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Archived News Sunday April 14th, 2013
Caught on Tape: Rehoboth Beach, DE Cop Tazes Man Then Stomps On His Face posted 04/14/2013, 4:12 AM (InformationLiberation)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]

In this newly posted video, Delaware police officer Robert Whitman of the Rehoboth Beach police is seen on video cavalierly tazing 34-year-old Jeremy Anderson of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, then disturbingly stomping his face into hard pavement.

Jeremy Anderson was placed in the bizarre position of being torn between "not resisting" and trying to guard himself from 50,000 volts of electricity about to be pumped into his body by another cop. While being handcuffed, with one hand behind his back and an officer on top of him, Anderson is seen on video moving his other arm to try and defend himself from Whitman's taser, officer Robert Whitman is then seen brutally stomping Anderson's face twice into the pavement. Anderson's doctors said he suffered a concussion as a result of the vicious assault.

Here's a local news report in the incident from NBC Philadelphia.

[Headphone warning: the audio/video goes completely haywire and blasts really loud after the 1:53 mark.]
The man in the video, 34-year-old Jeremy Anderson of Mechanicsburg, Pa., says he didn’t deserve the treatment he received from the three officers. He claims the entire ordeal started after he got into a verbal altercation with a hotel worker over a room key. Once police arrived, Anderson says they began to use a taser on him.

“He tased me in the chest,” he said. “I fell to the ground and he shot me
... (more)

Police Officer Charged Woman After Rejection posted 04/14/2013, 4:11 AM (The Columbus Dispatch)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
A Columbus police officer is on desk duty while his conduct after a November traffic stop is investigated.

Officer Chris O’Neall had his badge and gun taken on April 5 after the Division of Police received information that he might have had an inappropriate relationship with Cecily Ferris, whom he stopped on Nov. 24 on I-71 near E. Main Street, said Sgt. Rich Weiner, a division spokesman.

O’Neall waited more than four months before charging her with operating a vehi
... (more)

House Members File Bipartisan "Respect States' Marijuana Laws Act" posted 04/14/2013, 4:11 AM (
[Category: General]
A bi-partisan group of US representatives led by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) Friday introduced legislation that would end the enforcement of federal marijuana laws in states that have either legalized it or adopted medical marijuana laws. That would bring 18 medical marijuana states and two legalization states -- Colorado and Washington -- ut from under the shadow of the Controlled Substances Act when it comes to marijuana law reform.

The bill is House Bill 1523, the Respect Stat
... (more)

Congress Votes to Eliminate Key Requirement of Insider Trading Law posted 04/14/2013, 4:11 AM (CNN)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]
Washington (CNN) – The U.S. House on Friday eliminated a key requirement of the insider trading law for most federal employees, passing legislation exempting these workers, including congressional staff, from a rule scheduled to take effect next week that mandated online posting of financial transactions.

Aides to lawmakers insisted the changes were needed to avoid potential security risks to federal employees by revealing personal information.

Crash Indicator: Mom and Pop Take the Plunge Back Into Stocks For Fear of "Being Left on the Sidelines" posted 04/14/2013, 4:11 AM (SHTFplan)
[Category: Economy]
Americans are scared.

Their concerns aren’t centered around the possibility of an economic collapse, another down leg in the real estate market, continued deterioration of the labor market, or a US dollar currency meltdown.

With markets at all time highs and financial experts around the world predicting a turn-around in the global economy, a lot of “Mom and Pop” investors who experienced major losses in personal investment funds and home prices during the crash of 2
... (more)

Faber: Gold Isn't Down as Much as Apple posted 04/14/2013, 4:11 AM (Bloomberg)
[Category: Economy]

April 12 (Bloomberg) -- Gloom, Boom and Doom Report Publisher marc Faber discusses the markets, gold and his investment strategy on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Peter Schiff: The Gold Bull Market is Dead -- Long Live the Bull Market posted 04/14/2013, 4:11 AM (YouTube)
[Category: Economy]

Why the recent sell-off in gold and silver defies the fundamentals, ignores the facts, is predicated on a myth, and has succeeded in creating the necessary level of scepticism and fear to finally propel precious metals to new record highs.

The Great Gold vs Bitcoin Debate: Doug Casey vs Jon Matonis posted 04/14/2013, 4:11 AM (YouTube)
[Category: Economy]

Prisoners, Guards Clash Over Guantanamo Bay Raid posted 04/14/2013, 4:11 AM (Associated Press)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
MIAMI (AP) -- Months of increased tension at the Guantanamo Bay prison boiled over into a clash between guards and detainees Saturday as the military closed a communal section of the facility and moved its inmates into single cells.

The violence erupted during an early morning raid that military officials said was necessary because prisoners had covered up security cameras and windows as part of a weekslong protest and hunger strike over their indefinite confinement and conditions
... (more)
The prisoners in America's Concentration Camp™ are getting uppity.

Can We Have a Discussion about Releasing the Majority of the Guantanamo Prisoners? posted 04/14/2013, 4:11 AM (Andy Worthington)
[Category: Commentary]
With the prisonwide hunger strike at Guantanamo now entering its third month, conditions at the prison have come under sustained scrutiny for the first time in many years, and media outlets, both domestic and international, have learned, or have been reminded, that 166 men remain at the prison.

Florida sergeant fired for having Trayvon Martin shooting targets posted 04/14/2013, 4:10 AM (
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
A Florida police sergeant was fired for possessing several so-called Trayvon Martin shooting targets, authorities said Saturday.

Sgt. Ron King of Port Canaveral Police Department was fired Friday after an internal review investigated how he offered the hoodie paper shooting targets to two fellow officers, said John Walsh, interim CEO of the Canaveral Port Authority.

West Valley narcotics officers stole evidence, audit finds posted 04/14/2013, 4:10 AM (KSL)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
WEST VALLEY CITY — Narcotics officers from the West Valley Police Department stole money and other items from vehicles they seized and may have taken drugs and money confiscated during arrests, an internal audit found.

"We may have missing drugs and money that are associated with this investigation," West Valley City Manager Wayne Pyle said Friday.

Wrongfully-arrested man considers lawsuit after marshals storm home posted 04/14/2013, 4:10 AM (WLWT)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
HILLSBORO, Ohio —U.S. Marshals stormed a home and arrested a man believing he had drugs and guns Thursday morning in Hillsboro.

The only problem was that marshals had the wrong man and even the wrong house.

$150,000 settlement reached for Pulaski County man arrested after cursing trooper; $20,000 settlement to unarmed man shot in back posted 04/14/2013, 4:10 AM (
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
A Pulaski County man is receiving a $150,000 settlement from the state after he was arrested for cursing a state trooper, an attorney says.

[....]Another lawsuit filed in federal court July 13, 2012, that accused Tabor of excessive force in shooting a man who was fleeing from authorities in a 2010 incident also was settled out of court.

According to federal court documents, Mackey Wiggins of Warner Robins received a settlement of $20,000 plus statutory costs and a

Why Chemotherapy That Costs $70,000 in the U.S. Costs $2,500 in India posted 04/14/2013, 4:10 AM (The Atlantic)
[Category: Economy]
Why does Gleevec, a leukemia drug that costs $70,000 per year in the United States, cost just $2,500 in India?

It's seemingly simple. Gleevec is under patent in the U.S., but not in India. Accordingly, Novartis, its Swiss-based manufacturer, may prevent competitors from making and selling lower-cost versions of the drug in the U.S., but not in India.

Landlord Joe Biden pocketed $26,400 in 2012 renting cottage to the Secret Service posted 04/14/2013, 4:10 AM (Washington Times)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]
Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, took in $26,400 in 2012 by renting a cottage on the property of their Delaware home to the Secret Service, tax records released by the White House revealed.

Talking Taxes with California Beach Goers posted 04/14/2013, 4:11 AM (YouTube)
[Category: Economy]

What's April 15th? Apparently lots of people have no clue.

Tax Freedom Day 2013 is April 18, Five Days Later Than Last Year posted 04/14/2013, 4:10 AM (Tax Foundation)
[Category: Economy]
What is Tax Freedom Day?

Tax Freedom Day is the day when the nation as a whole has earned enough money to pay its total tax bill for the year. A vivid, calendar based illustration of the cost of government, Tax Freedom Day divides all federal, state, and local taxes by the nation’s income. In 2013, Americans will pay $2.76 trillion in federal taxes and $1.45 trillion in state taxes, for a total tax bill of $4.22 trillion, or 29.4 percent of income. April 18 is 29.4 percent, or 108
... (more)

Kudlow Calls Bitcoin "The Way Of The Future" posted 04/14/2013, 4:10 AM (YouTube)
[Category: Economy]

Cops Investigating 19 Year Veteran Police Officer In Texas DA Murders posted 04/14/2013, 4:10 AM (YouTube)
[Category: General]

Gang on gang violence?

LAPD Will No Longer Provide Info To Media On Celeb 'Swatting' Pranks posted 04/14/2013, 4:10 AM (CBS Los Angeles)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
LOS ANGELES ( — The Los Angeles Police Department said Thursday that they will no longer offer immediate information to the media on bogus 911 calls that target celebrity homes.

“We think that whoever is doing this is motivated by watching the police on TV and watching the helicopters come in, and we don’t want to allow that opportunity,” said Cmdr. Andrew Smith.

Smith said the department will also stop broadcasting the “swatting” calls so news organizatio
... (more)

Dad Furious After Finding This Crayon-Written Paper in Florida 4th-Grader's Backpack: ‘I Am Willing to Give Up Some of My Constitutional Rights…to Be Safer’ posted 04/14/2013, 4:10 AM (
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
The words are written in crayon, in the haphazard bumpiness of a child’s scrawl.

“I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.”

They’re the words that Florida father Aaron Harvey was stunned to find his fourth-grade son had written, after a lesson in school about the Constitution.

Paulson Loses More Than $300 Million as Gold Declines posted 04/14/2013, 4:10 AM (Bloomberg)
[Category: Economy]
Billionaire John Paulson lost more than $300 million of his personal wealth on his gold bet, as the precious metal fell to its lowest price in almost two years.

Paulson has roughly $9.5 billion invested across his hedge funds, of which about 85 percent is invested in gold share classes. Gold dropped 4.1 percent today, shaving about $328 million from his net worth on this bet alone.

Gold tumbled and entered a bear market after falling more than 20 percent since Augus
... (more)

Pirate Party Crowd-Sources File-Sharing Fine Settlements posted 04/14/2013, 4:04 AM (TorrentFreak)
[Category: Economy]
Anyone obtaining and sharing files on the Internet should be aware of the risk that someone, somewhere, might consider their behavior to constitute a breach of their rights. If people are eventually held to account, painful monetary fines can be the outcome. However, a new initiative by the youth division of the Swedish Pirate Party aims to soften the blow for those unlucky enough to get caught by paying their copyright infringement fines.

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