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Archived News Sunday September 12th, 2010
Broke Cities Find Cash to Burn On Trash-Tracking Chips And "Green Police" posted 09/12/2010, 11:57 PM (The Economic Collapse)
[Category: Big Brother/Orwellian]
Is someone out behind your house digging through your trash?  Don't worry, it is probably just the government.  When Audi ran their now famous "Green Police" commercial during the Super Bowl last year, most Americans laughed it off and thought that nothing like that could ever happen in America.  Well, it turns out that it is happening in America.  A growing number of U.S. cities are actually putting RFID tracking chips in trash cans and recycling bins and are starting to fine residents who do not recycle "properly". This kind of thing has been going on over in the U.K. for some time now, but very few people expected those living in "the land of the free" to be subjected to RFID trash tracking so quickly.  But it is here.  In many areas, government RFID tracker chips will now be monitoring what you throw away, how much you throw away and if you are recycling properly.  Rather than spending money on things that will actually get the U.S. economy headed in the right direction, government officials across America seem obsessed with forcing the "green agenda" down the throats of the American people - even if it means chasing factories, jobs and economic activity out of their communities.  

Not that there is anything wrong with recycling.  I personally recycle large amounts of trash each week.  But there is a huge difference between recycling as a free individual and being coerced by law to adhere to the sustainable development policies of the United Nations.  The truth is that "Agenda 21" is being pushed down all of our throats whether we like it or not.  It is all part of the Big Brother police state control grid which is being implemented in the name of "saving the environment" and which is being paid for by "economic stimulus" money in many areas.
... (more)

Obama Touts Inefficient Program to Defend Stimulus: $1.4m per Green Job Created posted 09/12/2010, 11:57 PM (Activist Post)
[Category: Commentary]
Surely everyone would love to see cleaner energy programs in the U.S., especially given the environmental catastrophe looming in the Gulf. And certainly, the American economy desperately needs jobs. But leave it to our broken government to spend the stimulus money as inefficiently as the TARP funds which did very little to create jobs. In a recent Associated Press release the Obama administration... (more)

Blowback, Provocation, and Perpetual War posted 09/12/2010, 11:57 PM (William Norman Grigg)
[Category: Commentary]
No man is a hypocrite in his pleasures, Dr. Johnson informs us. In a somewhat similar vein, the Regime's post-9/11 "counter-terrorism" stings have avoided the official fiction that Muslim terrorism is inspired by a hatred for our "freedom." The preferred bait to lure marginalized Muslims -- many of whom have little commitment to the faith, no detectable terrorism-related skills, and abundant personal problems -- is outrage over the Regime's imperial foreign policy.

Emery, founder and publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine, is a longtime and highly vocal Canadian marijuana activist. His wife Jodie maintains that U.S. authorities targeted his operation over other Canadian seed-sellers because of all the funding he's
... (more)

War Street Journal Shill: "Another A Major Terrorist Attack & We Could See Internment Camps For Muslims" posted 09/12/2010, 11:57 PM (YouTube)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]

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Outlook Gloomy at Secret Billionaire Meeting posted 09/12/2010, 11:57 PM (CNBC)
[Category: Economy]
For 25 years, legendary Wall Street strategist Byron Wien, now with The Blackstone Group, has held summer meetings with high net worth individuals to get their outlook on the global economy and investing. This year’s group, totaling fifty individuals and including more than 10 billionaires, was decidedly pessimistic on the U.S. economy, investment opportunities and the Obama administration.

Healthcare workers to be fired if they refuse flu shots, medical group demands posted 09/12/2010, 11:56 PM (Natural News)
[Category: Brave New World]
(NaturalNews) Forget the U.S. Constitution. Forget basic human rights. Forget the fact that research shows flu shots don't work most of the time ( A group of the nation's leading infectious disease experts are demanding forced vaccinations for all healthcare workers.

That's no exaggeration, either. A position paper just released by the So
... (more)

Family Awarded $1.5M In Vaccine-Autism Claim posted 09/12/2010, 11:56 PM (YouTube)
[Category: Brave New World]

Shielding "Professionals" from Competition posted 09/12/2010, 11:56 PM (S.M. Oliva)
[Category: Economy]
John F. Sturm, the president of the Newspaper Association of America, thinks it’s high time Congress intervene to protect the free flow of information -- that is, the flow of information from confidential government “sources” to “professional” journalists. In an op-ed, Sturm said the republic cannot endure the type of unprofessional muckraking provided by websites like
Unlike the source-to-screen appro... (more)

Hilarious Video: Union Goon Makes a Fool Out of Himself in Stossel Debate posted 09/12/2010, 11:56 PM (YouTube)
[Category: Economy]

I think we got an interesting insight into the Union member's mindset about competition and how they view themselves. If there is one thing that one can take away from this show is this: "Collusion of Unions with the Government" or "Collusion of any business with the Government" spells death to a free market idea tha
... (more)
Check out the great discussion on reddit libertarian!

Atlanta cop given five years for holding a gun to a man's head and threatening to kill him over a disagreement about a cell phone posted 09/12/2010, 11:56 PM (WSB Atlanta)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
ATLANTA -- A former Atlanta police officer will spend five years in prison for drawing his gun and threatening a man over a cell phone.

Cops Execute Another Dog... posted 09/12/2010, 11:56 PM (DCist)
[Category: Tyranny/Police State]
An MPD officer then ordered bystanders to release the rottweiler, lead it down the stairwell to the Brass Knob and fired a single shot. Crime scene investigators are still on the scene.

Nine Years After 9/11, Only 1% See Terrorism as Top U.S. Problem posted 09/12/2010, 11:56 PM (Gallup)
[Category: General]
PRINCETON, NJ — Nine years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, 1% of Americans mention terrorism as the most important problem facing the country, down from 46% just after the attacks.

Just before the attacks, in a Gallup poll conducted Sept. 7-10, 2001, less than one-half of 1% of Americans mentioned terrorism as the nation’s most important problem. One month later, in October 2001, 46% named terrorism, the highest in Gallup’s history.
... (more)

Forbes writer predicts return to gold standard posted 09/12/2010, 11:56 PM (Forbes)
[Category: Economy]
French economist Jacques Rueff once said “Tomorrow, to save man, we will give him a real currency.” For a world that has suffered nearly 40 years of economy-retarding currency instability, that tomorrow is very near.

Pentagon aims to buy up book posted 09/12/2010, 11:55 PM (Washington Post)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]
The Defense Department is attempting to buy the entire first printing - 10,000 copies - of a memoir by a controversial former Defense Intelligence Agency officer so that the book can be destroyed, according to military and other sources.

ObamaCare Brings Insurance Rate Hikes posted 09/12/2010, 11:55 PM (The New American)
[Category: Economy]
Back in 2008, candidate Barack Obama said that his healthcare reform plan “would bring down premiums by $2500 for the typical family.” In February of this year he urged Congress to pass healthcare reform or else Americans would “see exploding... (more)

Metro doesn't want to pay MontCo energy tax posted 09/12/2010, 11:54 PM (Washington Examiner)
[Category: Politics/Corruption]
Metro is pushing Montgomery officials to exempt the transit agency from paying the county's steep, new energy taxes, saying it will cost the agency nearly $3 million this year.

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