GOP Seek to One-Up Dems' Boring Convention With Snoozefest of Their Own

Chris Menahan
Aug. 23, 2020

You're going to fall asleep listening to speeches from Nikki Haley, Kevin McCarthy, Joni Ernst and Tim Scott and you're going to like it!

Robert Barnes shared this screenshot from Fox News on Sunday:

If that wasn't bad enough, the Washington Post reported: "Republicans plan to feature on each night a speaker who was born in countries like Cuba and Venezuela to deliver testimonials of what Republicans see as the dangers of socialism and suggest that's what America could become with Democrats in power."

There's rioting in cities across America almost every day with radical Soros-funded DAs seeking to imprison Americans for defending themselves but we're supposed to panic about what's happening in Cuba and Venezuela?

I was somewhat excited after hearing Mark McCloskey and Nick Sandmann were going to speak at the convention but apparently they've been relegated to second fiddle!

Republicans on Twitter asked why Candace Owens wasn't invited:

The answer, of course, is because she might actually say something interesting.

As we learned with Kevin McCarthy's recently denouncement of Q-Anoners, there's "no place" for the GOP base in the Republican Party.

Whereas Trump in 2016 delivered an epic speech to a packed house with a stunning entrance at the GOP Convention, this year Kevin McCarthy will (presumably) be delivering an impassioned speech about "Democrats' anti-Semitism" in front of GOP megadonors Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer!

All that's missing is a speech from Jared Kushner!

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