Intellectual Dark Web's Eric Weinstein: How Can We Be Sure 'China, Russia or Iran' Wasn't Behind Epstein?

Chris Menahan
Mar. 01, 2020

How we can be sure that "China, Russia or Iran" wasn't "behind" Jeffrey Epstein?

The Intellectual Dark Web's Eric Weinstein is demanding answers!

Epstein, who as a matter of record was given his wealth by pro-Israel billionaire Les Wexner, according to Weinstein may have actually been given his wealth by China, Russia or Iran!

This is all being covered-up by our Chinese, Russian and Iranian controlled media:

Very compelling work, Mr. Weinstein.

Nonetheless, for some reason the masses aren't buying it?!

We must never forget how the former Prime Minister of Russia was photographed entering Epstein's house (and regularly visited his other apartment building that was owned by Epstein's brother who was also given tons of money by Les Wexner)!

I, for one, think Weinstein is on to something!

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