Tucker Takes Victory Lap After Trump Fires John Bolton

Chris Menahan
Sep. 12, 2019

This is hilarious.

From Fox News:
"It is great news for America. Especially for the large number of young people who would have been killed in pointless wars if Bolton had stayed on the job. They may not be celebrating tonight, but they should be," said Carlson, noting that oil prices dropped on the news of Bolton's firing, since global investors "knew for certain that Bolton planned on launching another Middle Eastern conflict that would inevitably spike energy prices."
[...] "In some ways, the story isn't simply about John Bolton, it's about the countless John Boltons who currently staff the federal bureaucracy. Deeply mediocre lifers, drunk on hubris, protected by bulletproof job security. They're more likely to die on the job than be fired and they know it. As a group, these people have done a lot to make this country poorer and sadder and more divided," he added.

Carlson said though Bolton is now gone, the question remains on whether "another John Bolton" will take his place advising the president.
Tucker went straight into interviewing the great Col. Douglas Macgregor, who Tucker no doubt wants Trump to pick to replace Bolton:

Col. Macgregor had a very solid appearance and Tucker said outright, "I hope [Trump] listens to you."

We'll have to wait and see if Trump makes a good appointment for a change or if he just picks another terrible neocon.

Trump on Wednesday signaled he's open to lifting sanctions on Iran and possibly approving a $15 billion Iran "bailout", so it's not entirely impossible that he could change course.

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