'White People Not Welcome' Event to Take Place in Brussels

Unless they clean up after black attendees.
Paul Joseph Watson

Summit News
Mar. 06, 2020

An event in Brussels, Belgium is set to take place where white people will not be welcome unless they pay a fee and clean up after the black attendees.

Apparently scheduled to mark 'Black History Month' (despite this taking place last month), the Black Liberation event on March 25th explicitly tells white people to stay away unless they meet certain requirements.

"Non-black people are only welcomed if they are accompanied by a black person. Black people always get priority," a description for the event reads.

There is also an exception for white people who volunteer for manual labor and make a donation.

"Non-black people are invited to do volunteer work for the participants and the space, then cook and tidy up, to donate a MINIMUM of 10 per person," according to the description.

Voice of Europe's Arthur Lyons writes that the main theme of the event is "how black people in Europe can be "freed" from discrimination."

Apparently, part of that freedom is only achievable by racially discriminating against white people.

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