Marco Rubio Defines 'Authentic American Nationalism' As Liberal Egalitarianism

Chris Menahan
Jul. 19, 2019

Senator Marco Rubio attempted to (re)define "American Nationalism" as liberal egalitarianism Wednesday on Twitter.

"Authentic 'AMERICAN Nationalism' is a direct & explicit rejection of the belief that you cannot be truly American unless you were born here or lived here most of your life, are a Christian & are of European heritage or descent," Marco Rubio said Wednesday on Twitter.

How is this "authentic American nationalism" any different from liberal egalitarianism?

Despite what Rubio claims, half of Americans believe our rights come from the government and not god. The majority of Democrats are also against free speech and 39 percent want to repeal the Second Amendment.

Though Rubio claim's he's against identity politics, he had no problem playing identity politics a few tweets earlier when he accused Ilhan Omar of "anti-Semitism" for saying she shouldn't have to "pledge support to a foreign country" to serve in America's congress.

Marco Rubio view of Americanism is nearly identical to Cortez's view that America "belongs to everyone."

A new Pew Research poll found 57 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents now say "that if the United States is too open to people from around the world, 'we risk losing our identity as a nation.'"

Eight-six percent of Democrats -- along with Marco Rubio and most of Conservatism, Inc. -- believe the opposite.

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