Merry Christmas!

Chris Menahan
Dec. 25, 2021

I have been dealing with what's most likely an "omicron" infection over the past six days.

Though the symptoms are all similar to a cold (the coronavirus has always been categorized as a cold virus) the fatigue over the past three days has been rough. The first two days I felt basically nothing other than the feeling a sickness was coming on.

I've read that the infection so far lasts five days on average, so hopefully I'm in recovery mode now as my energy levels are slowly coming up. On, the bright side, so far I've had no shortness of breath and my oxygen levels are fine. I've had no loss of taste or smell. The infection so far seems to have stayed concentrated in my throat. I've been taking plenty of vitamins but no drugs.

This virus appears to be super contagious and it wouldn't shock me if it passed through the entire population as many are predicting.

Fortunately, as Dr. Robert Malone highlighted in a recent appearance on Laura Ingraham's show, it doesn't appear to be as dangerous as previous variants. He said it's like a "vaccine" for the world.

Vladimir Putin said similar earlier this month.

From The Telegraph:
Omicron variant may be a 'live Covid vaccine', claims Vladimir Putin

Some early evidence from South Africa suggests omicron may trigger milder disease than previous variants
7 December 2021 • 8:54pm

Vladimir Putin has compared omicron to a “live vaccine”, downplaying the potential risks posed by the variant which has now lapped the globe.

On Tuesday the Russian President suggested fears about omicron, a highly mutated coronavirus strain which is designated a variant of concern by the World Health Organization, may turn out to be “premature”.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” Mr Putin said. “They say it’s not that virulent. Some specialists even call it a live vaccine.”

Live vaccines include an attenuated, or weakened, form of the virus that causes a particular disease to trigger an immune response that will generate protective antibodies, but is not strong enough to make an individual sick. The measles mumps and rubella (MMR) and yellow fever vaccines both include attenuated virus, for instance.

There has been some early evidence from South Africa suggesting that omicron may trigger milder disease than previous variants.
The omicron variant seems to cut right through the "vaccines."

It makes sense as the two first-generation monoclonal antibody treatments based off the original virus, which I believe was only mapped by a Chinese researcher, apparently are no longer working as they don't "stick" to the virus.

"If the first-generation monoclonal antibodies are now so useless that they’re being retired, why would the first-generation vaccines be any better?" Alex Berenson commented on Tuesday.

We were told from pretty much the beginning that the whole advantage of mRNA shots is they could be tinkered with swiftly and they'd release new shots to deal with the new variants (so it didn't matter if they suppressed your immune system to various other infections) but for whatever reason that hasn't materialized.

Western governments now are just trying futilely to burn through their giant stockpiles and hope it'll work.

It's probably for the best that their program fails so we avoid a Marek's disease nightmare scenario in humans where everyone needs endless shots from Pfizer and Moderna just to survive.

Some might say it's a Christmas miracle!

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