Demonstrators Storm Capitol In Mostly Peaceful Protest; One Woman 'Shot Dead By Police' On Video

Chris Menahan
Jan. 06, 2021

Mostly peaceful protesters stormed the Capitol building on Wednesday during the "Save America Rally" which drew an estimated half a million people to Washington, DC.

Capitol police appear to have executed a young, unarmed woman taking part in the mostly peaceful protest who posed them no threat:

Police were clearly terrified:

SWAT teams were deployed:

Some congressman responded very bizarrely:

Of course, the media rushed to defend the demonstrators as "mostly peaceful" and asked where it says "protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful":

The mostly peaceful protesters were allowed to burn down the Capitol, cause billions in damages and the world's richest man defended the protests as a "much-needed race reckoning."

Actually, as we saw, the media labeled everyone as terrorists and Mike Pence deployed the national guard.

Unlike the Democratic governors who voiced support for the BLM riots, Trump told his supporters to go home:

It's going to be remarkable seeing the contrast in how these mostly peaceful protests are treated in comparison with the "mostly peaceful" Black Lives Matter riots where dozens were killed and damages reportedly exceeded $2 billion.

Are we going to see the same cries for "justice" and pleas to "hear the protesters pain" that followed the BLM riots?

Are DC prosecutors going to decline to press charges against these people because they "only destroyed property" and "property can be rebuilt?"

Are they going to blame the violence on "antifa agitators" the way they blamed the BLM riots on "Boogaloo boys"?

From the looks of it, the media and government is instead going to treat everyone as terrorists and start throwing people in prison. We've already seen one woman was executed on the spot!

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