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Archived News Saturday March 2nd, 2013
Milwaukee Police Chief's Freudian Slip: "I've Got Officers Out in the Streets Every Day Trying to *Commit* Violence" posted 03/02/2013, 1:59 AM (InformationLiberation)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]

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Milwaukee police chief Ed Flynn, a rabid citizen disarmament advocate, had a revealing Freudian slip while speaking at Diane Feinstein's senate hearing on gun control. He told the committee, referencing the turf he lords over, "The fact of the matter is, I've got officers out in the streets of that city every day trying to commit violence."

No doubt he meant to say "prevent" violence, he went on to describe a world on the brink of chaos where the only thing holding society together was his goons on every street corner, though he cites the comical example of his officers' "protection" as being at a high school breaking up a fist fight between two sophomores. Of course, the picture he paints (as though he was doing an imitation of the tyrant from the movie V for Vendetta) is total nonsense, there is 256 officers per 100,000 people in the US, if all those people were actually at each other's throats, so few officers couldn't possibly stop them.

Nonetheless, his Freudian slip is in line with comments made recently by California police chief Ken James who said guns "are not a defensive weapon."

“A gun is an offensive weapon used to intimidate and show power," James said.

"Police officers don’t carry a gun as a defensive weapon to defend themselves or their other officers. They carry a gun to be able to do their job in a safe and effective manner and face any oppositions we may come upon.”

The implication was clear, his officers do not use their guns for defense, but for offense. Or as the Milwau
... (more)

Cop runs into motorcyclist, threaten to ticket him because braking too fast is "against the law" posted 03/02/2013, 1:59 AM (Reddit)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]

"Las Vegas Metro rear ends John Paul Rosario and then blames him for braking when someone was behind him."
Hey look, it's one of those officers trying to commit violence! - Chris

Gun Owner Is Arrested After Having His Home Illegally Searched posted 03/02/2013, 1:59 AM (YouTube)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]

On Thursday January 25th, New Jersey police officers entered the apartment of Keith Pantaleon without permission, warning, warrant or explanation. After entering the apartment, they apparently had suspicion of him having a weapon, though none were visible. The police then searched his home and found multiple firearms. Keith is a legal gun owner who is registered and ha
... (more)

20 Years In Jail For Selling a Gun to a Pot Smoker posted 03/02/2013, 1:59 AM (Infowars)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
A draconian new gun control bill in the US Senate could see people who unknowingly sell guns to pot smokers be sent to jail for up to 20 years.

S. 54, or the Stop Illegal Trafficking in Firearms Act, introduced by Judiciary Committee Chairman Pat Leahy (D-VT), “would impose a 20-year prison term if you planned ("conspired") to purchase a firearm in order to give or raffle it to a person who, unbeknownst to you, is a "prohibited person,"  posted 03/02/2013, 1:58 AM (Ars Technica)
[Category: Resistance]

Cody Wilson, like many Texan gunsmiths, is fast-talkin' and fast-shootin'--but unlike his predecessors in the Lone Star State, he's got 3D printing technology to help him with his craft.

Wilson's nonprofit organization, Defense Distributed, troubled by a series of court rulings that have given police broad powers to search mobile phones without a warrant. California lawmakers tried to pass some legislation p
... (more)

Jury Finds Occupy Wall Street Protester Innocent After Video Contradicts Police Testimony posted 03/02/2013, 1:55 AM (Village Voice)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
In the first jury trial stemming from an Occupy Wall Street protest, Michael Premo was found innocent of all charges yesterday after his lawyers presented video evidence directly contradicting the version of events offered by police and prosecutors.

New Poll Finds 57 Percent of Americans Think Obama's Assassination Program Is Unconstitutional posted 03/02/2013, 1:52 AM (Reason)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
A new Reason-Rupe poll finds that a majority of Americans think President Obama's targeted killing program, which famously allowed the CIA to assassinate an American-born Muslim cleric living in Yemen as well has his American-born teenage son, to be unconstitutional.

When asked if they thought it was "constitutional
... (more)

Texas cop fired for shooting 41 times at suspect, killing him posted 03/02/2013, 1:52 AM (
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
A Texas police officer who fired 41 shots at a chase suspect in August has been fired.

Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Theme Song Prompts School Lockdown posted 03/02/2013, 1:52 AM (CBS Local)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
AMBRIDGE (KDKA) — Schools were locked down in Ambridge, after a perceived threat on a cell phone message.

Ambridge police say 19-year-old Travis Clawson had an eye appointment scheduled for today. When the receptionist called to confirm, she thought Clawson’s voice message said something to the effect of “I can’t come to the phone right now, because I’m going to kill all the (expletive) at my school.”

According to the Times-Online, the message was actually him singi
... (more)

Norway Wants to Decriminalize Heroin Smoking posted 03/02/2013, 1:52 AM (
[Category: General]
The Norwegian government said Friday it wants to decriminalize the smoking of heroin as a harm reduction measure, Agence-France Presse reported. Smoking heroin is less dangerous than injecting it, and the move could reduce the number of overdoses, officials said.

"The number of fatal overdoses is too high and I would say it's shameful for Norway," said Healt
... (more)

Ben's Balance Sheet Blues posted 03/02/2013, 1:52 AM (Peter Schiff)
[Category: Economy]
During his testimony before Congress this week, Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke made it a priority to dampen the growing concern that the unprecedented growth of the Fed's balance sheet presents great risks to the economy. There has been a heightened sense even among normally complacent members of Congress that the Fed could spark a precipitous decline in the economy and the financial markets if and when it seeks to "withdraw liquidity" by selling even a minor portion of its bond portfolio (wh... (more)

Bernanke Almost Comes Clean On "Exit" Strategy posted 03/02/2013, 1:52 AM (YouTube)
[Category: Economy]

Stay Afraid: It Sustains the Welfare-Warfare State posted 03/02/2013, 1:51 AM (Jacob G. Hornberger)
[Category: Commentary]
Are you pacing the floors? Are you taking anxiety medication? Are you scared to death?

Well, you should be doing all of the above. Be afraid. The entire world is going to collapse. Sequestration day is upon us.

U.S. Government Wins Appeal in Kim Dotcom Extradition Battle posted 03/02/2013, 1:51 AM (TorrentFreak)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
Kim Dotcom and his associates have lost a key battle in their extradition fight against the United States. On two earlier occasions, including once in the High Court, Dotcom’s legal team successfully argued they were entitled to examine mountains of evidence held by U.S. authorities. But those rulings were overturned this morning when the Court of Appeal said that the U.S. would be allowed to present a summary case after all. Dotcom says he’ll take an appeal to the Supreme Court.

Gold and Silver Approved as Legal Tender by Arizona Senate posted 03/02/2013, 1:51 AM (Activist Post)
[Category: Economy]
Arizona may become the second state, after Utah, to recognize gold and silver as legal tender authorized for payments of debts and taxes.

The Arizona Senate voted Thursday to approve SB 1439 which allows businesses and the state government to accept payments in gold or silver.

Kansas Democrats force amendment to include lawmakers in welfare drug tests posted 03/02/2013, 1:51 AM (The Raw Story)
[Category: General]
Democrats in Kansas were unable to kill a Republican bill to drug test welfare and unemployment recipients, but they were successful in adding an amendment that would require lawmakers to also face testing.

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