Dem Debate: Bloomberg Implodes, Bernie Hits His Stride

Chris Menahan
Feb. 20, 2020

Bernie Sanders' rants about billionaires buying our political system are a lot more powerful when he's standing on the same stage as Michael Bloomberg.

Sanders' rhetoric on our rigged system was on point:

I'd vote for Bernie if he was just running as a Huey Long candidate without all the social justice crap (of course, he's not and so I won't).

I'm getting really sick of billionaires like Bloomberg and Adelson outright buying our political system.

Amy Klobuchar getting called out for not knowing the president of Mexico's name was hilarious:

Though Warren and others tried to bail her out, the reality is she didn't know anything about him:

Bloomberg was a total disaster:

His handling of stop and frisk was terrible:

He had plenty of time to rehearse a solid response but he just straight up choked.

The one silver lining for Bloomberg? "Conservative" Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin loved him.

I don't think Bloomberg is finished quite yet.

The people who supported him prior to this debate seem to have done so because they watched his political ads, so we're dealing with the lowest common denominator.

This debate likely will be forgotten in a week and billions of dollars can buy you a lot of influence.

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