Video Shows Protesters Attacked Venezuela Nat'l Guard Vehicle 15 Times, Taunted Driver Before Ramming Incident

Chris Menahan
May. 01, 2019

The controlled media chopped off the beginning of a National Guard truck ramming incident in Venezuela on Tuesday which showed protesters attacked the vehicle repeatedly and one even taunted the driver to try and run over him before the ramming attack took place.

The White House and every media outlet on Tuesday shared an out-of-context, 22 second video which appeared to show a Venezuelan National Guard armored vehicle crash into a median and "run over protesters" for no clear reason.

The full video is below, but first here's the edited video as shared by The White House:

You can see one person throwing an object at the vehicle in that video.

All these establishment news outlets edited the video even further to cut out even that one visible attack.


CBS News:

Global News:

Voice of America:

According to the AP, the demonstrators were "trying to storm the capital's air base."

Here's the full footage that's not taken completely out of context showing the protesters attacked the vehicle by my count at least 15 times and one protester even taunted the driver to try and run him over:

Unfortunately, we don't see what exactly happened directly before the ramming as the camera panned to the right to film protesters attacking another vehicle.

Why did the White House and nearly every news outlet -- except for The Sun -- chop the beginning of this video off?

Even if you're not a fan of the Maduro regime -- which I am not -- why is our media deceptively editing this video to make it appear like it was a completely unprovoked attack on peaceful protesters rather than a retaliatory attack against what some may believe are rioters attempting to overthrow the government?

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