Ontario School Board: Asking Chinese Families Who Traveled to China to Self-Quarantine Is 'Anti-Chinese Racism'

Chris Menahan
Jan. 28, 2020

Asking Chinese families who recently traveled to China to self-quarantine is "anti-Chinese racism," the Ontario school board told parents in a letter sent out on Monday.

From Global News, "Ontario school board warns that coronavirus concerns veer into anti-Chinese racism":
An Ontario school board is urging parents to not make assumptions about the new coronavirus that could stoke xenophobia and racism against the Chinese community.

Officials with the York Region District School Board issued a letter Monday saying it was aware of escalated concern about the virus among families of Chinese heritage.

An online petition circulating among parents in the region north of Toronto, which has a large Chinese population, calls on schools to ask students whose families have recently travelled to China to stay home for 17 days of “self-quarantine.”

The board chair and director of education wrote that such requests run the risk of “demonstrating bias and racism,”
even when made in the name of safety.
As I said yesterday after UK schools issued a similar warning: What does it say about the West that our "authorities" appear to be more concerned with stopping the spread of "xenophobia" than stopping the spread of a global pandemic which could kill millions?

As we stand on the brink of a possible global pandemic, it's imperative that folks not get overly concerned about the coronavirus spreading but instead "check their privilege" and recognize that they're racist if they don't support Chinese people eating all manners of exotic wildlife filled with exotic viruses.

No cultures are better than any others and everyone is totally equal, therefore any criticism of any culture no matter the situation is unwarranted*.

*Of course, exemptions apply in the case of white people who can and should be blamed for everything which has ever gone wrong everywhere.

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