AG Bill Barr Dunks On Dems At Senate Judiciary Hearing

Chris Menahan
May. 02, 2019

Attorney General Bill Barr had a bunch of hilarious moments at the Senate Judiciary Hearing on Wednesday.

His interaction with Senator Richard Blumenthal was highlight of the day:

Barr stood by his statement that Trump was spied on by the FBI:

Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono made an ass out herself once again:

Here's Barr's response:

Barr also said they have "multiple criminal leak investigations underway."

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, one of the only newly-elected Republicans keeping his campaign promises, delivered once again:

Ted Cruz was alright:

The House Judiciary Hearing, where Barr refused to testify, was a total clown show:

I have to say I was rather skeptical of Barr when he was first appointed (especially considering Trump's track record) but it's looking like he may be one of the few good appointments Trump has made.

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