Media Matters Slams 'Far-Right' Journalists For Covering Anti-White Racism In South Africa
InformationLiberationMar 07
Covering the growing epidemic of anti-white racism in South Africa is racist, so says David Brock's Media Matters.

"Far-right activists and trolls have seized on proposals to expropriate land from South Africa's white minority (including Dutch-descended 'Afrikaners' and other people of European descent) to advance a myth of so-called white genocide," Media Matters tweeted on Tuesday.
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Mark 'Appalachian Trail' Sanford Says Stormy Daniels Allegations 'Deeply Troubling'
InformationLiberationMar 07
This is rich.
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New Scientist Laments Cheddar Man Hoax Admission Was 'Seized Upon by Alt-Right Activists'
InformationLiberationMar 07
New Scientist reluctantly admitted that there's no solid evidence "Cheddar man" was dark-skinned in an article on February 21st.

Dozens of news outlets reported as fact that "Cheddar man," a skeleton discovered in 1903 in south-west England which scientists believe is some 10,000 years old, had "dark to black skin" according to a new analysis of his DNA.

That turned out to be false.
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If We Have to Bake the Cake, You Have to Sell the Gun
InformationLiberationMar 07
A 20-year-old Oregon man is suing Walmart and Dick's Sporting Goods saying he faced "age discrimination" because they refused to sell him a rifle under their new anti-gun policies.

From AP:
Dick's and Walmart restricted gun sales to adults 21 and older in the wake of the Florida high school massacre. The 19-year-old accused in the school slaying ... (more)

'Go After A White Man... We Are Cutting The Throat of Whiteness': South African EFF Leader Julius Malema
InformationLiberationMar 06
Julius Malema, the leader of South Africa's Economic Freedom Fighters, championed the expropriation of white owned land without compensation which the SA parliament moved forward on last week.

In 2016, Malema said he wasn't "calling for the slaughtering of white people," then added, "at least for now."
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Michael Flynn Forced to Sell His Home to Pay Legal Bills From Mueller Witch Hunt
InformationLiberationMar 06
General Michael Flynn, 59, is being forced to put his home up for sale to pay for his massive legal bills thanks to special council Robert Mueller bankrupting him to extract a plea deal.

This is straightforward legal extortion.
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President Trump's Wealth Falls $400M On Forbes Billionaires List
InformationLiberationMar 06
While previous presidents used the office to enrich themselves, President Trump is sacrificing hundreds of millions of dollars of his personal wealth by trying to save America.

From Fortune:
One year after taking office, President Donald Trump’s fortune is down an estimated $400 million to $3.1 billion on the latest Forbes W... (more)

Illegal Immigrants With Sex, Robbery Convictions Among Those Who Evaded Capture After Dem Mayor's Warning
Fox NewsMar 06

'Kill All White People': Accused Killer Who Targeted White Victims Now Charged in Six Deaths
Washington PostMar 06

Globalist Gary Cohn to Resign as Trump's Top Economic Adviser
InformationLiberationMar 06
Get him out! Out out out!

From The New York Times:
Gary D. Cohn, President Trump's top economic adviser, plans to resign, becoming the latest in a series of high-profile departures from the Trump administration, White House o... (more)

Study: Trump Received 91% Negative Media Coverage From Big Three in 2018
InformationLiberationMar 06
ABC, NBC and CBS gave President Trump ten times more negative news coverage than positive on their evening newscasts and spent twice as much time on Russia than any other issue, according to a new study from the Media Research Center.

From NewsBusters, "TV vs. Trump in 2018: Lots of Russia, and 91% Negative Coverage (Again!)":
For this ... (more)

Media Give Up On Holding Powerful to Account, Target Private Citizens Instead
InformationLiberationMar 06
The Huffington Post doxxed a Florida school teacher last week and labeled her a "white supremacist" for hosting a "white nationalist podcast" titled "Unapologetic."
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Irish Govt 'Paid Press' to Promote Plan to Grow Population by One Million With Mass Migration
BreitbartMar 06

Sam Nunberg Apologizes To Sarah Sanders, Is Complying With Mueller And Thinks The Media Was Fair To Him
The Daily CallerMar 06

Texas Holds First 2018 Primary Amid Surge of Democratic Voters
Fox NewsMar 06
Get out and vote Republican across the board!

Google Searches For 'NRA Membership' Up 4900 Percent, Pro-2A Groups See Spikes In Membership
InformationLiberationMar 05
The NRA has seen a massive surge in membership interest according to the latest charts from Google Trends.

From The Daily Mail:
Google searches for 'NRA membership' have risen roughly 4,900 per cent since the week before the February 14 shooting, with new members flocking to support the gun owners' rights group. ... (more)

Emma Watson Unveils Misspelled "Time's Up" Tattoo At Oscars
InformationLiberationMar 05
Feminist actress Emma Watson unveiled her new "Time's Up" tattoo at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty on Sunday.

Despite being a champion of the movement, the 27-year-old actress apparently doesn't know how to spell the slogan as her tattoo reads "Times Up" without an apostrophe.
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The Numbers Are In: Oscars Ratings Hit ALL-TIME Low
InformationLiberationMar 05
Hollywood is imploding.

From Deadline:
Last night’s ceremony, which aired live from 8 PM – 11:54 PM EST, averaged 26.5 million viewers (Live+same day) . That was down -19% from last year’s 32.9 million viewers, a nine-year low.
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Film About Woman's Sexual Relationship With A Fish Wins Best Picture at Oscars
InformationLiberationMar 05
A bestiality flick won "Best Picture" at the 90th Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday at Dolby Theatre.

Director Guillermo Del Toro's "The Shape of Water" is a story about a woman endangering America during the height of the Cold War because she couldn't resist having a sexual relationship with a fish.
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Box Office Poison: Jennifer Lawrence's 'Red Sparrow' Bottoms Out At $17 Million
BreitbartMar 05

AIPAC Bars Press From Panel On Press Freedom
BreitbartMar 05

SPLC's Cohen, Rep Lewis Suggest More Martyrs Needed For Their 'Movement'
InformationLiberationMar 04
The Southern Poverty Law Center's Richard Cohen and Rep John Lewis (D-GA) Saturday in Selma appeared to suggest their followers could be rewarded if they martyred themselves to further their far-left "movement."

From the Montgomery Advertiser, "Lewis: More 'movement' martyrs needed in the coming years":
SELMA –Civil rights leaders and “foot soldiers” launched the Bridge Cro... (more)

Darrell Hammond Was 'Destroyed' After Losing Trump SNL Role to 'Terrible' Alec Baldwin
InformationLiberationMar 02
President Trump mocked Alec Baldwin Friday on Twitter for his "terrible impersonation" of him on SNL and said Darrell Hammond should be brought back because he's "funnier and a far greater talent!"

"Alec Baldwin, whose dying mediocre career was saved by his terrible impersonation of me on SNL, now says playing me was agony. Alec, it was agony for those who were forced to watch. Bring back Darrell Hammond, funnier and a far greater talent!" Trump tweeted.
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Schumer Denies Voting Against Judicial Nominee Because He's White, Repeats Exact Same Gibberish
InformationLiberationMar 02
Friday on CNN, Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer denied he voted against Trump administration judicial nominee Marvin Quattlebaum because he's white, then clarified that he voted against him because he "is white" and "we need the bench to have real diversity."
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Stand Down? Broward Deputies Ordered to Set Up 'Perimeter' Instead of Engage Shooter
InformationLiberationMar 02
Captain Jan Jordan of the Broward Sheriff's Office reportedly ordered deputies to form a "perimeter" around Stoneman Douglas High School rather than immediately engage the shooter in accordance with BSO training and nationwide active-shooter procedures.

From the Miami Herald:
The Broward Sheriff’s Office captain who initially took charge of the chaotic scene at a Parkland... (more)

Google Ex-Recruiter Allegedly Fired For NOT Discriminating Against White And Asian Men
InformationLiberationMar 02
A former recruiter who worked at Google and YouTube for nine years as an employee and a contractor filed suit claiming he was fired for not discriminating against white and Asian men as the company demanded.
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'World Upside Down': Le Pen Criminally Charged For Sharing Photos Of ISIS's Crimes
InformationLiberationMar 02
French Front National leader Marine Le Pen was stripped of immunity and criminally charged on Thursday for exposing the crimes of ISIS on Twitter.

From CNS News:
French far-right leader Marine le Pen said Thursday that the bringing of criminal charges for tweeting graphic images of ISIS violence was clearly an attempt to silence he... (more)

2018 Poll: Immigration/Gun Control Top Issues For Voters; Russia 'Collusion' Dead Last
BreitbartMar 02

Senator Chuck Schumer Votes Against Trump Judicial Nominee Because He's White
InformationLiberationMar 01
Senator Chuck Schumer voted against a Trump administration judicial nominee because he was white -- and perhaps more surprisingly -- Fox News and other media outlets accurately reported the news.

From Fox News:
Sen. Chuck Schumer on Wednesday rejected the Trump administration's nomination of Marvin Quattlebaum to fill a federal judgeship ... (more)

Dem Senator Calls For 'Common Sense' Restrictions On Non-Existent 'Gas-Assisted Receiver Firearms'
InformationLiberationMar 01
Democratic Senator Martin Heinrich of New Mexico on Thursday called for "common sense" gun restrictions including raising the minimum age requirement on purchasing "gas-assisted receiver firearms."
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