Kavanaugh Hit Piece Authors Say NYT Editors Cut Line About 'Victim' Having No Knowledge Of Alleged Incident

Chris Menahan
Sep. 17, 2019

They had the best of intentions, of course!

From Mediaite, "Kavanaugh Book Co-Authors Say NYT Editors Cut Key Detail About Alleged Victim Not Remembering the Assault":
The co-authors of a new book about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh said that the New York Times Review essay based on their book originally included a key detail about a previously unknown, alleged sexual assault victim of Kavanaugh’s — that the woman tells friends she does not remember the incident — but that it was subsequently removed by the Times during the final editing process.

Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, appearing on MSNBC’s Last Word, told host Lawrence O’Donnell that they had added in this new claim from their book as context for the account of Deborah Ramirez another Yale classmate of Kavanaugh’s.

[...] "“What happened with that omission that the Times later felt belonged in the piece?” O’Donnell asked the pair at the beginning of the interview.

“There was zero intent to mislead anybody about the details of the incident,” said Kelly, who covers Wall Street for the Times. “It really focuses on the experience of Deborah Ramirez as we understand it, after Robin spending quite a bit of time with her, why the incident hit so hard for her. She was feeling like a fish out of water that first year at Yale to begin with for any number of reasons: socioeconomic, cultural, and so on. And this incident was deeply traumatizing for her. That was the focus of the piece. We included the additional detail of this other unreported allegation because it seemed germane.”

“In your draft, did it include those words that have since been added to the article?” O’Donnell followed up.

“It did,” both Kelly and Pogrebin confirmed.

“So somewhere in the editing process, those words were dropped?” O’Donnell asked.

“It was in editing — done in haste in the editing process as you know for closing the section,” Pogrebin said. “I think what happened, actually, was we had her name and, you know, the Times doesn’t usually include the name of the victim And so I think in this case the editors felt like maybe it was probably better to remove it. And in removing her name, they removed the other reference to the fact that she didn’t remember it.”
It was just an honest mistake, folks!

They need to protect "victims," even if said "victims" insist they're not victims and have no idea what the hell they're talking about!

This has nothing to do with lying to the public to put an "asterisk" on all of Kavanaugh's rulings in the case Roe v. Wade is overturned and anyone who insists otherwise is a conspiracy theorist and a terrorist!

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