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Austrian Economics: Understand Economics, Understand the World
The Century of the Self: The Untold History of Controlling the Masses Through the Manipulation of Unconscious Desires
The Disappearing Male: From Virility to Sterility

The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off
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Archived News Tuesday November 2nd, 2010
You Can't Complain If You *Did* Vote posted 11/02/2010, 5:05 PM (InformationLiberation)
[Category: Commentary]
One of the most common sayings among statists and government people is "you can't complain if you didn't vote."

The idea is, if you didn't try to influence the machinery of the state, then you have no right to complain about what the machinery of the state does to you against your will.

The idea is, of course, laughable on it's face.

As with all statist memes, the reality is the opposite. You can't complain if you *did* vote!

Why? Because, *gasp* you voted for it!

By taking part in the state's voting ritual, you affirm the legitimacy of the system, you tell the government how you want the state's machinery to run, you say how you want to force people to live.

By not voting, you are voicing your displeasure with the system, you are showing it has no validity in your life, you're showing it's irrelevant and the system is an illegitimate fraud.

The biggest constituency in America is not republicans or democrats, the biggest constituency is non-voters! Whether it be because they don't care, don't have the time, don't think their vote counts for jack squat, or think voting is inherently immoral because it involves telling strangers how to live, the non-voter is the largest voter! They're voting not to take part in the state's charade!

Certainly an argument could be made, "I don't want the state to rob from me etc., so therefor I try to minimize it's damages."

That's all fine and dandy, but for the average voter, I think it's likely they go in the booth with the intent of trying to tell other people how to live. Of course, they get the oppressive nanny state they ask for, and when it comes to burn them, all the sudden they start to complain. Not enough to actually question the system, just enough to go back next election and vote for some other clown who tells them everything they want to hear and talks to them like a
... (more)

Is Obama A Keynesian? Rally For Sanity, 10/30/10 posted 11/02/2010, 10:32 PM (YouTube)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]

Democracy in action!

3 Charts That Prove That We Are In The Biggest Debt Bubble In The History Of The World posted 11/02/2010, 10:32 PM (The Economic Collapse)
[Category: Economy]
Do you want to see something truly frightening?  Just check out the 3 charts posted further down in this article.  These charts prove that we are now in the biggest debt bubble in the history of the world.  As Americans have enjoyed an incredibly wonderful standard of living over the past three decades, most of them have believed that it was because we are the wealthiest, most prosperous nation on the planet with economic and financial systems that are second to none.  But that is not even close... (more)

Virginia High School Says Barring Students From Doing Outside Research Helps Them 'Think For Themselves' posted 11/02/2010, 10:32 PM (Techdirt)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
A few folks have sent over this bizarre and slightly scary story of the the Westfield High School in Fairfax Virginia, which recently sent home a notice of "Expectations of Integrity" for the school's Advanced Placement (AP) World History class, which admonished students not to do any outside research at all:
"You are only allowed to use your OWN knowledge, your OWN class notes, class handouts, your OWN class homework, or The Earth and Its Peoples textbook to complete ass... (more)

Tax and Crash posted 11/02/2010, 10:32 PM (S.M. Oliva)
[Category: Commentary]
The United States and its co-conspirator governments are prepared to impose a new round of “security” mandates on airlines in response to an alleged discovery of explosives in Yemeni-based flights destined for Chicago. Giovanni Bisignani, the CEO of the International Air Transport Association, cautioned against yet another round of knee-jerk authoritarianism, and... (more)

The Madness of Barack Obama posted 11/02/2010, 10:31 PM (YouTube)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]

President Obama is on the campaign trail warning voters about "re
... (more)

Why Is Jonah Goldberg Still Here? posted 11/02/2010, 10:31 PM (Karen Kwiatkowski)
[Category: Commentary]
I'm not threatening Jonah Goldberg. Rather I am paraphrasing Goldberg’s own published threat to Julian Assange, in a column Goldberg wrote last week entitled "Why is Assange Still Alive?" My intention, in the following paragraphs, is to suggest to poor Jonah how it might feel to have someone publicly wish him harm, and muse about method.

The next two paragraphs reflect what Jonah wrote, with my humble alterations.
In case you didn't kno... (more)

Prop 21: Why Californians don't need a car tax to save their state parks posted 11/02/2010, 10:31 PM (YouTube)
[Category: Economy]

Once considered the best in the nation, California's state parks are fall
... (more)
Bleh, the way to privatize a park is to sell it to the highest bidder and split the proceeds among taxpayers. You don't set up some crony capitalist private-public partnership.

Is it run better by a quasi-private company?

Of course it is, but the last thing you want is to have an efficient government.

Do you want the IRS to steal from people more efficiently? Do you want the police to enforce all our insane laws more efficiently? Do you want the regulators and the EPA to enforce all their insane laws more efficiently? Do you want the military to enforce martial law more efficiently?

We'd all be in jail if government was actually efficient and actually accomplished what it set out to do. Government's incompetence is freedom's greatest ally.

This is the Koch's brand of libertarianism, it's just crony capitalism masked behind libertarian rhetoric. We need real private property and real privatization, not government leasing taxpayer facilities to the politically connected and yet still retaining control.

The government had no right to seize these properties and declare ownership over them in the first place, sell them at auction and return them back to the people, it's up to them what they decide to do with them. - Chris

Taxation: Murder on the Installment Plan posted 11/02/2010, 10:30 PM (Strike The Root)
[Category: Commentary]
Government messages employ lots of slave-speech. For example, we are told that “children are the nation’s most precious resource.” Note the misuse of the possessive. The assumption is that people are the property of the state. In a similar way, we hear about “un-renewable resources.” Usually it’s a substance such as oil. With substances, however, there is a lot of give-and-take. For example, we can manufacture fuels from farm products, so the phrase un-renewable resource may not apply. There is,... (more)

Bullying! posted 11/02/2010, 10:30 PM (YouTube)
[Category: Commentary]

Where are these crazy kids learning these things?! Stefan Molyneux expla
Nails it!

Inflation Infatuation posted 11/02/2010, 10:30 PM (Strike The Root)
[Category: Commentary]
Don’t you just love three dollar a gallon gas and spending almost $250 a week on groceries that used to cost you just $200 only two or three years ago? Whoever coined the statement “money is no object” was either Chairman of the Federal Reserve or a high-ranking economist of the Weimar Republic.

Fire Hero Gets Schooled posted 11/02/2010, 10:30 PM (YouTube)
[Category: Resistance]

[Contains Bad Language]

Wake up California. You a
... (more)

Chinese Professor posted 11/02/2010, 10:29 PM (YouTube)
[Category: Economy]

This new ad is part of an ongoing communications program in CAGW's decade
... (more)
Funny video despite the fact China is basically our biggest ally because they finance our empire and buy our worthless debt. We will, of course, default on all our debt to them, they are going to lose big on their investment (they already are). This idea they're some evil menace is total propaganda, China is on course to be the next America, if they hit a depression (due to the same idiotic government spending) the country could break up again and some places could become extremely free. - Chris

IMF Tax Tribunals Coming to America Soon? posted 11/02/2010, 10:29 PM (Infowars)
[Category: Commentary]
In Greece, the bankster loan sharking operation popularly known as the International Monetary Fund has proposed creating special courts and tribunals to prosecute tax evaders. Greek’s finance minister, George Papaconstantinou, a socialist Bilderberg member and a graduate of the London School of Economics, has “suggested the effective management of whistle-blowing” to protect people who rat out tax scofflaws.
... (more)

Debt Collectors Accused Of Fake Courtroom, Judge posted 11/02/2010, 10:29 PM (The Pittsburgh Channel)
[Category: Economy]
A sign in the front of a building on West 39th Street tells visitors that it’s the Unicredit Debt Resolution Center in Erie.

Once debtors got inside, they were fooled into believing they were in a courtroom with a judge, but the whole thing was a fake, according to a lawsuit filed by the Pennsylvania attorney general.

Team 4′s Jim Parsons reported that Unicredit America is accused in the lawsuit of deceiving, misleading and coercing hundreds of consumers into
... (more)

Barack Obama's Presidential Motorcade posted 11/02/2010, 10:29 PM (YouTube)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]

Clearly a man of the people.

How Iraqi politicians get paid $1k a minute and live it up for free in Baghdad posted 11/02/2010, 10:29 PM (The Daily Mail)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]
Politicians in Iraq have raked in more than $1,000 a minute for working just TWENTY minutes this year.

They picked up a fee of $90,000 and a monthly salary of $22,500 a month for doing next to nothing and staying free in Baghdad's finest hotel.

USA Chants End With Pepper Spray (Halloween 2010 in Wilmington, NC) posted 11/02/2010, 10:29 PM (YouTube)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]

Just 20-30 minutes after closing time, a bunny costumed man began
... (more)
How apropos.

Memos Detail TSA Officer's Cocaine Pranks posted 11/02/2010, 10:28 PM (The Smoking Gun)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
NOVEMBER 2--The Transportation Security Administration worker who earlier this year was canned for falsely claiming to have discovered cocaine in the luggage of travelers was a bomb appraisal officer who was supposed to be evaluating new screening equipment at the time he was pranking his unsuspecting targets, records show.

Government accusations: No evidence needed posted 11/02/2010, 10:28 PM (Glenn Greenwald)
[Category: Commentary]
The reality, as today's version of the NYT makes clear, is that the U.S. has no idea who is responsible for sending these bombs. So in the dark are they that Homeland Security actually blamed two Yemeni schools that don't even seem to exist, with the only one remotely similar to it being one sponsored by the State Department.

9/11/01: WYNW (FOX) Reporter Confirms The Fires In The South Tower Were Almost Out posted 11/02/2010, 10:28 PM (YouTube)
[Category: Cover-Up/Deceptions]

This video is of major importance considering the south tower fel
... (more)

WashPost: War with Iran would rescue economy posted 11/02/2010, 10:28 PM (Raw Story)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]
Washington Post political correspondent David Broder has kind words for President Barack Obama in in his opinion column Sunday, arguing that it isn't the president's fault the economy is stuck in reverse.

NASA Once Again Auctioning Off Patents Your Tax Dollars Paid For posted 11/02/2010, 10:27 PM (Techdirt)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]
One of the few good things in the US concerning copyright law was the decision to make sure that all federal government documents, that are released, are released into the public domain rather than covered by any sort of government copyright (such as crown copyright found in other countries). However, for some reason, the government has not done the same thing when it comes to federally funded research that is turned into patents. A couple of years ago, we questioned why

Suicide is Painless posted 11/02/2010, 10:26 PM (Zero Hedge)
[Category: Commentary]
Everyone has watched one of the best TV series of all-time – M*A*S*H. You also know the tune that played during the opening credits as helicopters delivered wounded soldiers to the 4077 Mobile Army Surgical Unit. Most people have never heard the lyrics that go with the music. The song is Suicide is Painless and the lyrics were sung during the ... (more)

Fed Easing May Mean 20% Dollar Drop: Bill Gross posted 11/02/2010, 10:25 PM (Reuters)
[Category: Economy]
The dollar is in danger of losing 20 percent of its value over the next few years if the Federal Reserve continues unconventional monetary easing, Bill Gross, the manager of the world's largest mutual fund, said on Monday.

How High Can Silver Go? posted 11/02/2010, 10:25 PM (Seeking Alpha)
[Category: Economy]
Legendary commodity investor and hedge fund manager Jim Rogers recently pointed out that silver prices are 50% below all time highs.

He’s talking about the brief momentary highs of nearly $50 an ounce back in 1980. With silver currently selling for less than $24 an ounce, Mr. Rogers is technically correct. But priced in 2010 dollars, the inflation adjusted high for silver would be closer to $124.

So if you believe that silver prices will make new
... (more)

Wyoming Rep. Lummis: Estate tax rise has some planning death posted 11/02/2010, 10:25 PM (Associated Press)
[Category: Economy]
CHEYENNE -- U.S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis says some of her Wyoming constituents are so worried about the reinstatement of federal estate taxes that they plan to discontinue dialysis and other life-extending medical treatments so they can die before Dec. 31.

Marc Faber Kitco News Interview, Predicts small QE2, followed by QE3, QE4 etc. depending on market reaction posted 11/02/2010, 10:25 PM (Kitco News)
[Category: Economy]
Note, you have to scroll down a bit and pick the video manually.

Anthony Gregory on Voting posted 11/02/2010, 5:12 PM (Anthony Gregory)
[Category: Commentary]
No one has a right to vote. Voting is not rooted in property rights, as all actual rights are, and is thus an entitlement. On the other hand, voting is a victimless crime — or at least voter fraud should not be punished by the state. So walking into a polling booth and marking more than one pieces of paper, in itself, is not a crime against person or property. The state should neither guarantee that people have access to voting, nor should it jail people for stuffing the ballot box. This would a... (more)

Voting: The Slaves Suggestion Box posted 11/02/2010, 5:05 PM (Internetz)
[Category: General]

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