Liberal Legal Scholar Scoffs At Claims Donald Trump Jr. Guilty Of Treason
The Daily CallerJul 12

Democrats Intentionally Used Disinformation From Russia to Attack Trump, Campaign Aides
Washington TimesJul 12

Gorka: 'More People Watch Cartoons Than CNN'
InformationLiberationJul 11
Sebastian Gorka eternally BTFO'd CNN's Alisyn Camerota on Tuesday, telling her "more people watch Nick at Nite cartoons than CNN today."

"The amount of time you spend in desperation on a topic that has plummeted you to 13th place in viewership ranking across America," Gorka said. "More people watch Nick at Nite cartoons than CNN today."
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Shia LaBeouf Calls Cop A 'Stupid B*tch' During Arrest, Threatens He Has 'Millionaire Lawyers'
InformationLiberationJul 11
Newly released video shows Hollywood elitist Shia LaBeouf call a police officer a "stupid b*tch" during his arrest Saturday in Georgia and threaten that if he "had his gun" he'd "blow your sh*t up."

"I got more millionaire lawyers than you know what to do with, you stupid b*tch," LaBeouf says.
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Donald Trump Jr. Releases Full Email Chain With Rob Goldstone On Meeting With Russian Lawyer
InformationLiberationJul 11
While Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails to hide them from the media, Donald Trump Jr has released the full email chain of his correspondence with Rob Goldstone in the interest of transparency.

Don Jr.'s post this statement to Twitter on Tuesday:
To everyone, in order to be totally transparent, I am releasing the entire email chain of my emails with Rob Goldstone about the meeting on June 9, 201... (more)

Pat Buchanan: Alone Perhaps, But Is Trump Right?
Patrick J. BuchananJul 11

Florida Man Killed For Using The 'N-Word,' State Lets Killer Go Free
InformationLiberationJul 11
A black man killed a white man in Florida for using the "n-word," and the state just decided to drop all charges against the admitted killer.

From WPTV:
Five years after West Palm Beach native David Grant was killed outside a Dunkin' Donuts in Broward County, his sister Carol Field was hoping justice would finally be served.
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Smerconish: CNN 'Respected Worldwide'
InformationLiberationJul 11
"[CNN] is viewed and respected worldwide, including by foreign leaders," according to CNN's Michael Smerconish.

Smerconish attacked Trump on his show Saturday for furthering the "ugly American" stereotype by tweeting a WWE meme where he fights with CNN.
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#WhateverGate: Donald Trump Jr. Was Told Russkies Wanted to Aid Campaign
InformationLiberationJul 11
In the latest bombshell #WhateverGate scandal from the New York Times, we learn Donald Trump Jr was allegedly informed in an email the evil Russkie government wanted to help in his father's campaign.

If you're wondering why that matters considering Don Jr. wasn't actually provided with any damaging information on Hillary Clinton from the Russkies, then you're probably a Russkie agent too and should immediately go to the doctor to investigate if the Russkies implanted a chip in y
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New Study Suggests War Lust May Have Cost Hillary Clinton The Election
Liberty BlitzkriegJul 11
Late last week, I came across a fascinating article published at Mondoweiss highlighting a recent study positing that Hilary Clinton may have lost the election to Donald Trump partly as a result of her well documented lust for imperial war and aggression.
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Meadows: Govt Shutdown Possible If Spending Bill Doesn't Fund Trump's Wall
InformationLiberationJul 10
House Freedom Caucus chairman Rep Mark Meadows said Monday that if funding is not included for Trump's border wall in the next government spending bill conservatives have the votes to force a partial government shutdown.

From The Hill:
Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), the caucus chairman, said Monday that conservatives will block any spending bill that doesn't inclu... (more)

Libs Freak After Macron Says Africa's Problems Are 'Civilizational,' Women Have '7 or 8' Kids
InformationLiberationJul 10
Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron is taking heat from leftists on Twitter for comments he made about Africa, though many on the right are hailing him as "our guy."

Here's the tweet which sparked the controversy:
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Indian Immigrant Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Kill Judge and Fund Al-Qaeda
InformationLiberationJul 10
An "Ohio man" named Yahya Farooq Mohammad, who is actually an immigrant from India, pleaded guilty on Monday to conspiring to assassinate a federal judge and transfer money to Al-Qaeda.

From RT:
Ohio resident Yahya Farooq Mohammad has admitted he conspired to give money to Al-Qaeda and later tried to solicit the murder of the US federal judge who presided over his case. Mohammad is a citizen... (more)

Conway to CNN's Cuomo: Aren't You Embarrassed You Talk About Russia More Than America?
InformationLiberationJul 10
White House counselor Kellyanne Conway mocked CNN's Chris Cuomo during an epic 35 minute interview on Monday, asking him if he's "embarrassed" that he talks about Russia more than America.

From Infowars:
“CNN spent a full week plus doing nothing but having these headlines saying President Trump is not expected to bring up Russian interference with p... (more)

'That Is So Illegal!': Trump Slams Comey For 'Leaking Classified Info To The Media'
InformationLiberationJul 10
According to a new report from The Hill, over half of former FBI Director James Comey's private memos detailing his conversations with President Donald Trump "have been determined to contain classified information."

If the report is accurate, it means Comey may have leaked classified information to his friend Daniel Richman at Columbia University, who in turn leaked the content of the memos to the media. Remember, Comey said specifically he leaked his private memos to get a speci
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The Media Perpetuated A Clinton Lie For 9 Months. What It Means For The Russia Narrative
The Daily CallerJul 10

New York Times Misleads Again On U.S. Intel Agencies' Russia 'Interference' Assessment
BreitbartJul 10

Teen Worker Pays For Cop's Cookie, Gets Called Racist By Family In Line For Not Paying For Their Cookies Too
InformationLiberationJul 09
A teenage worker who payed for a cop's brownie out of his own pocket was allegedly called a "racist" by the family behind the officer in line because he wouldn't buy cookies for them as well.

From The Daily Mail:
Zachary Randolph, 18, was suspended from his job at a Great American Cookies mall after he bought a police officer a brownie out of his own... (more)

Chief Justice Roberts Appears To Chide Gorsuch For Doing His Job
InformationLiberationJul 09
Bush-appointed liberal Chief Justice John Roberts appeared to chide originalist Justice Neil Gorsuch on Friday for doing his job and not falling in line with the rest of the court.

Remember, Roberts is the backstabber responsible for getting Obamacare approved.
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Study Finds Temperature Adjustments Account For 'Nearly All Of The Warming' In Climate Data
The Daily CallerJul 09

Europe's Liberal Elite Outraged After Renzi Says Italy Has 'No Moral Duty To Take In Migrants'
Zero HedgeJul 09
The liberal facade behind Europe's grand refugee acceptance experiment took a big hit on Friday, when Italy's Former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, and head of the ruling Democratic Party, said his country does not have "any moral duty to take in migrants", sharply toughening his stance over surging numbers of asylum seekers. His U-Turn follows that of Angela Merkel, who infamously accepted nearly 1 million mostly Syrian refu... (more)

CLASS: Trump Puts Marine's Hat Back On After Wind Blows It Away
InformationLiberationJul 09
President Donald Trump stopped while boarding Marine One on Saturday night to pick up a marine's hat after wind blew it away.

The scene happened at Joint Base Andrews in Prince George's County, Maryland.

It was quite the classy move.
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Maxine Waters Repeats Debunked Claim That '17 Intel Agencies' Agreed On Russian Hacking
InformationLiberationJul 09
Maxine Waters still hasn't gotten the message that the claim "seventeen intelligence agencies" agreed on Russian hacking was fake news which The New York Times and the Associated Press were forced to admit over a week ago wasn't true.

Asked on MSNBC Saturday what she found "troubling" about Trump's meeting with Putin at the G20, Waters complained that Trump "didn't talk about our intelligence agencies, seventeen of them
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Pro-Refugee George Clooney Flees Europe Due to Terrorism Fears
InformationLiberationJul 09
Refugee invasion advocate George Clooney has reportedly made plans to flee Europe due to fears of terrorism, which were "caused by the very refugee policies he advocated."

Paul Joseph Watson breaks it down in his latest viral video:
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Germany: Immigrant Filmed Kicking Woman Down Flight Of Stairs Gets Under 3 Years Prison
InformationLiberationJul 08
The 28-year-old Bulgarian immigrant filmed kicking a woman down a flight of stairs last year in Berlin was sentenced to less than three years in prison after a psychiatric expert testified the man has an IQ of 63 and is therefor "intellectually impaired."

From RT:
The 28-year-old man who sparked internet outrage after leaked footage showed him kicking a woman down the stairs of a Berli... (more)

Poll: Overwhelming Majority Of Americans Support Trump's Travel Ban
InformationLiberationJul 08
Six in ten Americans support Trump's travel ban, according to a new poll from Politico/Morning Consult.

From Politico:
Asked whether they support or oppose the State Department’s “new guidelines which say visa applicants from six predominately Muslim countries must prove a close family relationship with a U.S. resident in order to enter the country,” 60 percent of responde... (more)

CNN's Acosta Attacks Trump For Holding A 'Fake News Conference,' Gets His Facts Wrong
InformationLiberationJul 06
CNN's Jim Acosta showed himself to be completely clueless Thursday afternoon after he accused President Trump of spreading "fake news" by pointing out 3 or 4 intelligence agencies and not "17" claim Russia interfered in the 2016 election.

During a short press conference earlier in the day, Trump correctly pointed out that "it wasn't 17" intelligence agencies who claimed Russia carried out hacking attacks during the election
... (more)

Trump Refuses to Go Along With Russia Hacking Hoax: 'Everybody Was 100% Sure That Iraq Had WMDs'
InformationLiberationJul 06
President Trump is still refusing to go along with the unproven claim "Russia hacked our election."

Trump was asked during a joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda early Thursday if he will "once and for all, yes or no, definitively say that Russia interfered in the 2016 election."

He would not.
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Trump On CNN Blackmail Scandal: "I Think They've Hurt Themselves Badly -- Very, Very Badly"
InformationLiberationJul 06
During a press conference Thursday in Poland, Trump was asked what he thought of the CNN blackmail scandal which came in the wake of his WWE-meme tweet.

"I think what CNN did was unfortunate for them," Trump said. "As you know, now they have some pretty serious problems. They have been fake news for a long time. They have been covering me in a very, very dishonest way."

"CNN has really taken it too seri
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Trump In Poland: 'The West Will Never, Ever Be Broken,' 'Our Civilization Will Triumph'
InformationLiberationJul 06
During his speech in Poland on Thursday, President Trump stood up for "our people" and "our civilization" and vowed that "the West will never, ever be broken."

"Just as Poland cannot be broken, I declare today for the world to hear that the West will never, ever be broken," Trump said before a packed crowd at Warsaw's Krasinski Square. "Our values will prevail, our people will thrive, and our civilization will triumph."
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