'There is No Such Thing!' Scandinavian Airlines Ad Proclaims 'Nothing' is 'Truly Scandinavian'

Chris Menahan
Feb. 12, 2020

"What is truly Scandinavian?" a new ad from Scandinavian Airlines asks. "Absolutely nothing, nada."

"There is no such thing," the ad proclaims.

[Mirror - Mirror II - Mirror III - Mirror IV]

"Everything is copied," the ad says. "Our democracy? Credit goes to Greece. The iconic Scandinavian windmills were actually invented in Persia, and we made the German bicycle a staple of our cities."

"It gets worse," the ad says, no-so-tacitly acknowledging this is about tearing down Scandinavian identity. "Rumor has it the oh so Swedish meatballs might not be as Swedish as you think but Turkish."

"Even the Danish isn't Danish -- it's Austrian. And the pride of Norway the paper clip was actually invented by an American."

"And while we're at it, thank you America for taking the first steps in empowering the women's rights movement."

"We're no better than our Viking ancestors, we take everything we like on our trips abroad adjust it a little bit and voilą -- it's a unique Scandinavian thing," the ad says.

The ad was deleted off of YouTube after getting overwhelmingly downvoted.

What's funny is the Americans, Greeks, Danes, Germans and so on credited in this ad will all be told the exact same propaganda lines about how all of their treasured "oh so Greek" and "oh so American" creations are not "truly" theirs either (but of course George Washington Carver deserves full credit for "inventing" peanut butter)!

There is no such thing as Haplogroup I1 or Scandinavian DNA!

The propaganda in this ad is what is not unique -- it has been done before, repeatedly -- and it was copied from communists!

If there's no such thing as "Scandinavian" perhaps Scandinavian Airlines should rebrand?

How about, "Truly Non-Unique Generic Airline #5621"?

UPDATE: They're blaming the Russians!

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