GOP Establishment Seeking Primary Challenge to Conservative Firebrand Thomas Massie

The Republican establishment seeks to take out the populist libertarian.
By Richard Moorhead

Big League Politics
Jul. 05, 2019

Rumors emerged Wednesday of an establishment Republican effort to mount a primary challenge against Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie.

Massie’s a populist libertarian known for holding down the conservative and nationalist element of the liberty movement. He’s a fierce Trump supporter known for his opposition to disastrous neoconservative foreign policy, having gone so far as to call for the firing of arch-warmonger John Bolton from Trump’s National Security Council.

Massie is also staunchly pro-life and is favorably reviewed by immigration patriot organizations.

Reporting from Kentucky’s Courier Journal indicated that state representative Kim Moser was being groomed for the task. New York’s Elise Stefanik, a liberal Republican congresswoman closely affiliated with establishment old boys such as Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, is said to be a key figure in the backroom campaign. However, Stefanik characteristically denies interfering in a Kentucky election.

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