VIDEO: Some Americans Think a Third of People Are Gay
InfowarsApr 04
Several San Diegans interviewed by Mark Dice think that a third of Americans are homosexual, another indication that saturation coverage of LGBT issues in the media has greatly misled many people.

Four people who Dice spoke to thought that 30% of Americans were gay, with two thinking the number was even higher at 35%.

The majority of the respondents thought that 20% or more were gay.
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Styling Your Hair How You Want Is "Not A Right" - The Independent on Dreadlocks Guy
InformationLiberationApr 03
A writer for the British newspaper The Independent says "The ability to style your hair for fashion's sake is ... not a right." Rather, it's a "luxury," one which should be "giv[en] up" if it's "offending others."

Saying she "wasn't surprised by the US dreadlocks row," because "white people never think they are guilty of cultural appropriation," Wedaeli Chibelushi writes:
A video showin... (more)

PCC "Whiteness History Month" Kicks Off by Saying Black Rape Statistics Are Racist
InformationLiberationApr 03
Citing black on white rape statistics is racist, at least according to Rut Martinez-Alicea, one of the first speakers taking part in Portland Community College's "Whiteness History Month."

Martinez-Alicea was asked by a female member of the audience about statistics being shared on social media that are "straight up lies" for suggesting black males rape white females more than white males rape black females.

"This [social media meme] says zero black women were raped
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Trump: "The Country Is Headed For a Massive Recession; It's a Terrible Time to Invest in Stocks"
ZeroHedgeApr 03
Donald Trump continued to streamroll over all conventional narratives when during a massive 96-minute interview with the Washington Post on Thursday which was released today, in which he talked candidly about his aggressive style of campaigning and offered new details about what he would do as president, he said that economic conditions are so perilous that the country is headed for a "very massive recession" and that "it's a terrible time right now... (more)

Bulgarians Build A Wall To Keep Migrants Out
InformationLiberationApr 02
Well, this is unprecedented. The people of Bulgaria have built something called "a wall" or "a fence" to keep immigrants out.

Of course, those of us in the U.S. have been assured by the left such a contraption could never work, yet the people of Bulgaria claim it's "protecting them" from being invaded by Turkish migrants.

I think we can safely assume they're just lying about The Wall's effectiveness because they're a bunch of racists who hate other cultures. A
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Over 100 Arrested In Brussels As Right-Wing Activists Protest In Molenbeek Despite Ban
RTApr 02
Police were forced to separate anti-Islamic demonstrators and Muslim youths in the notorious Brussels district of Molenbeek, home of the organizers of last week's airport and metro attacks, as the entire Belgian capital was rocked by unsanctioned protests.

Amid security concerns about repeat acts of terror, and following volatile demonstrations last weekend, all political gatherings were banned by the Brussels regional administration for Saturday.

But up to 400 rig
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Muslim Man Screams 'Allahu Akbar' Repeatedly On Airplane, Terrifying Passengers
The Daily MailApr 02
Passengers became terrified after a man began shouting 'Allahu Akbar' at the top of his voice on a plane.

Mobile phone footage has been uploaded online of a man in traditional Islamic dress shouting the Arabic phrase...but he's actually just praying.

Terrified passengers on an American Airlines flight watch as the Muslim man stands next to the exit door yelling in Arabic.

A man on the flight posted the video to Reddit with the caption: 'Asleep on a pl
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Migrants Laugh During Media Interview, Hours Later Arrested For Gang-Rape [Updated]
InformationLiberationApr 01
In a shocking story out of Sweden, two migrants were seen having a laugh during an interview with a news reporter only to be arrested hours later for gang raping a Swedish girl.

While the video below on the incident as shared on YouTube suggested the two said they were going to "f*ck" a group of Swedish students, Breitbart reports they actually said they were going to "fuck about" "because we are students" and wanted to "actually go fucking wild."
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Police Say 15-Yr-Old Girl Maced At Trump Rally Was NOT Sexually Assaulted
InformationLiberationApr 01
Not only was the 15-year-old girl who was maced outside a Donald Trump rally NOT sexually assaulted as she claimed, but she committed assault by punching an innocent old man, according to Janesville police.

From RebelPundit:
The Janesville, WI, Police Department today determined that no sexual assault took place at a recent Trump R... (more)

Japan Experiencing Its Own Migrant Crisis As Japanese Demand Foreigners Be Kicked Out
InformationLiberationApr 01
Japan is experiencing it's own migrant crisis which has native Japanese people angry, but they're not angry with migrants from the middle east -- they've let only 27 into the country (three of which were caught committing rape) -- they're angry with Koreans.

The Japanese government has cracked down on their own population in response by passing laws banning "
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#RefugeesWelcome Beamed Onto White Cliffs of Dover Ahead of Far-Right Demo
RTApr 01
Campaigners have responded to an anti-immigration protest taking place in Dover this Saturday by projecting the words '#RefugeesWelcome' onto England's iconic southern cliff face.

Violence erupted in January when rival protests clashed in the port town.

Organized by Global Justice Now and “guerrilla projectionist” Feral X, the words could be seen atop the White Cliffs of Dover, just meters from where the anti-immigration protesters will meet on Saturday.

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Ann Coulter on "The Pussification of Politics"
PJ TVApr 01

On this PJTV Exclusive, Ann Coulter, author of "Adios America!", sits down with John Phillips to discuss what she says is the "pussification of politics" and the GOP Presidential race. Find out if she still supports Donald Trump for President on this PJTV Exclusive!

VIDEO: Hillary Snaps At Woman Asking Her About Fossil Fuel Donors
RTApr 01
Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was captured losing her cool Thursday when confronted by a Greenpeace activist about the millions of dollars in direct and indirect donations she receives from the fossil fuel industry.

“Regarding climate change, can we have your word that you’ll reject fossil fuel money in the future for your campaign?” Greenpeace “democracy organizer” Eva Resnick-Day asked.
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Some Cultures Are Better Than Others
Paul Joseph WatsonApr 01

Paul Joseph Watson explains why "The West is Best" and cultural relativism is bullsh*t.

Facebook Live Goes Wrong: Man Films His Own Shooting in Chicago
RTApr 01
Footage purporting to show a man being shot in a Chicago shootout has been posted on YouTube. The victim was live-streaming the whole experience on Facebook just seconds before shots rang out and the phone hit the ground.

As the phone hits the ground, another figure can be seen standing above it, returning handgun fire as well. A few seconds pass before screams can be heard and people gather to call the ambulance.

The victim was 31 years old, according to WGN. He w
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UK Labour Candidate Runs On There Being "Too Many White Men" Working For City
InformationLiberationMar 31
There are too many "white men" working for the city of London's transport board, so says Labour's mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan.

Their skin color alone evidently means they're neglecting the needs of women and minorities.
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VIDEO: Protesters Can't Explain Why They're Against Trump
InformationLiberationMar 31
Leftists quizzed on why they're against Trump cannot give concrete responses, they can only parrot what they've heard on the news and at their rallies, saying he's "racist," "sexist," and "anti-gay."

While I can understand "racist" and "sexist," I don't think I've ever heard him be demonized as "anti-gay," nonetheless "racist, sexist, anti-gay -- [enter name here] go away" is an old leftist chant going back years now.

The "anti-gay" rhymes with "go away," th
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Family Settles Lawsuit In Police Killing Of Zachary Hammond
Cop BlockMar 31
The family of 19-year-old Zachary Hammond, who was fatally shot by a Seneca, South Carolina police employee last summer, has settled a wrongful death lawsuit with the city.

Hammond was shot twice by Lt. Mark Tiller, who claimed the teen drove his car directly at him while he was attempting to make a petty drug arrest in a Hardees parking lot on July 26.

Prosecutors said the incident began when Hammond's date mistakenly texted a South Carolina state trooper of
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"Please Don't Shoot Me": Unarmed Dad Killed by Cop While Begging For His Life
The Free Thought ProjectMar 31
Phoenix, AZ —  Mesa Police Officer Philip Brailsford has been charged with the second-degree murder of Daniel Shaver, an innocent father of two. The shooting was captured on his body cam.

On January 18, Brailsford, along with several other officers, responded to a call about a suspect with a rifle in a hotel room. The 'rifle' was nothing more than a pellet gun that was used in Shaver's business of pest control. However, Shaver was not in possession of the pellet gun when he was mu
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Molyneux On Michelle Fields, Corey Lewandowski and Donald Trump
Stefan MolyneuxMar 31
Michelle Fields’ accusations of battery against Donald Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski made news weeks ago - but were quickly forgotten once video footage emerged. On Tuesday, battery charges were brought against Lewandowski related the incident - which has led to an incredibly heated discussion on the situation across the political spectrum.
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Donald Trump: I Won't Fire Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski
YouTubeMar 30

At CNN's Wisconsin GOP town hall, Donald Trump continued his defense of his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who was charged with simple battery of reporter Michelle Fields.

VIDEO: Trump Shares Emotional Moment with Terminally Ill Former Miss Wisconsin
InformationLiberationMar 29
This is the real Donald Trump.

Ignore the media lies and propaganda.

Ignore his own doing whatever it takes to become president.

This is who this man is, and this is who Hillary and the parasite class that have been ruling us for generations is not.
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VIDEO: Clinton Supporters Asked to Sound Enthusiastic
Free BeaconMar 29
At a Hillary Clinton campaign event in Wisconsin on Tuesday, State Sen. Jennifer Shilling (D.) asked the crowd to sound enthusiastic and recite Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan: “I’m with her.”

“I am proud to say, without hesitation, I’m with her,” Shilling said. “Can we all say that together on the count of three with an enthusi
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Hillary 'Had Several Abortions', Kept Chelsea for Political Appearances: Bill's Former Lover...

"Bill convinced her that if they were ever going to move up in politics that they had to have a child"...

VIDEO: Anti-Trump Protester Gets Maced In The Face After Punching Trump Supporter [Updated]
InformationLiberationMar 29
An anti-Trump protester was filmed punching a Trump supporter only to be swiftly maced in the face in return.

The incident happened earlier today outside a Trump rally in Wisconsin, the protester was reportedly a 15-year-old girl named "Alex," her target was reportedly an old man who supported Trump.
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Black Univ. Student Assaults White Male For 'Appropriating Her Culture' By Having Dreadlocks
InformationLiberationMar 29
A video going viral on YouTube allegedly shows a black female student at San Francisco State University assaulting a young white man for "appropriating her culture" by having dreadlocks.

The video was shared on YouTube Monday by Nicholas Silvera, the description says the incident occurred the same day.
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Trump Aide Charged With 'Battery' For Grabbing Michelle Fields, Second Video Released
InformationLiberationMar 29
Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has officially been charged with "misdemeanor battery" for grabbing Michelle Fields after a press conference earlier this month.

Lewandowski turned himself in to Jupiter police this morning.

More importantly, a second rather clear video of the so-called "battery" has been released.
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Trump: Can I Press Charges?

FBI Warned Dutch About Dangers of Brussels Bombers Almost a Week Before Attacks
RTMar 29
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) gave Dutch police information about two of the Brussels bombers, brothers Ibrahim and Khalid El Bakraoui, almost a week before a series of deadly attacks rocked the Belgian capital.

The Dutch security services received information on March 16 about the criminal and radicalized background of the El Bakraoui brothers. The authorities in the Netherlands passed the material on to their Belgian colleagues the following day, local media reported
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VIDEO: Cruz Dodges Question About Whether He's 'Always Been Faithful' to His Wife
The Daily MailMar 29

Ted Cruz declined to answer a question on Monday about whether he has ever been unfaithful to his wife Heidi.

‘Senator Cruz,’ asked him, ‘can you please swat down more definitively this National Enquirer piece by telling us on the record that you’ve never been unfaithful to your wife?’

The National Enquirer published
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Clashes Erupt Between Refugees, Riot Police At Greece's Idomeni Camp
RTMar 29
Clashes have broken out between police and asylum seekers at Idomeni refugee camp in Greece, where over 11,000 people have been stranded since Balkan countries shut down their borders in late February.

Video footage from Ruptly shows police in riot gear lined up at the camp, with one officer pushing a refugee who angrily shouts at the policeman.

Crowds of refugees can also be seen making their way towards a police line, eventually shoving the officers, who push back
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Raging Fire Engulfs Two Skyscrapers In United Arab Emirates, No Collapse
RTMar 28
A massive fire has ripped through at least two residential buildings in the Swan area of the Persian Gulf city of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates. According to local media, citing emergency services, the fire has been brought "under control."

Social media users posted images and footage of the fire late Monday showing bright yellow flames engulfing a building with chunks of burning debris falling to the ground.

There have been no reports of casualties so far.
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