Massachusetts: Mom Stabs Two Sons to Death in Voodoo Ritual
InformationLiberationFeb 07
A mother of five told police in Brockton she stabbed her two young sons to death as part of a voodoo ritual, telling them the "ritual needed blood."

From WBUR:
A Brockton woman used a kitchen knife to stab two of her children to death and later told police it was part of a Voodoo ritual, authorities said Tuesday.
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Fashionista Given $156M by FEMA to Provide 30 Million Meals to Puerto Rico, Delivered Only 50,000
InformationLiberationFeb 06
Fashionista and self-described "Diva" Tiffany Brown touts her company Tribute Contracting LLC's status as a "minority owned government consulting firm" with "three FEMA Contracts" worth millions along with her "women's clothing line" and beverage delivery app "Luxe Fuel" on her website.

According to a report in The New York Times, Brown was given a massi
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Berlusconi Pledges to Deport 600,000 Illegal Immigrants From Italy: 'Social Bomb Ready to Explode'
InformationLiberationFeb 05
Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said immigration is a "social bomb ready to explode" and pledged to deport 600,000 illegal immigrants after a Nigerian migrant brutally murdered an 18-year-old girl and triggered a retaliatory attack where six African migrants were shot and wounded.

Rather than repeat platitudes about how "our diversity is our greatest strength," Berlusconi called for a return to sanity. <
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Social Justice-Themed T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad Showered With Downvotes
InformationLiberationFeb 05
T-Mobile released a social justice-themed advertisement whining about "equal pay" and other garbage during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The ad showed a diverse group of babies and featured a narrator saying:
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Canadian PM Trudeau Corrects Feminist: "It's Peoplekind, Not Mankind"
InformationLiberationFeb 05
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau corrected a young feminist women for using the term "mankind" at a town hall in Nanaimo, British Columbia last Friday.

"It's peoplekind, not mankind," Trudeau insisted.
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Italy: Teen Girl 'Chopped Into Pieces By Nigerian Migrant,' Man Goes On Shooting Spree 'Targeting Migrants' Days Later
InformationLiberationFeb 04
The blood of these victims is on the hands of the politicians who opened their nation's borders.

From Breitbart, "Italian Teen Girl Killed and Chopped Into Pieces, Nigerian Migrant Arrested":
A 29-year-old Nigerian migrant drug dealer has been arrested by police in the Italian commune of Pollenza after being accused of killing an 18-year-old gi... (more)

WATCH: Rep Matt Gaetz Schools Jake Tapper So Hard That Tapper Accuses Him Of Being A Nazi
InformationLiberationFeb 03
Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) schooled CNN's Jake Tapper on the House Intel Committee memo so hard that Tapper changed the subject to accuse Gaetz of being a Nazi for associating with "racist," "holocaust denier" Chuck Johnson of GotNews and a conspiracy theorist for going on Infowars.

After Rep. Gaetz answered every one of Tapper's questions and methodically shot down every one of his deflections, Tapper decided to attack him personally:
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Bombshell: Memo Shows Phony Steele Dossier Was Pretext to Spy On Trump Campaign
InformationLiberationFeb 02
Foreign "ex-"intelligence agent Christoper Steele's phony dossier was used as the pretext to spy on members of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, according to the newly released memo from the House Intelligence Committee.

The memo lays out a criminal conspiracy, with Steele telling Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr that he "was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president."
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Israel: Anti-Migrant Activists Invite African Refugees to Mansion Of Sarah Silverman's Pro-Refugee Sister
InformationLiberationFeb 02
Arutz Sheva, The Israel National News, reported earlier this week:
Right-wing activists invite infiltrators to leftists’ homes

Illegal immigrants in Tel Aviv ‘invited’ to actress Sarah Silverman’s sister’s home as right-wing activists distribute ‘invitations’.
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Clapper Slips Up: 'Clinton-Steele Dossier' Was Used For FISA Surveillance 'Extension'
InformationLiberationFeb 02
When the intelligence community sends its people to CNN to lie to us, they're not sending their best.

They're sending people with a lot of problems, and they're unable to keep their lies straight.
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CNN Analyst Panics Over Memo: 'Are We Going To Be A Democracy After Today?'
InformationLiberationFeb 02
CNN political analyst Brian Karem questioned whether America could survive the release of Devin Nunes' memo which purportedly contains information on the FBI and DOJ spying on members of the Trump campaign.

From the Free Beacon:
In a CNN segment flagged by NewsBusters, host Brooke Baldwin introduced Karem by telling him that, while House Spe... (more)

Fake News Gets Sued: Trump Tower Meeting Participant Sues MSNBC Guest For Libel
InformationLiberationFeb 01
Georgian-American business executive Irakly Kaveladze is suing Berkeley professor emeritus George Lakoff for claiming on MSNBC that he was a "major person who has been responsible for money laundering from Russia and other post-Soviet countries."

Kaveladze was caught up in a money laundering investigation in 2000 but was never convicted of a crime. Kaveladze denied any wrongdoing at the time and said the investigation
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MSNBC's Joy Reid: 'Nobody That Doesn't Watch Fox News Has Ever Heard Of' MS-13
InformationLiberationFeb 01
MSNBC's Joy Reid criticized President Trump for talking about MS-13 during his State of the Union because she thinks it's a non-issue about "a gang nobody that doesn't watch Fox News has ever heard of."

From Fox News:
During MSNBC's coverage of the State of the Union, Reid mocked the president's remarks while... (more)

Polls Show Trump's SOTU Was Viewed Very Positively, Despite Absolutely Savaging Dems
InformationLiberationJan 31
President Donald Trump savaged the Democrats during his State of the Union address on Tuesday, nonetheless two polls show his speech was very well received by the overwhelming majority of Americans.

CNN's flash poll found 77% of watchers viewed his speech positively, with 49% saying they viewed it as "very positive."
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Dem Rep Brenda Lawrence Slams Trump For Focusing On "M-16" Street Gang
InformationLiberationJan 31
Michigan Representative Brenda Lawrence (D) has apparently never even heard of MS-13.

After Trump's State of the Union address on Tuesday, she went on C-SPAN2 to slam the president for being "so focused" on this "M-16" street gang, which she says "spoke nothing about crime in America."
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Two DACA DREAMers Arrested For 'Human Smuggling' In Two Separate Incidents In One Week
InformationLiberationJan 30
They'll do the jobs Americans won't.

From The San Diego Union-Tribune:
A man who was in the United States under the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals program, and another man whose DACA protections had expired, were arrested on suspicion of human smuggling in two separate incidents last week, federal officials said Monday.
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Canada: Asians March Against Trudeau, Demand Apology For Hijab Hoax
InformationLiberationJan 30
Around 100 members of Canada's Asian community held a march in Regina on Sunday to demand Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologize for pushing a hate crime hoax where a Muslim girl claimed an "Asian" man attacked her over her hijab.

From CBC:
Holding Canadian flags and signs calling for equality, members of Regina's Asian community gathered at Victoria Park on Sunday afternoon to demand an apology ... (more)

'Did I Read This Right?' James Damore Stunned As YouTube, Google CEOs Echo His Memo Exactly
InformationLiberationJan 30
Diversity memo author James Damore expressed shock Monday after YouTube CEO Susan Wojicicki and Google CEO Sundar Pichai defended of their industry's lack of so-called "diversity" by echoing nearly the exact same statements he was fired for.
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Sweden: Female Migrant Center Volunteers Caught Having Sexual Relations With Teen Refugees
InformationLiberationJan 29
This has officially become an epidemic.

From Sputnik International:
Three women employed at a refugee accommodation center in Örnsköldsvik Municipality were discovered to have started intimate relationships with unaccompanied tenants in their teens. The incident was ultimately discovered by the municipality and the police were contacted.
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Planned Parenthood to Give Children Transgender Hormone Therapy Drugs
InformationLiberationJan 29
Planned Parenthood has begun offering transgender hormone replacement therapy drugs to minors under the age of 18.

The media is praising the move as a great leap forward.
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Hillary Clinton Reads Excerpts From 'Fire and Fury' At Grammys
InformationLiberationJan 29
This is what everyone was tuning in for.
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'Racial Discrimination': Woman Sues Walmart For Locking Up Products
InformationLiberationJan 28
A Riverside County woman represented by serial grifter Gloria Allred is suing Walmart for "discriminating against African-Americans" by locking up products subject to high rates of theft.

From CBS LA:
Essie Grundy told reporters at a news conference Friday she has filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the retail giant after as... (more)

Hillary Clinton Gives Shout-Out to 'Activist Bitches' in Bizarre Video
InformationLiberationJan 27
She knows her audience.

From the NY Post:
The former presidential candidate and secretary of state sent out a video message “directed to activist bitches supporting bitches,” as she put it, via Twitter Friday night.
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'The Bachelor' Creator Blames Fans' Racism, Trump For Show's Low Ratings
InformationLiberationJan 27
ABC's "The Bachelor" creator and executive producer Mike Fleiss blamed racism on the part of his show's fan base and President Donald Trump for his show's low ratings in an interview released Friday in the New York Times.

From New York Times:
In 2017, the first “Bachelorette” chapter to star an African-American woman — Rachel Lindsay, a lawyer from Dallas — drew prec... (more)

'F**k Australia, Hope It Burns to the Ground': Angry Mob Protests Australia Day
InformationLiberationJan 27
Multicultural utopia = just around the corner.

From The Daily Mail:
Aboriginal activists declared Australia didn't deserve a day of celebration and hoped the country 'burns to the ground' at a Melbourne rally.
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Hannity: DOJ Is Recovering Strzok's Missing FBI Texts
InformationLiberationJan 25
Fox News host Sean Hannity said Wednesday that the "walls are closing in on the deep state" as multiple sources within the DOJ informed him they've begun recovering missing texts from FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page.

From Fox News:
Federal law enforcement officials had notified congressional committees that a techni... (more)

Starbucks to Give Workers Raises, Stock Bonuses, Sick Leave Due to Republican Tax Law
InformationLiberationJan 24
Starbucks announced Wednesday they're planning to give many of their workers raises, stock grants and sick leave specifically "because of the recent tax overhaul" which lowers corporate tax rates from 35% to 21%, CNN reports.

From CNN:
For the first time in its history, Starbucks is giving all of its baristas sick leave.
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Ugandan President: 'I Love Trump' For Speaking 'Frankly' With Africans
InformationLiberationJan 23
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said Tuesday at the East African Legislative Assembly in Uganda that he "loves" President Donald Trump because "he talks to Africans frankly."

"America has got one of the best presidents ever. Mr. Trump. I love Trump," Museveni said. "I love Trump because he talks to Africans frankly. I don't know if hes misquoted or whatever, but when he speaks I like him because he speaks frankly."
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Zuckbook: Surveys Of Users Will Determine Which News is 'Trustworthy,' Results Will Be Kept Secret
InformationLiberationJan 23
Mark Zuckerberg is planning to battle "fake news" on Facebook by surveying users to determine which news sources are "broadly trusted," in other words the news you'll see will based on a popularity contest.

By using such a methodology, we can assume sites which report uncomfortable, politically incorrect truths will be demoted, while sites which reprint popular, politically correct lies and tell people what they want to hear will be promoted.
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MSNBC's Joy Reid Scolds NeverTrump Guest For Saying 'Illegal Alien' During Anti-Trump Screed
InformationLiberationJan 23
MSNBC host Joy Reid scolded NeverTrumper Evan Siegfried on Sunday for using the term "illegal alien" during a liberal, butt-kissing, anti-Trump screed attacking President Trump for wanting to build a wall on our southern border.

From Newsbusters:
After beginning the segment by fretting over a new ad supporting President Donald Trump ... (more)

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