Journalist Andy Ngo Assaulted by Antifa Wielding 'Assault Gloves' And Cement 'Milkshakes' - Lefty Journos Cheer Attack

Chris Menahan
Jun. 30, 2019

Journalist Andy Ngo was hospitalized on Saturday with a brain bleed after antifa terrorists at a rally in Portland attacked him allegedly using "assault gloves" and "quick-drying cement" disguised as milkshakes.

As The Post Millennial documented, lefty journos celebrated the assault:
Some journos, like Middle East Eye's CJ Werleman, did not deny the violence against Andy directly, and instead decided to slander him as having participated in "white supremacist instigated violence" while reporting on it.

Werleman later had to walk back this tweet, and clarify he had no evidence Andy had ever participated in white supremacist violence against anyone (he had not), but maintained that he "participated in white supremacist rallies," his evidence of this being that Andy posted the location of a Proud Boys rally with the intention of covering it.

When the Portland Police released information that the "milkshakes" that he and others had been hit with may have been laced with quick-dry cement, some of the cowards who joked about him getting hit quickly deleted their pathetic quips. Among them, Talia Lavin--the disgraced ex-journo who had previously defamed a double-amputee war veteran--and Christopher Mathias of the Huffington Post.

Despite having more sense than their peers, neither in particular were acting in good faith, they were simply avoiding a PR issue. Mathias continued to "like" posts which unequivocally placed Andy as an actor in his own assault.

His "work" supports violence, said Alexander Reid Ross, a freelance writer who has had bylines featured in Haaretz and the Independent. Most prominently, his recent one which condemned Andy Ngo and Quillette for boosting and publishing Eoin Lenihan's story, blaming it for apparently revealing his Antifa connections which were then used by an anti-Antifa group for a disgusting reason. However, Ross did not exactly hide his affiliation with, and love of, Antifa. He follows Mark Bray, the author of the literal Antifa Manifesto, and one of his most recently liked tweets was from Bray stating that Antifa was neither "terrorist" nor "organization."
More via The Post Millennial:

Will Menaker, co-host of Chapo Trap House:

Jesse Hawkin, writer for Daily Hive Toronto:

NBCNews THINK's Noah Berlatsky:

Journo Shane Burley (Truth Out and Think Progress) and journo Oz Katerji (Haaretz, The Independent, New Statesman):

The media has openly been encouraging such violence:

As Andy Ngo is a gay minority journalist, demonizing him as a "white supremacist" is rather difficult (not that the blue checks didn't try).

Ted Cruz condemned the assault and called for the DOJ and civil litigators to hold mayor Ted Wheeler accountable:

Jake Tapper sent out a tweet condemning the assault and Brian Stelter gave the assault a few seconds on his show (CNN themselves have so far refused to cover the incident on their website):

(Note, CNN cut out the entire beginning of the attack where Ngo was violently punched and more.)

US Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, said he asked the Justice Department to investigate the assault:

This is organized, straightforward political terrorism.

These groups organize openly on Facebook and Twitter without any issue (while right-wing journalists and activists are banned for their so-called "hateful" political views).

The DOJ under Trump went after a pro-Trump far-right group "The Rise Above Movement" using the antiquated 1968 Anti-Riot Act for going to Trump rallies with the intent to fight back against antifa (charges were later dropped after they lucked out by getting their case before a fair-minded California judge), but we're supposed to believe there's nothing the government can do about antifa goons openly assaulting people in the streets and terrorizing Tucker Carlson's family at his home.

While the RAM prosecutions happened under Jeff Sessions and there's no question James Comey would have looked the other way, perhaps there's a chance Attorney General William Barr will actually lift a finger to prosecute these terrorists rather than run cover for them.

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