Feinstein's 'Anti-Catholic Bigotry' Takes Center Stage
Free BeaconSep 17

Is It Racist? Maryland Officials Dare to Dis-Allow Non-Citizens From Voting
ZeroHedgeSep 17
In the land of the free, shouldn't any and every person capable of fogging a mirror (or not in some cases) and arriving at a polling station be able to vote for their favorite benefits-provider-in-chief? It appears officials in College Park, Maryland believe not as the city's town council voted 'outrageously' to not allow non-citizens to vote in local elections.

As The Hill reports, the charter amendment - allowing undocumented immigrants, green-card holders,
... (more)

Illegal Alien NBA Hopeful Charged With Sexual Assault Denied Bond
BreitbartSep 17

McCain Backs Bill to Block Transgender Troops Ban
The HillSep 17

St. Louis: BLM Rioters Descend On Dem Mayor's House, Attack Police & Reporters, Smash Police Cars
InformationLiberationSep 16
You're going to love the New America.

From RT:
Police have declared an unlawful assembly and deployed tear gas, after protesters moved from the streets of downtown St. Louis, Missouri, to the home and neighborhood of the mayor.

After 10:10pm local time Friday, St. Louis police wearing gas masks lined up shoulder-to-shoulder in riot gear, as a helicopter flew ov
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Martin Shkreli Sent To 'Fortress-Like' Federal Jail With Terrorism & Mob Suspects
InformationLiberationSep 15
I think we can all agree joking about Hillary Clinton on Facebook is a crime equal to or worse than committing terrorism on behalf of ISIS.

After Judge Kiyo Matsumoto declared Martin Shkreli a "danger to society" on Wednesday, Shkreli was sent to Metropolitan Detention Center, a "fortress-like" federal prison which houses terrorism and mob suspects.
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Hillary Clinton Identifies With Incestuous Mass Murderer
InformationLiberationSep 15
This should surprise no one.

From The Daily Caller:
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote that she identified with “Game Of Thrones” character Cersei Lannister in her new book “What Happened,” released Tuesday.
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"I'm Done" - CNN Anchor 'Triggered' After Panelist Proclaims Love Of "First Amendment & Boobs"
ZeroHedgeSep 15
Anxious to discuss President Trump's tweet against ESPN (and host Jamele Hill's comments), CNN set female anchor Brooke Baldwin on the task to get to the bottom of whether Hill did anything worth being fired for or if evil President Trump was trying to crush her First Amendment rights.

The interview started to go pear-shaped very quickly.

Addressing the question of the
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'Not Satisfied' Till Assad Gone: US Pushes For Regime Change as War in Syria Winds Down
RTSep 15
The US will not be satisfied as long as Syrian President Bashar Assad is in power, US Ambassador to the UN said, commenting on a major de-escalation effort brokered by Russia, Iran and Turkey without American participation.

Russia, Turkey and Iran agreed Friday on the fourth, final, de-escalation zone in Syria, which is designed to ensure ceasefire between Syrian government forces and rebels for a period of six months in order to pave the way for a political resolution to the
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Mother Raises Headstone of Son Killed by Illegal Alien as DACA Deal Debate Rages
BreitbartSep 15

Report: DACA Amnesty May Trigger Flood of 4-6M Foreign Nationals, Not 800k
BreitbartSep 15

Nightmare: DACA Amnesty Dream Act Will Cost $115 Billion Thanks to Obamacare
BreitbartSep 15

Theresa May Blames Internet Freedom For Latest Muslim Terrorist Attack
InformationLiberationSep 15
The only way to stop Muslims from blowing people up is to shut down free speech on the internet once and for all, at least according to British Prime Minister Theresa May.

From The Daily Mail:
Theresa May will order internet giants to clamp down on extremism following yesterday’s Tube terror attack.

She will take on Google, Facebook and Mic
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Tucker: Trump DACA Deal Will Be 'Biggest Amnesty In American History'
InformationLiberationSep 14
Tucker Carlson warned Thursday night on Fox News that the Trump-Pelosi-Schumer DACA deal will be the "biggest amnesty in American history" and Trump will get nothing in return.
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Ann Coulter: "I'm On The Trump Train, Trump Is Off The Trump Train"
InformationLiberationSep 14
Republican author Ann Coulter said Thursday that contrary to media reports, she is "on the Trump Train" -- it's Donald Trump who has gotten off.

"People keep asking, they've been pestering me basically since since Trump came in... they keep wanting an official declaration like, 'I'm off the Trump Train,'" Coulter said on Joyce Kaufman's radio show Thursday. "I've just been emailing them back today, saying, 'No, I'm on the Trump Train, Trump is off the Trump Train,' get the te
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Trump Is a Terrible Negotiator
The Daily CallerSep 14

Pat Buchanan: Will DACA Amnesty Be A 'Read-My-Lips' Moment For Trump?
Patrick J. BuchananSep 14

Trump's Base Outraged After 'Amnesty Don' Caves On DACA And Says Wall Is Renovation Of Old Fences
InformationLiberationSep 14
President Trump's base expressed outrage on Thursday after he announced a complete 180 degree turn on amnesty for illegal immigrants and the wall.

Rather than build a wall and have Mexico pay for it, Trump said he's going to renovate old fences and have Americans pay for it.
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9 Lies About DACA Trump Is Buying Into
BreitbartSep 14

Poles Fight Back Against German Threats With Request For $1 Trillion In Reparations For WW2
InformationLiberationSep 13
The nationalist government of Poland is fighting back against German attempts to force them to take in so-called "refugees" by floating a request for "reparations" for World War II -- totaling $1 trillion.

From The Independent:
Germany should consider paying Poland as much as $1 trillion in World War II reparations, ... (more)

City Council Agrees to Allow Non-Citizens to Vote in College Park, MD
InformationLiberationSep 13
We're reaching levels of liberal lunacy never before thought possible.

From The Washington Post:
The city council and mayor of College Park voted narrowly Tuesday night to give noncitizens the right to vote in municipal elections, making the Washingt... (more)

Martin Shkreli Jailed For Joke 'Bounty' Requesting Strand Of Hillary Clinton's Hair
InformationLiberationSep 13
Joking on Facebook is enough to get you imprisoned in New America™.

From Fox News:
A federal judge ordered "pharma bro" Martin Shkreli to prison Wednesday after the disgraced former CEO offered $5,000 to anyone who could bring him a strand of Hillary Clinton's hair.

Shkreli had been out on a $5 million bond s
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Is North Korea Using Bitcoin to Get Around UN Sanctions?
ZeroHedgeSep 13
The latest round of United Nations sanctions against North Korea are designed specifically to prevent Kim Jong Un from obtaining hard currency. Luckily for the Kim regime, there’s always bitcoin.

According to Bloomberg, the isolated country, facing further restrictions on exports that would bring in desperately needed Chinese yuan, has increasingly been
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US Senate Votes Against Amendment to Stop 'Endless' War in Iraq & Afghanistan
RTSep 13
The US Senate has voted 61-36 to kill the amendment, proposed by Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) which would repeal the 2001 and 2002 Authorizations for Use of Military Force (AUMF) in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Senate can’t repeal the AUMF without replacing it with a new authorization, said Senator John McCain (R-Arizona).

“It would mean that we would immediately need to start winding down” US forces abroad, said Senator Bob Corker (R-Tennessee), who also oppose
... (more)

Ann Coulter: No Amnesty Is a Good Amnesty
BreitbartSep 14

Trump Blocks $1.3bn Sale of US Tech Company to China For 'National Security' Reasons
RTSep 13

The Swamp Just Bounced Trump Into A European-Style Assault on Free Speech
BreitbartSep 13

DWS IT Guy Was Banned From House After Trying To Hide Secret Server
The Daily CallerSep 13

UC Berkeley Poll: 53% of California Democrats Oppose Free Speech
BreitbartSep 13

Trump: Rich People 'Will Not Be Gaining At All' Under Tax Plan
The HillSep 13

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