DC Media Covers Epidemic Of 'Mob Attacks,' Says Figuring Out Cause 'Is Complicated'

Chris Menahan
Jan. 16, 2020

FOX 5 DC finally realized there's an epidemic of "mob attacks" in our nation's capital but they just can't figure out why it's happening.


From FOX 5 DC:
Police are searching for about a dozen suspects after investigators say a group of young people brazenly attacked and robbed a person in broad daylight in Northwest Washington.

The incident took place shortly after noon on New Year’s Day in the 400 block of H Street NW. Police released surveillance footage of the altercation Thursday.

[...] The attackers made off with the victim’s iPhone, police said, adding that the victim is expected to be ok. So far, no arrests have been made.
FOX 5 said that police refused to comment but some folks they spoke with on the street said "law enforcement should be more visible" while "others pointed at systemic issues, like problems in public education and poverty."

"It's not okay what they did, but it's also not okay that they grew up in an environment, in a city where they don't have access to anything," said the one liberal they interviewed.

DC spends more money per public school pupil than anywhere else in America -- by far.

Dunbar High School, which has been ensnared in an attendance fixing scandal, cost $122 million.

Ballou High School, which was also ensnared in an attendance fixing scandal, cost $124 million.

DC public schools in 2016 had to start staggering their dismissal times because giant fights, some involving over 100 youths, were breaking out regularly.

Some folks might be thinking that simply throwing money at the issue and denouncing all school discipline and policing as "racist" isn't the wisest of decisions.

They'd be wrong.

As the sacred doctrine of modern liberalism teaches us, racism -- exclusively on the part of white people -- is the cause of all things bad that ever have happened and ever will happen and that's all there is to it!

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