Horrifying Video Shows Cops Sic K-9 On Infant Daughter of a Man They Mistook For a Suspect
The Free Thought ProjectDec 30
Henderson, NV — On January 30, 2015, a health food store in Henderson called the police after a disgruntled customer, attempting to return some protein powder, allegedly threatened to rob them. The store described the suspect to police as a black male wearing a black and tan t-shirt who left in an SUV.

As police responded to the ca
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It's Time We Start Calling 'Civil Asset Forfeiture' What It Really Is -- 'Armed Robbery by Police'
The Free Thought ProjectDec 30
Three years ago a couple was stopped by an armed gang and robbed of over $100,000. The facts are not in dispute. The perpetrators are known. And yet the criminals have not been punished, and the property has not been recovered. Why? Because the perpetrators wear badges.

Since late 2012, when Adam and Jennifer Perry were robbed by the Illinois State Police, they have been trying to retrieve their stolen property. It has been a challenge, however, because when "law enforcers" rob yo
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Glenn Greenwald Confronts American "Liberals" Trying to Destroy Free Speech
Liberty BlitzkriegDec 30
Perhaps the greatest irony of this past year has been the mind numbing and irrational anti-free speech wave that swept across facets of so-called "liberal" America.

This regressive movement was most readily apparent on college campuses, where hordes of sheltered and emotionally stunted students demanded restrictions on free speech in order to prevent themselves from being offended by an ever expanding list of unhappy thoughts and words. However, what is far more troubling, albeit
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The Worst of MSNBC in 2015 | Supercuts! #267
Washington Free BeaconDec 30

No explanation required.

Prosecutor: Video Shows Tamir Rice Pulls Gun From Waistband
YouTubeDec 29

Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Matthew Meyer shows surveillance video that shows Tamir Rice pulling gun from waistband.
Flashback: Officer Who Killed Tamir Rice Found Unfit in Previous Police Job

Muslims Kill Woman Falsely Accused Of Burning A Quran
InformationLiberationDec 28

The New York Times has released a disturbing video showing Muslims in Kabul, Afghanistan killing a 27-year-old woman named Farkhunda Malikzada after she was falsely accused of burn
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Captured ISIS Fighter Says 'Trained in Turkey, ISIS Thinks It's Safer Here Than Syria'
RTDec 28
Turkey is training Islamic State terrorists in a camp disguised as a training ground for the Free Syrian Army, a 20-year-old jihadist captured by the Kurdish YPG told Sputnik. The prisoner said Ankara's help to the "moderate" Syrian opposition is not as innocent as portrayed.

Captured by the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG) fighters in Northern Syria in November, Abdurrahman Abdulhadi, a Syrian national-turned Daesh (Islamic State) fighter, says he was trained in Turkey bef
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Toronto: Man Yells "F**k White People" During Machete Attack—Not Charged With Hate Crime
InformationLiberationDec 24
An African-American man from Queens, New York who yelled "fuck white people" before launching an unprovoked machete attack on a random 30-year-old white male outside a mall in Toronto, Canada is being charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, and possession of a weapon—but he is not being charged with a hate crime.

From CBC:
Toronto Police Sgt. Gale Corra said the two men had no previous contact and no history with each other.... (more)
UPDATE: The attacker, Arlington Thompson is from Queens, New York.

DOJ Suspends $1.2 Billion Asset Forfeiture Profit-Sharing Program With Police
RT USADec 24
The Department of Justice has announced a moratorium on splitting gains made from its civil asset forfeiture program with local law enforcement. Budget cuts of $1.2 billion made keeping the practice "impossible," the DOJ said, upsetting police groups.

While federal agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the US Marshals will continue using the legal tool, the “equitable shar
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Merry Christmas Thread!
InformationLiberationDec 24

Merry Christmas to all our fellow liberators, thank you all for your readership!

Big changes will be coming soon, fancy new website layout is about 85% done!

Now, I present to you: Cats Hiding in Christmas Trees! - Chris

VIDEO: College Students Sign Petition to Ban 'White Christmas' Song For Racism
InformationLiberationDec 23

The song "White Christmas" is insulting to people of color, it "perpetuates the stereo-type white is naturally good, while other colors are bad," so says MRCTV's Christmas troll Dan Joseph!

Will college students sign his petition to have the song taken off radio stations in the name of fighting "micro-aggression"?

Why, of cour
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Seymour Hersh's Latest Bombshell: U.S. Military Undermined Obama On Syria With Tacit Help to Assad
Democracy Now!Dec 23

Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist in Washington, D.C. His latest piece in the London Review of Books is titled "Military to Military: US Intelligence Sharing in the Syrian War." Hersh is working on a book about Dick Cheney's vice presidency.

A new report by the Pulitzer-wi
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Apocalyptic Scenes: Drone Footage Shows Destruction in Jobar, Damascus
RTDec 23

RT crew took drone footage that shows the destruction in the Jobar region of Damascus.

She Looked Down During a Mugshot, So A Cop Threw Her Face First Into A Bench
The Free Thought ProjectDec 23
Skokie, IL -- The village of Skokie recently agreed to pay $875,000 to a woman seen on jail surveillance video being shoved into a cement bench face-first. The officer admitted to fracturing her face because the nonviolent woman did not look directly at the camera during her mug shot photo.

Arrested for DUI on March 10, 2013, Cassandra Feuerstein was found asleep in her vehicle at 6 a.m. when officers took her into custody. A surveillance video from the jail shows Officer Mary
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Martin Shkreli On Why He Raised The Price For Daraprim
InformationLiberationDec 22

The "Most Hated Man in America" gives his side of the story. Skip to 1:48:20.

Video Compilation Of Hillary Clinton's Lies
InformationLiberationDec 22

In this video, Clinton speaks on universal single-payer healthcare, TPP trade deal, Keystone pipeline, defending poor children, mass incarceration, her consistency, Wall Street, 9/11 and several other issues.

VIDEO: Spacex Launches Falcon 9, Successfully Lands Booster
YouTubeDec 22

SpaceX successfully launched their Falcon 9 rocket carrying 11 satellites to low-Earth orbit. This mission also marked SpaceX's first successful landing of the first stage booster.

Jeb Bush Says He 'Hated' Being The Front-Runner, 'I Feel Much Better Back Here'
InformationLiberationDec 21

Jeb Bush revealed this Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation" he "hated" being the republican front-runner and "feels much better" polling at near zero because he "wants to win," which he says "means you garner momentum when it matters."

Via Breitbart:
[CBS’s "Face the Nation"] host John Dickerson said, “Six months ago, people... (more)

Muslim "Refugee" Says Main Goal Is to "Islamize" Europeans
InfowarsDec 21

A Syrian refugee interviewed by an Arabic television channel admits that his main goal is not to escape war or ISIS persecution, but to "Islamize" Europe by converting its citizens to Islam.

"My main goal for leaving Syria is to lead people to the acceptance of Islam," states the man as he jabs his finger in the air.

The ind
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Absurd Anti-Marijuana Video Is Going Viral, Not Because It's Working -- Because It's Hilarious
The Free Thought ProjectDec 21
A new propaganda video about pot smokers has the internet both laughing and cringing.

The "Stoner Sloth" is an actual person dressed up in a giant sloth outfit, moaning ridiculously and performing poorly in various social settings. It's an affront to sloths and humans alike.

"You're Worse on Weed" is the message put out by the Australia's New South Wales (NSW) Department of Premier and Cabinet. The three sce
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Clinton Spokeswoman Nervously Struggles to Defend Hill's Claim Trump Videos Help ISIS Recruit
InformationLiberationDec 20

The struggle is real.

From the Free Beacon:
Hillary Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri struggled Sunday to defend her boss' claim that videos of Donald Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric were being us... (more)

Apple CEO Tim Cook Says Accusations of Tax Avoidance "Political Crap," US Tax Code "Awful"
InformationLiberationDec 20

Apple CEO Tim Cook told CBS's Charlie Rose on this week's 60 Minutes the U.S. tax code is "awful" and was "made for the industrial age, not the digital age."

Cook said while he'd "love to" repatriate the billions Apple has overseas he won't because it would cost him "40 percent" in taxes.

"I don't think that's a reasonable th
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Trump: Hillary Is A Liar -- 'She Lies Like Crazy About Everything'
BreitbartDec 20

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” while responding to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton saying in the debate last night that he is “becoming ISIS’s best recruiter,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump declared that to be “just another Hillary lie.”

Trump said, “Nobody has been able to back that up. It’s nonsense. Just
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Majority of Americans: 55% Support Trump's Muslim Ban, 72% of Republicans, 45% of Democrats
The Gateway PunditDec 20
Last week Donald Trump lit up the political world when he proposed a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants to the United States following the San Bernardino terrorist attacks.

The Obama White House said it "disqualifies him" from being president.
... (more)

Cop Says Life "Ruined" After Pointing AR-15 At Journalists Saying, "I'm Going to F***Ing Kill You!"
The Free Thought ProjectDec 20
Ferguson, MO — A petulant public servant is now playing the role of 'victim' after he pointed his AR-15 at Free Thought Project live streamer, Rebel Z, aka John Zeigler.

The entire incident was caught on film, showing St. Ann police officer, Ray Albers with his gun raised pointing it directly at Zeigler, who was live streaming at the time.

"Oh my God, gun raised, gun raised," stated Zeigler.
... (more)

Los Angeles Deputy Shoots Partner, Blames Suspect; Both Kill Suspect in Retaliation

Hillary Clinton Vs. The GOP: Can You Tell The Difference?
TruthStreamMediaDec 20

Hillary in tonight's dem debate vs. the GOP's last debate... only, there doesn't really seem to be much debate... No, seriously. Can anyone tell the difference?

Hillary Clinton Arrives Late to Debate Restart, Mumbles 'Sorry'
InformationLiberationDec 20

I think she had to change out her Depends.

VIDEO: Dog Tears Robber to Shreds in South Africa
InformationLiberationDec 20

Comedy gold.

VIDEO: Cop Punches Homeless Man In Face, Gets One Day Suspension
The Free Thought ProjectDec 19
Seattle, WA – After an extended investigation, dash cam footage was recently released, thanks to the work of a police accountability activist, showing an 11-year veteran cop violently assaulting a 21-year old homeless man.

On the evening of Saturday, January 3, Seattle police officer, Clark Dickson was dispatched as a backup officer to a homeless encampment, where officers were checking for men with outstanding warrants. After offic
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