Ben Shapiro Blames Jeffrey Epstein's Death On 'Incompetence By Jail Officers,' 'Not All That Uncommon'

Chris Menahan
Aug. 12, 2019

Neocon Ben Shapiro wants Americans to know there was no conspiracy at work with the alleged death of Jeffrey Epstein because some anonymously sourced media reports claim his jail guards were overworked.

"Number one, this wasn't the Clintons okay," Shapiro said on his show Monday. "As we will see, this is wild incompetence by jail officers, which frankly is not all that uncommon."

"I mean it is an unfortunate truth of life that human beings are wildly incompetent generally," Shapiro said. "And is also another unfortunate truth that treatment in American prisons, it depends on the prison, but many prisons are horribly run. The guards don't do their jobs to the apex of their abilities, they feel like they're dealing with criminals and therefore they sort of slack off a bit."

He continued: "That's not an indictment of all prison officers by any measure, a lot of prison officers probably the vast majority of prison officers do their job with honor and diligence, but there's going to be some who do not obviously and this one falls under hands Hanlon's razor, 'Never attribute to malevolence that which you can attribute to human stupidity.'"

Shapiro went on to read some reports from the Associated Press and the New York Times citing anonymous sources at the jail claiming the staff were overworked and did their jobs poorly and acted like that was more than enough evidence to explain Epstein's alleged suicide away.

If you want to know why Ben Shapiro is promoted by our Big Tech overlords while all his competition on the right is suppressed and censored, look no further.

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