Media Matters Writer Labels Michelle Malkin A 'White Nationalist'

Chris Menahan
Sep. 17, 2019

Media Matters writer Bobby Lewis labeled conservative author Michelle Malkin a "white nationalist" on Monday even though she's of Filipino descent and has never advocated for white nationalism.

"Promoting her new book, white nationalist author Michelle Malkin accuses Montgomery County, MD executive Marc Elrich of supporting 'Antifa ... and these radical open borders sovereignty-erasers,' saying that the county government has 'chosen a side against America,'" Lewis wrote Monday on Twitter.

"Yep, I'm looking really 'white' here--like all the 'white nationalists' in my new Twitter profile pic of patriots from all backgrounds taken at #rockvillerally to uphold American security & sovereignty," Malkin responded.

After taking heat, Lewis said you have to be "incredibly dumb" if you think "only white people can be white nationalists."

Lewis went on to frame himself as the victim and complain about someone trying to "smear" him by adding him to a Twitter list named "Child Molester."

Amazing how that works!

Lewis' smear came just days after Media Matters ran a similar lie-filled propaganda piece accusing Malkin of pushing an "anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that motivated [the] Tree of Life synagogue shooter."

The "anti-Semitic conspiracy theory" is that George Soros funds open borders groups, which is a fact. Soros also funded Media Matters with a $1 million donation to help them put out propaganda like this.

All the left's bulls**t talk about "elevating minority and female voices" goes out the window if the minority female voices speaking criticize any facet of the prog-globalist agenda.

Just recently, when Tulsi Gabbard spoke out against the war machine she was smeared by leftists as a "racist," "Hindu nationalist" and an "Assad apologist."

Now, when Michelle Malkin speaks out against George Soros and open borders she's smeared as a "white nationalist" and an "anti-Semite" who incites terrorism.

UPDATE: Malkin slammed Media Matters for smearing her during a panel discussion at the Paley Center for Media on Tuesday:

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