Manhunt Underway For BLM Rioter Allegedly Filmed Kicking Man In The Face

Chris Menahan
Aug. 18, 2020

A manhunt is reportedly underway to find Marquise "Keese" Love, the alleged attacker filmed kicking a white man in the face during a mob attack in Portland by Black Lives Matter rioters on Sunday night.

From Fox News:
Portland police on Tuesday identified a suspect in Sunday night's attack on a truck driver who was seen on video being pulled from the vehicle and violently beaten.

The Portland Police Bureau is on the hunt for Marquise Love, who also goes by the name "Keese Love," for his alleged involvement in the vicious assault that was caught on video and circulated on social media.

Officials said in a press release they have made several attempts to reach 25-year-old Love, but have so far been unsuccessful. They have said they have probable cause for his arrest.

"The Portland Police Bureau is taking this assault and other incidents of violence extremely seriously," said Chief  Chuck Lovell in a statement provided with the press release. "Our Detectives continue to investigate this assault as well as other acts of violence directed toward protestors, but we need more than just videos from social media. In order to hold individuals responsible for criminal acts, we need the public to provide information and refrain from tampering with evidence."
Speaking of evidence, YouTube has been purging all videos of the attack. You can watch George Floyd be allegedly "murdered" by police, you can watch the "lynching" of Ahmaud Arbery and so on, but all videos of antifa violence are systematically purged.

Nonetheless, Tucker Carlson covered the attack and many more on his show last night.

Multiple other assailants took part in this attack and they all should be held accountable but it looks like Portland Police are dragging their feet on even arresting this goon.

The victim in the case was identified by his brother as Adam Haner and a GoFundMe was launched to help him get back on his feet.

Haner was knocked unconscious but recovered in the hospital and managed to make it home on Monday.

His brother shared the following update on GoFundMe:
Okay, so I need to update everyone. Adam is still feeling very ill. He is still very dazed. He doesn't remember everything that has happened. He thought his truck only had a dent in it. I talked with him briefly, and got some information from Tammie. They have been swamped with calls, messages and text and need everyone to give them some space. So please hold off on direct contact for a few days, or until you see an update here saying other wise. The only interview Adam will do today is with the detective trying to get the people responsible for the attack. Forensics are taking pictures of him now as I write this. I also will not give any interviews until my brother has time to absorb all that he has been through. Me and my mom have been trying to make responses for everyone that has provided support here for Adam. Thank you all so very much. It's been very emotional so far. Keep him in your prayers and thought.

For those that have asked, Tammie and Adam do live together, so this fund is going to help them both. [Note: Tammie was also attacked.] There are two other GFM's up, one from a friend of Adam's since high school, posted by Levi. Tammie was asked to make one too, so she she made one for both her and Adam. I'm confirming now, those are both legit GFM posts. This has been the main GFM. I will keep it update as I am updated. I'm increasing the goal because of the information I got today. Because Adam is still in worse shape than the first time I was able to get some information and because Tammie Martin is also sharing this money with him. I'll keep this GFM going for them, so hold out if you need more confirmation, as you will get that in the coming updates.
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