NYT Tries to Pat Trump On The Head For Pushing Gun Control, Gets Blocked by Own Readers

Chris Menahan
Aug. 06, 2019

The New York Times sought to give President Trump a pat on the head for his speech on Monday demanding "red flag" gun control laws, executions for "hate crimes," and social media policing of pre-crime but decided to back off due to outrage by their own idiot liberal readers.

No one seems to actually understand what Trump called for in his speech because the media only focused on his "denouncing white supremacy" and saying "Toledo" instead of Dayton.

Leftists think it was some disingenuous speech Trump gave reading off a teleprompter which will amount to nothing while Republicans seem to think it was just a generic anti-racist speech denouncing "hate."

In actuality, Trump called for anti-Second Amendment "red flag" gun seizure laws, swift executions for so-called "hate crimes," "involuntary confinement" for people the state deems "mentally disturbed," and directed the DOJ to work with states, local law enforcement and social media sites to "detect mass shooters before they strike" -- which is exactly what our ruling oligarchs wanted him to do.

The GOP is already working on a bill to get a "red flag" law through the House and Senate and on to the President's desk (First, Second and Fifth Amendments be damned).

The DOJ already moved last week to reinstate the death penalty.

Trump also gave Big Tech a perfect excuse to censor anyone they don't like off social media for pre-crime.

This is why the Times is trying to reward Trump with good press, not because they actually think he's "unifying" the country against "racism."

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