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Archived News Friday August 2nd, 2013
Thirteen Agents 'Armed To The Teeth' Raid No-Kill Animal Shelter & Kill Rescued Baby Deer One Day Before It Was To Be Transferred To Wildlife Reserve posted 08/02/2013, 2:29 AM (InformationLiberation)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
Nine Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources agents and four sheriff's deputies "armed to the teeth" raided a no-kill animal shelter and euthanized a rehabilitated baby deer one day before it was scheduled to be transferred to a wildlife reserve in Illinois, WISN reports.

The police staked out the Society of St. Francis animal shelter after receiving two anonymous tips the baby deer was being housed at the shelter "without a permit."

The police took aerial surveillance photos of the shelter and organized an armed raid, with a warrant, on the shelter after they spotted the deer on the premises.

The officers say they tranquilized the deer after capturing it and then euthanized it in accordance with their "policy."

Ray Schulze, who worked at the shelter, was outraged and cried when he saw little baby deer "Giggles," named such because she made noises which sounded like laughter, being dragged out in a "body bag."

Giggles was scheduled to be moved to a wildlife reserve in Illinois the next day, Ray said.

When asked why they didn't bother to simply give the shelter a phone call rather than organize a costly huge armed raid on the facility, Department of Natural Resources Supervisor Jennifer Niemeyer responded that they wouldn't give prior alert in a "drug bust," so why should they have tipped anyone off to their raid for a deer?

"If a sheriff's department is going in to do a search warrant on a drug bust, they don't call them and ask them to voluntarily surrend
... (more)

Truth as Treason posted 08/02/2013, 2:29 AM (Jacob G. Hornberger)
[Category: Commentary]
If I were to use the phrase "When Truth Was Treason," you might think that I was referring to the cases of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. Your assumption, of course, would be entirely reasonable given that that's what they did -- they disclosed the truth about the U.S. national-security state's lies, crimes, and secret surveillance schemes, for which they have been labeled as criminals and traitors.

But actually the phrase is the title of ... (more)

Snowden's Father Calls Out Obama On Nuremberg Crimes posted 08/02/2013, 2:29 AM (Infowars)
[Category: Commentary]
Predictably, the corporate media, the official propaganda outlet for the establishment, has refused to post or publish an open letter sent to Obama by Lon Snowden, the father of Edward Snowden. This callous refusal should finally convince any who may have had any doubt that the United States is anything but a tyrannical national security state with a state-run media no different than the one in Cuba, China or Iran.

Edward Snowden’s unwarranted persecution and vilification by the g
... (more)

"He Didn't Comply!" New Police Motto COMPLY OR DIE! posted 08/02/2013, 2:29 AM (YouTube)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]

In USSA, Journalism is a Crime posted 08/02/2013, 2:22 AM (William Norman Grigg)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
Author and activist Barrett Brown has been behind bars for nearly 300 days without a trial. Federal prosecutors have filed a 17-count indictment on charges arising from the act of republishing material obtained by hackers from HB Gary Federal and Stratfor<... (more)

We Must Be Anarcho-Capitalists: The Brazilian Philosophy Magazine Dicta & Contradicta Interviews Hans-Hermann Hoppe posted 08/02/2013, 2:22 AM (Mises Brazil)
[Category: Commentary]
Would the change from a statist to a libertarian society help or hinder the production of high culture?

Hoppe: A libertarian society would be significantly more prosperous and wealthy and this would certainly help both low and high culture. But a free society -- a society without taxes and tax-subsidies and without so-called “intellectual property rights” – would produce a very different culture, with a very different set of products, producers, stars and fail
... (more)

Detroit Broke City posted 08/02/2013, 2:22 AM (Peter Schiff)
[Category: Economy]
It should come as no surprise that the lessons that should be learned from the bankruptcy of Detroit, a city that once stood as the shining example of America's industrial might, are being ignored by the American political establishment and its allies in the docile press corps. While the death spiral of the Motor City may be extreme in relation to conditions throughout the country, it is a difference of degree rather than design. In truth, Detroit is our canary in the coal mine. It is succumbing... (more)

Video Shows Cop Run His Car Into Skateboarder posted 08/02/2013, 2:22 AM (YouTube)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]

A State Police car runs into a skater and knocks him onto the hood.

Thanks to DA INBREDBOYS for the footage from their movie Unplanned Pregnancy:

'Guccifer' Hacker Releases Colin Powell Emails Suggesting Extramarital Affair... posted 08/02/2013, 2:21 AM (The Smoking Gun)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]
AUGUST 1--As a notorious hacker seeks to distribute “very personal” e-mails sent to Colin Powell by a female Romanian diplomat, the retired general is denying that he engaged in an extramarital affair with the woman while he served as Secretary of State, though he recently advised her to delete all their online exchanges, The Smoking Gun has learned.

Winston-Salem man jailed for 8 months before drug charges against him dismissed posted 08/02/2013, 2:21 AM (Journal Now)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
A Winston-Salem man has filed a complaint with the Winston-Salem Police Department because of the harsh treatment he said he received when officers arrested him two years ago on drug charges that kept him in jail for eight months before they were eventually dismissed.

Dozens of CIA operatives on the ground during Benghazi attack posted 08/02/2013, 2:21 AM (CNN)
[Category: Cover-Up/Deceptions]
Sources now tell CNN dozens of people working for the CIA were on the ground that night, and that the agency is going to great lengths to make sure whatever it was doing, remains a secret.

More Evidence Surfaces CIA Drone Striked Rescuers In Pakistan posted 08/02/2013, 2:21 AM (The Bureau of Investigative Journalism)
[Category: Geopolitics]
A field investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism in Pakistan’s tribal areas appears to confirm that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) last year briefly revived the controversial tactic of deliberately targeting rescuers at the scene of a previous drone strike. The tactic has previously been labelled a possible war crime by two UN investigators.

U.S. allowed Italian kidnap prosecution to shield higher-ups, ex-CIA officer says posted 08/02/2013, 2:21 AM (McClatchy)
[Category: Cover-Up/Deceptions]
WASHINGTON — A former CIA officer has broken the U.S. silence around the 2003 abduction of a radical Islamist cleric in Italy, charging that the agency inflated the threat the preacher posed and that the United States then allowed Italy to prosecute her and other Americans to shield President George W. Bush and other U.S. officials from responsibility for approving the operation.

Confirming for the first time that she worked undercover for the CIA in Milan when the operation took
... (more)

Police Say Employer Tipped Off Police To Pressure Cooker And Backpack Searches, Not Google posted 08/02/2013, 2:21 AM (TechCrunch)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
The Suffolk County Police Department has just released the following information related to the case:
Suffolk County Criminal Intelligence Detectives received a tip from a Bay Shore based computer company regarding suspicious computer searches conducted by a recently released employee. The former employee’s computer searches took place on this employee’s workplace computer. On that computer, the employee searched the terms “pressure cooker bombs” and “backpacks.”
... (more)
This is still complete insanity, just slightly less insane.

New York woman visited by police after researching pressure cookers online posted 08/02/2013, 2:21 AM (The Guardian)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
Long Island resident said her web search history and 'trying to learn how to cook lentils' prompted a visit from authorities

How to Help Fast-Food Workers posted 08/02/2013, 2:20 AM (Sheldon Richman)
[Category: Economy]
The low minimum wage [..] is not the cause of their problems; it’s a sign of deeper factors holding them back. In fact, the minimum wage distracts us from the radical changes we must make if low-income workers are to advance. Those who fixate on the minimum wage unwittingly do struggling workers a disservice.

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