Poll: Americans Name 'Better Food' As Biggest Benefit Of Immigration

Chris Menahan
Jun. 19, 2019

Asked to name the benefits of immigration, the majority of Americans responded "better food" according to a new YouGov poll.

From Newsweek:
With immigration taking center stage as one of the most widely debated issues in the U.S. and abroad, YouGov conducted a study across the U.S. and in seven European nations to "find out exactly what citizens believe to be the impact of migrants on their country--for good and ill." The study was conducted in November 2018 and published on Thursday.

In nearly all countries surveyed, including the U.S., Britain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Germany, "better food" ranked as the greatest benefit countries had received from immigration, outweighing contributions to culture, local businesses and economies, local communities, music and sport.
It always boils down to "better food."

The poll also found Americans believe the biggest harm caused by immigration is the drain on our welfare system, followed by crime and the impact on the job market.

If only there was some way to make ethnic food without bringing nearly two million people into the country (legally and illegally) every year and getting all those downsides...

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