Syracuse Says Alleged Incident With White Supremacist Manifesto 'Was Probably A Hoax’

The College Fix
Nov. 22, 2019

Syracuse University has been wracked by racial protests this month following anti-black and anti-Asian messages in a bathroom and bulletin board. Unsurprisingly, student activists are making racialized demands including the right to exclude white roommates.

An individual or group apparently went too far in trying to keep the outrage going, however.

A reported “white supremacist manifesto” send to students’ phones “was probably a hoax,” Chancellor Kent Syverud told the University Senate Wednesday, ABC 7 reports.

Authorities have not found a single recipient of the manifesto, which “appeared to be a copy of one linked to a man accused of attacking two mosques in New Zealand,” the station says.

Students gathered in the campus Bird Library allegedly received the manifesto via the Apple technology AirDrop, which transfers files via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, suggesting the perpetrator was near them. Syverud said law enforcement had not confirmed a single student had received the manifesto that way.

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