Man Filmed Punching Actor Rick Moranis In New York City

Chris Menahan
Oct. 02, 2020

An African-American man was caught on surveillance video giving actor Rick Moranis of Ghostbusters and Spaceballs fame a "privilege check" on Thursday morning in New York City.

From Breitbart:
Moranis was punched in the head in an unprovoked attack that was caught on video from a surveillance camera in New York City, according to law enforcement sources that spoke to The New York Post. The surveillance footage shows the 67-year-old actor walking on south Central Park West near West 70th Street — steps from his apartment building — just before 7:30 a.m. on Thursday when a man suddenly punched him, knocking him to the ground.

[...] Police say that Moranis is suffering pain in his head, back, and right hip, and went to a local hospital for an assessment of his injuries before reporting the incident to the police. The actor’s attacker remains at large as of Friday.
Moranis' rep told the Hollywood Reporter, "He is fine but grateful for everyone’s thoughts and well wishes."

Glad to hear it.

That said, you know what's not fine?

The scourge of white racism, white privilege and white supremacy in this country.

I think the right thing to do, considering the "much-needed race reckoning" were going through, is for Mr Moranis to issue a formal apology to the alleged assailant for oppressing him by existing.

Remember folks, being an "ally" takes hard work and making one's self uncomfortable!

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