history had ever collapsed from fire -- on 9/11, three did. In December 2001, the Pentagon released a videotape of Osama bin Laden claiming responsibility for 9/11 -- but the man in the tape looked nothing like the al-Qaida leader and was wearing a gold ring, which is forbidden in Islam.

These are just two of the assertions that have gained traction with conspiracy theorists, who suggest the Bush White House knew about the hijackings well b
... (more)

U.S. moves to debunk 'alternative theories' on Sept. 11 attacks posted 09/02/2006, 10:45 PM (New York Times)
[Category: Cover-Up/Deceptions]
Faced with an angry minority of people who believe the Sept. 11 attacks were part of a shadowy and sprawling plot run by Americans, separate reports were published this week by the State Department and a federal science agency insisting that the catastrophes were caused by hijackers who used commercial airliners as weapons.

The official narrative of the attacks has been attacked as little more than a cover story by an assortment of radio hosts, academics, amateur filmmakers and ot
... (more)

Bohemian Club faces fiery dispute over trees posted 09/02/2006, 10:45 PM (Los Angeles Times)
[Category: Occult]
Each summer, when hundreds of Bohemian Club members converge on a stately redwood grove along the Russian River, the festivities kick off with the burning of an effigy called "Care."

The ritual is a way of reminding some of the United States' wealthiest and most powerful men to put aside workaday concerns during their annual encampment.

But the club's concern over fire itself is not so easily dispelled. Nor is the dispute that has flared over its strategy for loweri
... (more)

Bohemian Grove Exposes Itself!: OC insider reveals dark secrets of California club plotting world domination posted 09/02/2006, 10:45 PM (OC Weekly)
[Category: Occult]
For more than a century, the Bohemian Grove, a 2,700-acre forest retreat in Sonoma County, has served as the stomping grounds of California’s richest men. The private, all-male club, founded in 1872 by a pair of San Francisco journalists, has a secret membership whose ironic primary directive is to never speak with reporters. The secrecy surrounding the group has given rise to rumors of homosexuality and bizarre rituals involving satanism and human sacrifice.

There’s even speculat
... (more)
This "interview" is suspect to say the least.

See what goes on in the Grove for yourself: Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove

Education Dept. Shared Student Data With F.B.I. posted 09/02/2006, 10:45 PM (New York Times)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
The Federal Education Department shared personal information on hundreds of student loan applicants with the Federal Bureau of Investigation across a five-year period that began after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, the agencies said yesterday.

Under the program, called Project Strikeback, the Education Department received names from the F.B.I. and checked them against its student aid database, forwarding information. Each year, the Education Department collects information from 14 m
... (more)

Polls show opposition to Iraq war at all-time high: Sixty percent also say terrorism is more likely in US because of Iraq. posted 09/02/2006, 10:43 PM (Christian Science Monitor)
[Category: General]
A series of polls taken over the last few weeks of August show that support for the war in Iraq among Americans is at an all-time low. Almost two-thirds of Americans in each of three major polls say that they oppose the war, the highest totals since pollsters starting asking Americans the question three years ago. Many of the polls were conducted in advance of the fifth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks on Washington and New York.

A new Associated Press/Ipsos poll that
... (more)

U.S. Muslim group's leader: Bush's term "Islamic fascism" inaccurate posted 09/02/2006, 9:42 PM (Xinhua)
[Category: General]
WASHINGTON, Sept. 1 (Xinhua) -- The head of the Islamic Society of North America said on Friday that recasting the war on terrorism as "a war against Islamic fascism" by U.S. President George W. Bush and other Republicans was inaccurate and added to a misunderstanding of the religion.

Ingrid Mattson, the group's first woman president, said at the opening of its 43rd annual convention in Rosemont, Illinois, that labeling terrorism as "Islamic" was not helpful to people of her
... (more)

Terror police 'monitor thousands' posted 09/02/2006, 10:42 PM (BBC)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
Police in the UK are keeping watch on "thousands of people" who may be involved in terrorism, Scotland Yard's head of counter-terrorism says.

Peter Clarke told a BBC Two documentary Al-Qaeda: Time To Talk? that his officers had to be focused on a "whole range of people".

"Not just terrorists not just attackers but the people who might be tempted to support or encourage," he said.

He recently described the intelligence picture in the UK as "very distur
... (more)

Gene trial cures 2 of cancer posted 09/02/2006, 10:42 PM (Associated Press)
[Category: Health]
WASHINGTON - Government scientists turned regular blood cells into tumor attackers that wiped out all signs of cancer in two men with advanced melanoma. The striking finding, unveiled Thursday, marks an important step in the quest for gene therapy for cancer.

But the genetically altered cells didn't help 15 other melanoma victims. So scientists are trying to strengthen the shots.

Still, the National Cancer Institute called its experiment the first real success in ca
... (more)

Don't Worry About Mercury Fillings, Gov't Says posted 09/02/2006, 10:42 PM (WFTV)
[Category: Health]
WASHINGTON -- Silver fillings used to patch cavities aren't dangerous even though they expose dental patients to the toxic metal mercury, federal health researchers said Friday.

The Food and Drug Administration reviewed 34 recent research studies and found "no significant new information" that would change its determination that mercury-based fillings don't harm patients, except in rare cases where they have allergic reactions.

The FDA released a draft of its review
... (more)
"The science is over. There is no safe level of exposure," said Charles Brown, a lawyer for one of the groups, Consumers for Dental Choice. "The only thing standing between this and a ban is politics. They are still pretending it is a scientific question, but it isn't."

AMA Admits no studies were done on Fluoride Side Effects posted 09/02/2006, 10:42 PM (
[Category: Health]

Ethics code bans police from joining Orange Order posted 09/02/2006, 10:42 PM (The Times)
[Category: Occult]
POLICE officers will be banned from joining the Orange Order under a new code of conduct to root out “unethical” behaviour.

The Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (Acpos) has drawn up a code of conduct that dictates how staff should behave on and off duty.

Under the charter, which is due to come into force later this year, officers will be warned not to join groups or engage in activities that could tarnish the reputation of their force, or leave them
... (more)

All the news that fits the Bush agenda posted 09/02/2006, 10:41 PM (Dr. Ernest Partridge)
[Category: Commentary]
It is difficult to understand how anyone with even a modicum of critical intelligence, can still believe the right-wing complaint that the mainstream media (MSM) "has a liberal bias." Evidence to the contrary is overwhelming, and new evidence appears almost daily.

The persistent belief in "the myth of the liberal media" is still more evidence of the efficacy of "the big lie." The myth is repeated so often and forcefully that, among the "true believers," it is accepted despite the
... (more)

$16M settlement reached in priest abuse posted 09/02/2006, 10:41 PM (AP)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]
MILWAUKEE - The Archdiocese of Milwaukee has agreed to pay more than $16 million to settle sexual abuse claims involving 10 victims in California and two priests, one transferred there by the archdiocese, church officials said Friday.

Half the settlement will come from insurance, the archdiocese said. The deal was reached after two days of court-ordered mediation.

"Our hope, always, is to continue our progress in reaching resolution with anyone who was a victim of c
... (more)

9-11: Five Years Later—Where Are We? posted 09/02/2006, 10:41 PM (Paul Craig Roberts, Ph.D.)
[Category: Commentary]
Many readers have praised me for my courage in broaching taboo subjects and stating obvious truths. Others denounce me for “being unpatriotic and distrusting our government.”

One reader, Susan Hartman, wrote to me that I was obviously in the pay of Islamic jihadists and that she had reported me to the FBI.

Despite the lack of evidence to support their belief, a number of readers remain confident that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and that America na
... (more)

UK police arrest 16 in anti-terrorism raids posted 09/02/2006, 9:41 PM (Reuters)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
British police said on Saturday they had arrested 16 men in two separate anti-terrorism operations just three weeks after uncovering a suspected plot to bring down U.S.-bound airliners over the Atlantic.

Fourteen of the men were held in London in an overnight operation that a police source said focused on suspected training and recruitment of terrorists.

Anti-terrorist police in Manchester arrested two men early on Saturday and were carrying out three searches but t
... (more)

Chavez Says He Uncovered Coup Plot posted 09/02/2006, 10:39 PM (AP)
[Category: Geopolitics]
CARACAS, Venezuela - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez claimed Friday he had uncovered a plot to topple his government, blaming his political opponents and calling them ``lackeys'' of the United States.

His mention of a coup plot prompted whistles and shouts from thousands of supporters who filled the streets to welcome him home Friday after a foreign tour in which China, Malaysia and Syria offered to support Venezuela's bid for a seat on the 15-member U.N. Security Council.
... (more)

Video message from al-Zawahiri and American posted posted 09/02/2006, 9:39 PM (CNN)
[Category: General]
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) -- A new videotape by al Qaeda's second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has surfaced on the Web with an appearance by a Californian-turned-al Qaeda member wanted by the FBI, according to a counterterrorism expert.

A banner on multiple Islamic Web sites the other day announced that al-Zawahiri would be delivering a message.

The tape, called "Invitation to Islam," runs 48 minutes and refers to the recent war in Lebanon between Israel and Leban
... (more)
About that "American"...

British Airways to adopt N.Y. biometric screening posted 09/02/2006, 10:39 PM (International Herald Tribune)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
British Airways said Thursday that it would sponsor a new biometric screening system this autumn at Terminal 7 of John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, enabling potentially thousands of trans- Atlantic travelers to significantly shorten their wait at security checkpoints.

The system, which replicates the Registered Traveler pilot program currently used by 27,000 air travelers at Orlando International Airport in Florida, allows passengers, for an annual fee of $80, to breeze through
... (more)

Recession will be nasty and deep, economist says posted 09/02/2006, 10:38 PM (MarketWatch)
[Category: Economy]
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- The United States is headed for a recession that will be "much nastier, deeper and more protracted" than the 2001 recession, says Nouriel Roubini, president of Roubini Global Economics.

Writing on his blog Wednesday, Roubini repeated his call that the U.S. would be in recession in 2007, arguing that the collapse of housing would bring down the rest of the economy. Read more.

Roubini wrote after the National Association of Realtors reporte
... (more)

Google to Give Data To Brazilian Court posted 09/02/2006, 10:38 PM (Washington Post)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
Google Inc., which refused in the past year to hand over user search data to U.S. authorities fighting children's access to pornography, said yesterday that it was complying with a Brazilian court's orders to turn over data that could help identify users accused of taking part in online communities that encourage racism, pedophilia and homophobia.

The difference, it says, is scale and purpose.

The Justice Department wanted Google's entire search index, billions of p
... (more)

Johnny Gosch: Mom gets photos of son missing for 24 years posted 09/02/2006, 10:38 PM (Associated Press)
[Category: General]
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- The mother of a boy abducted 24 years ago said she's bewildered by two photographs left at her front door, apparently showing her son and two other children bound and gagged.

The old photos appear to show 12-year-old Johnny Gosch with his mouth gagged and his hands and feet tied. The boy is wearing the same sweat pants Johnny was wearing when he disappeared while delivering newspapers on the morning of September 5, 1982, his mother said.

... (more)

Break in the Johnny Gosch Case? posted 09/02/2006, 10:38 PM (RigInt)
[Category: Commentary]

Drone planes could patrol the sea posted 09/02/2006, 9:38 PM (BBC)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
Pilotless aircraft may be used some time in the future to check on trawlers fishing illegally in the North Sea.

David McCandless of the North East Sea Fisheries Committee said they were considering the use of the robotic planes - also known as drones.

He said: "They would save vast amounts of money on patrol vessels."

Drones are currently banned for civilian use because of collision risk with other aircraft but BAE Systems said it was working to ov
... (more)

President Bush and Islamo-Mush posted 09/02/2006, 10:38 PM (Think Progress)
[Category: Commentary]
The best case is that President Bush’s speech in Utah was a cynical manipulation of the American public.

Perhaps this is why he portrays his unpopular war in Iraq as part of a heroic battle against the forces of evil. Sunni and Shia, Persian and Arab, Al Qaida and Hamas are all, he claims, “a single movement, a worldwide network of radicals.”

This mushy merger of rival groups and nations
... (more)

Agency wants FAA execs disciplined over 9-11 posted 09/02/2006, 10:37 PM (Reuters)
[Category: General]
The U.S. Transportation Department's inspector general has urged the FAA to consider disciplining two executives who failed to correct false information provided to the commission that investigated the September 11 attacks, the New York Times reported on Saturday.

Citing the report by the acting inspector general, Todd Zinser, whose office acts as the department's internal watchdog, the Times said the Federal Aviation Administration executives, as well as a third, now-retired offi
... (more)

Evidence Featured in Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial posted 09/02/2006, 10:37 PM (Newsmax)
[Category: General]
FBI evidence that helped convict Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols went on display Friday at the Oklahoma City bombing memorial, even as a congressman and others continue to raise questions about the 1995 explosion that killed 168 people.

The display includes items ranging from mangled pieces of the truck used in the explosion to the automatic Glock handgun taken from McVeigh when he was arrested by a state trooper 90 miles from the bombing site.

"Hopefully, the exh
... (more)

Bin Laden Manhunt Still Drawing a Blank posted 09/02/2006, 10:37 PM (AP)
[Category: General]
AFGHANISTAN-PAKISTAN BORDER -- The al-Qaida terror camps are gone from Afghanistan, but the enigma of Osama bin Laden still hangs over these lawless borderlands where tens of thousands of U.S. and Pakistani troops have spent nearly five years searching for him.

Villagers say the CIA missed by only a few miles when it targeted bin Laden's top deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri, with a missile strike in January. Then in May, U.S. Special Forces arrested one of al-Zawahri's closest aides, sug
... (more)

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