Daily Wire's Andrew Klavan: War With Iran Would Last 'About 15 Minutes'

Chris Menahan
Jul. 12, 2019

Neocon Andrew Klavan, who works for Ben Shapiro's Daily Wire, said Monday that a US war with Iran would last "about 15 minutes" with Iran being swiftly "blown off the face of the earth."

As a reminder, Donald Rumsfeld said in 2002 that the Iraq war may take only "five days."

"Five days or five weeks or five months, but it certainly isn't going to last any longer than that," Rumsfeld said.

Klavan was responding to an article from Vox saying war with Iran would be "hell on earth."

I didn't bother to read the whole Vox article but skimming over it I saw no mention of the sustained bombing campaign the Hezbollah-linked Islamic Jihad Organization carried out in Paris from 1985-1986.

America has had virtually open borders for years and racial profiling is outlawed. Were Iran to carry out a similar terror campaign in the US it could bring our country to its knees.

That said, America's security doesn't seem to be Klavan's main concern.

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