Texas Mom Who Wanted to 'Transition' 7-Year-Old Son to Girl Loses Again in Court

By Madeleine Jacob
Jan. 30, 2020

A Dallas judge, ruling in the case of a mother trying to turn her 7-year-old son into a “girl,” upheld a previous court ruling that made both the boy’s parents have joint conservatorship over him.

Judge Mary Brown not only denied Anne Georgulas’ request that the case revert to an October jury ruling that would have likely resulted in the mother being granted sole managing conservatorship, but the judge made it an official order that both parents have joint conservatorship over their son, James Younger.

Georgulas’ attorney vowed to challenge the ruling.

In a case that received national attention, a mother and a father battled over custody of their two twin boys. The father, Jeffery Younger, argued that he needed some say in the medical decision making for the boys as the mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, had enrolled one of the 7-year-old boys in school under the name “Luna” and medical records indicated the mother was pursuing a medical gender “transition” for the boy.

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