Tucker: Sackler Family 'Got Rich Off Killing People' With OxyContin And They're Getting Away With It

Chris Menahan
Sep. 05, 2019

On his show Tuesday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed the "repulsively rich" Sackler family for getting "rich off killing people" through the sale of highly-addictive OxyContin which was marketed based on lies.

"We now know that Purdue Pharma understood exactly what they were doing," Carlson said. "Recent legal filings have exposed internal communications within the company and they showed that the company's sales staff were pressured to sell as many pills as they could without regard to the risk."

"Physicians were urged prescribed the highest possible doses of the drug in order to maximize profits when evidence emerged that people were becoming junkies as a result Purdue Pharma responded by shaming the patients they had hooked on their drug. They called them degenerate criminals, essentially, refusing to take any responsibility at all for the human carnage they caused."

Carlson said the Sacklers have $12 billion in the bank but are only being asked to personally pay $3 billion of their "blood money" as part of a new settlement.

Carlson noted how our cosmopolitan elites seem to get away with their crimes "every single time" and said "for once it would be nice if people like the Sacklers got what they deserved."

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