Jewish Activists Shut Down Border Patrol HQ In San Diego, Demand Illegals Be Given Free Flu Vaccines

Chris Menahan
Dec. 11, 2019

Is this a "protest" or a guerrilla lobbying campaign for Big Pharma?

On Tuesday, Jewish activists from the group "Never Again Action" shut down a Border Patrol facility to demand illegal aliens be given free flu vaccines.

Never Again Action says on their website their mission is to "shut down ICE."

Illegal aliens are already being given expensive Big Pharma transgender hormone therapy drugs for free at taxpayers' expense, now they want them all to get expensive flu vaccines from Big Pharma for free at taxpayers' expense.

As the activist (or lobbyist?) above suggested, this publicity stunt is aimed at changing Customs and Border Protection policy to force taxpayers to pay for these questionable flu vaccines.

DHS responded to their demands saying: "Of course Border Patrol isn't going to let a random group of radical political activists show up and start injecting people with drugs."

CBP wrote in a statement:
"Individuals in CBP custody should generally not be held for longer than 72 hours in either CBP hold rooms or holding facilities. Every effort is made to hold detainees for the least amount of time required for their processing, transfer, release or repatriation as appropriate and operationally feasible. Due to the massive influx of migrants recently and the changing demographics, at times, CBP has not been able to limit time in CBP custody to 72 hours. However, that is still the goal and the agency, working with partners, is still doing everything it can to move people out of temporary CBP holding facilities.

As a law enforcement agency, and due to the short term nature of CBP holding and other logistical challenges, operating a vaccine program is not feasible. Both ICE and HHS have comprehensive medical support services and can provide vaccinations as appropriate to those in their custody."
Next are they going to demand illegal aliens be given free Oxycontin to feed the Sackler empire?

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