Zuckerberg Group: 700k American Job Openings If DACA Ends
BreitbartSep 01

Libs Angry Trump Donating $1 Million to Harvey Victims
InformationLiberationSep 01
The blue check mark Twitterati is furious that Donald Trump is going to donate $1 million of his own money to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Sarah Sanders told the White House press pool Thursday that President Trump "will pledge proudly $1 million of his own personal money to help the people of both Texas and Louisiana."
... (more)

Maniac Yells 'I Hate White People,' Punches 84-Year-Old Man
NY Daily NewsSep 01

Ann Coulter: Why The Media Are in a Never-Ending Hunt For Right-Wing Violence
Ann CoulterSep 01

Report: SPLC Spent Only $61,000 Out Of $328 Million On Legal Services In 2015
InformationLiberationAug 31
The Southern Poverty Law Center reportedly spent only $61,000 pursuing their stated goal of providing "legal services" in 2015, despite having over $320 million in assets.

The Washington Free Beacon released a bombshell report Thursday showing the so-called "non-profit" has transferred millions of dollars to offshore entities in the Cayman Islands, British Virgi
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Rep. Rohrabacher 99% Certain Russian Hacking Story Is A 'Total Lie' After Meeting Assange
InformationLiberationAug 31
Representative Dana Rohrabacher told Sean Hannity Wednesday he's 99% certain the Russian hacking narrative the media and deep state have pushed for almost a year is a "total lie."

Rep. Rohrabacher met earlier this month with Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London and is working to schedule a meeting with President Donald Trump to share his findings.
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Serial Killer Targeting Older White Men In Kansas City Gets Little Coverage
InformationLiberationAug 31
An African-American man who previously said he wanted to "kill all white people" has been arrested for allegedly stalking and killing as many as five older white men, but you wouldn't have heard about the story if you read CNN, The New York Times or The Washington Post.

From The Daily Mail:
A Missouri man has been arrested on suspicion of being th... (more)

Evergreen State College Announces Layoffs Due to Drop in Enrollment
InformationLiberationAug 31
Shockingly, world famous Evergreen State College is having trouble getting out of state students to enroll at their college.

From The College Fix:
Administrators at The Evergreen State College have announced that the embattled school faces a massive $2.1 million budget shortfall due in part to a drop in enrollment, and the institution has already handed out some temporary layoff notices as officials grapple... (more)

Slate Wants You To Know Houston Doesn't Showcase 'America At Its Best'
InformationLiberationAug 30
Liberal Slate writer Katy Waldman wants everyone to know the the viral images you're seeing out of Houston do not showcase "America at its best."

A triggered Waldman shared the hot take in her latest column, "Houston Doesn't Showcase 'America At Its Best.'"
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Hell Freezes Over: Nancy Pelosi Condemns Antifa
InformationLiberationAug 30
This is unprecedented.

From Fox News:
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., condemned attacks by members of Antifa against conservative demonstrators over the weekend in Berkeley, Calif., calling the violence a "sad event." ... (more)

Wasserman Schultz IT Staffer Banned From House Network Months Ago Still Has Active Account
The Daily CallerAug 30

Hurricane Survivor Scolds CNN Reporter: "You Are Still Putting A Microphone In My Face?"
InformationLiberationAug 29
A survivor of Hurricane Harvey scolded a CNN reporter for putting a microphone in her face while she was still reeling from the traumatic experience of being rescued along with her kids.

Transcript via Breitbart:
REPORTER: Let me introduce you to Danielle here. You just arrived. Share with us how you were rescued.
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University Fires Prof Who Said Texans 'Deserve' Harvey For Voting Trump
InformationLiberationAug 29
The University of Tampa has fired Sociology professor Kenneth Storey for proclaiming Texans "deserve" Hurricane Harvey because they voted for President Trump.

From Fox News:
University spokesman Eric Cardenas said in a statement that Kenneth Storey was fired after the school weathered an outpouring of onlin... (more)

Bernie Sanders Says 'We Are One Nation,' Immediately Attacks Trump
InformationLiberationAug 29
Bernie "The Great Uniter" Sanders told CBS Tuesday that "we are one nation" -- then immediately attacked President Trump.
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Antifa Leaders Upset Media Focused On Their Violence
InformationLiberationAug 29
Antifa leaders held a press conference on Monday to complain about the media leading their coverage of Sunday's violent riots at Berkeley "with the bleeding stuff."

"It is not always about the violence," Antifa leader Alex U. Inn said, "and that's why we're here asking you as media representation to not focus on that all the time."
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Lurid Trump Allegations Made by Louise Mensch and Co-Writer Came From Hoaxer
The GuardianAug 29

'I Experienced Hate First-Hand Today': Bay Area TV Anchor On Berkeley Antifa
InformationLiberationAug 28
"My wife told me I'm going to get crucified by posting this," KTVU anchor Frank Somerville wrote Sunday on his personal Facebook page after attending the "Rally Against Hate" at Berkeley.

"I told her I didn't care. This is what happened," Somerville said. "This is what I saw. This is what I experienced. This is the truth. Period."
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SHOCK VIDEO: Antifa Mob Spits All Over Trump Supporter
InformationLiberationAug 28
Disturbing video from Sunday's anti-Marxism rally at Berkeley shows a mob of antifa spit all over an innocent supporter of President Trump.

Arthur Schaper was first attacked with mace early on Sunday, then chased by a mob of antifa who stole his Trump hat and his glasses and then spat all over him.
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Antifa Mobs Violently Attack Peaceful Protesters At Berkeley, Police Stand Down
InformationLiberationAug 28
A mob of self-proclaimed "anti-hate protesters" were filmed violently attacking peaceful anti-Marxist, pro-Trump rally-goers at Berkeley with fists, sticks and urine.

Right-wingers had organized a "No To Marxism in America" rally at the Martin Luther King Civic Center Park for Sunday. Giant hordes of violent antifa showed up and proceeded to beat Trump supporters and anti-Marxists of all backgrounds while police stood down.
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YouTube 'Economically Censors' Ron Paul, Labels Videos 'Not Suitable' For All Advertisers
ZeroHedgeAug 28
Former US Congressman Ron Paul has joined a growing list of independent political journalists and commentators who’re being economically punished by YouTube despite producing videos that routinely receive hundreds of thousands of views.
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Statue of Slain American Hero, George Washington Confidant, Beheaded in Ohio Courtyard
BreitbartAug 28

Christian Group Sues SPLC and Amazon Over 'Hate Group' Designation
PJ MediaAug 28

Bill California Could Start Jailing People Who Don't Use Transgender Pronouns
The Daily CallerAug 28

Google Sends 'Offensive' Videos To YouTube Purgatory As Censorship Regime Expands
InformationLiberationAug 26
Google has begun to "police YouTube like it never has before" to crack down on "offensive content," Bloomberg reports.

Via Breitbart:
“Google will police YouTube like it never has before, adding warnings and disabling advertising on videos that the company determines crosses its new threshold for offensive content,” reported Bloomberg Technology on Thursday. “Goog... (more)

Phoenix Police Arrest Protester That Got Shot In The Groin In Viral Video
InformationLiberationAug 25
Phoenix police arrested Joshua Stuart Cobin, 29, on Thursday for three counts of aggravated assault on police and one count of unlawful assembly.

Cobin appears to be the man who was seen getting hit in the groin with either a non-lethal pepper ball or a gas can during the leftist riots earlier this week outside the Phoenix Convention Center where President Trump spoke.
... (more)

SHOCK VIDEO: 13yo Cheerleader Forced Into Splits By Coach Despite Pleas
InformationLiberationAug 25
Disturbing video shows a 13-year-old cheerleader being tortured by her coach by being forced to perform the splits despite repeatedly screaming out "please stop" in agonizing pain.
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Gary Cohn Attacks Trump, Defends Antifa As 'Citizens Standing Up for Equality & Freedom'
InformationLiberationAug 25
White House economic adviser Gary Cohn attacked President Trump for correctly highlighting the violence on "both sides" in Charlottesville and defended the alt-left thugs Trump condemned as "citizens standing up for equality and freedom."

Asked by the Financial Times if he considered resigning after Charlottesville, Cohn responded:
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'Waiting To Cut My D**k Off': 18yo Canadian Live Tweets Sex Change Surgery
InformationLiberationAug 25
Canadian Gabrielle Diana live tweeted his sex change operation and transition into "becoming a woman" on Wednesday.

"Waiting to cut my d**k off," Diana wrote Wednesday from a hospital bed, adding three heart emojis.
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Charles Barkley Labeled A 'White Supremacist' For Telling Black People to Stop Killing Each Other
InfowarsAug 25
According to left-wing website The Root, Charles Barkley is a "white supremacist" because he says black people should stop getting angry over old statues and instead concentrate on not killing each other and getting an education.
... (more)

'Shout Allahu Akbar in Venice & We'll Shoot You Within 3 Steps,' Mayor Vows
RTAug 25
The Mayor of Venice has warned that shouting "Allahu Akbar" in the Italian city will get you shot, prompting the Mayor of Florence to shout the Islamic phrase as a joke.

The Venetian mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, made the comments during a conference of mayors in the city of Rimini on the Adriatic coast.
... (more)

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