Bokhari: Google Denies Political Bias to The Senate - Yes, Really

Jun. 30, 2019

You have to admire Google's sheer brazenness before the Senate.

Just a day after more leaked documents -- as well as undercover footage of a top company executive -- exposed Google's determination to never let an election result like 2016 happen again, Google's representatives told a Senate hearing that the company considers itself a "neutral public forum."

The company has said similar things before -- one of its favorite lines is that it doesn't let political bias affect its products.

Note that Google never claims that its company culture isn't politically biased. How could it, when its executives all expressed uniform dismay at the results of the 2016 election? Or when it fires talented software engineers for expressing mainstream political opinions about gender, while distributing U.C Berkeley-esque guidelines to its managers warning them about the dangers of "white dominant culture"? Or its lax attitude to support for the violent 'Antifa' movement within its workforce?

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