UK: 'Illegal Immigrant Who Raped Woman With Down's Can't Be Deported As He Won't Sign Paper'

Chris Menahan
Nov. 18, 2019

The United Kingdom is acting as though they're powerless to deport an illegal immigrant who confessed to multiple sexual assaults and have reduced themselves to begging India's embassy to help them get him out.

From The Daily Express, "Illegal immigrant who raped woman with Down’s can’t be deported as he won’t sign paper":
AN ILLEGAL immigrant who tried to rape a Down's syndrome woman and sexually assaulted two nurses has escaped deportation after refusing to sign the paperwork.

Harjit Singh, 48, who has been in the UK for 19 years, is unwilling to co-operate with a Home Office bid to arrange emergency travel documents to get him flown out. Officials are unable to resort to tougher measures and will have to turn to the Indian embassy for help, an immigration hearing was told. Singh, of no fixed address, claims to be a devout Sikh. He came to the attention of the authorities in 2016 only when he was arrested over the sex attacks. He was jailed in October 2016 at Kingston Crown Court for six years after he ambushed a 35-year-old vulnerable woman that July.

He followed her after she got on a bus in Hounslow, west London, then forced his way into her flat as she went inside.

Singh tried to rape her, but bizarrely fell asleep, and the woman alerted neighbours.

He admitted attempted rape and trespass with intent to commit a sexual act and was given a further six months after sexually assaulting two nurses at the Royal Free Hospital, north London, in 2015. [...]

A Home Office lawyer said Singh failed to attend two appointments to fill out necessary papers. She said: "There is no barrier to the applicant's removal. All appeal rights have been exhausted."

But Singh's legal team said he did not know he needed to attend and denied that his removal was imminent. They said he would use the extra time to keep fighting deportation.
The UK government barely had to lift a finger to ban folks like Lauren Southern and Michael Savage for their political views but deporting Singh is apparently asking too much.

In the past, the UK government at one point approved the extradition of Richard O'Dwyer to the US for "copyright infringement" over his site TVShack to please Hollywood and they're currently working to extradite Julian Assange for "leaking US government secrets" (aka exposing Hillary Clinton) but they just can't figure out how to deport ole Singh!

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