NYT: 'The Case For Immigration As Reparations'

Chris Menahan
Jun. 07, 2019

Mass third-world immigration is a form of divine punishment for the West's sins, according to The New York Times' Suketu Mehta.

From The New York Times, "The Case for Immigration As Reparations," subheadline: "Immigration quotas should be based on how much the host country has ruined other countries":
There is a lot of debate these days about whether the United States owes its African-American citizens reparations for slavery. It does. But there is a far bigger bill that the United States and Europe have run up: what they owe to other countries for their colonial adventures, for the wars they imposed on them, for the inequality they have built into the world order, for the excess carbon they have dumped into the atmosphere.

[...] Just as there is a carbon tax on polluting industries, there should be a "migration tax" on the nations who got rich while emitting greenhouse gases. The United States is responsible for one-third of the excess carbon in the atmosphere; Europe, another one-quarter. A hundred million refugees fleeing hurricanes and droughts will have to be resettled by the end of the century. The United States should take a third, and Europe another quarter.

A huge bill would come to the West, but it is one it should look forward to paying. [...]

Suketu Mehta, is the author, most recently, of “This Land Is Our Land: An Immigrant’s Manifesto” and teaches journalism at New York University.
So much for that whole "immigration enriches our culture" spiel.

The West needs to be punished, so throw open your borders!

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