'Baby Trump' Slasher Unapologetic: 'First Time I've Seen A Liberal Get Mad About Chopping Up a Baby'

Chris Menahan
Nov. 13, 2019


From the Washington Times:
Asked if the slashing was [Hoyt] Hutchinson’s attempt to echo the Biblical story of Jesus turning over the temple tables of money changers, he said yes.

“It comes a point when you gotta take a stand. We don’t have two parties anymore. We have good versus evil. When you got one party that says it’s OK to kill babies and by the way, this is the first time I’ve ever seen a liberal get mad about chopping up a baby.”

He said he yelled “Trump 2020” as he was being arrested.
A GoFundMe for Hutchinson raised over $47,000 in just four days.

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