Hannity Apologizes 'For Any Misunderstanding' After Pushing Back Against Tucker Segment Bashing Bezos

Chris Menahan
Jul. 22, 2020

Sean Hannity on Tuesday night apologized after m'ladying in defense of "capitalism" in response to a Tucker Carlson segment slamming Amazon owner Jeff Bezos for making $13 billion in one day and profiting off the corona pandemic as small businesses are being shut down by the state.


This was Tucker's segment which came right before:

Hannity addressed the incident on Twitter after his show was over:

People are being thrown in prison for running their businesses in violation of lockdown orders and Big Tech is backing these authoritarian measures, silencing dissenters and pushing for the lockdowns to continue indefinitely while getting richer than ever but Sean hasn't seen any "evidence" they're exploiting the situation.

He eventually issued an apology:


It wasn't the best apology but the notion GOP shills as popular as Hannity may have to start apologizing for shilling to keep their audience is pretty sweet.

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